Gratis, Ohio

When you have a date that goes well, the rest of the day if it has been bad, nothing happens, it is solved by spending time with a good person and I have proven that. I want to meet someone really and treat me as I deserve as the princess that I am.

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Una buena cita no tiene porqué ser solo follar
Alicante, Alicante

A good date doesn´t have to be just fucking

To have a good date does not mean that you only have to fuck a good date. It can be in many ways and I am not looking for sex. I am looking for friendship and a romantic relationship in the not too distant future. For me, a good date is something else than ending up in bed with a stranger.
Una buena charla y después quedamos
Teruel, Teruel

A good chat and then we meet

I´m looking for a good conversation that makes me want to talk again but above all that makes me want to meet up and have fun dates. I´m not deceiving you and I´m going to be honest, I´m not going with the intention of doing anything on the first date, but if it comes up, I´m not one of those girls who get dignified and say that they wouldn´t have sex on the first date because I like sex and it´s the same on the first date as on the fifth
Que es para ti una buena cita?
Alicante, Alicante

What is a good date for you?

I would love to know what you consider a good date with a woman... what you like to do and what places you like to go to, and by the way, what you are looking for and if you are one of those who is serious or just plays. Tell me and I´ll tell you anyway, would you like? I am very interested in meeting someone who, above all, comes with the truth first.
Busco una cita, no soy una chica complicada pero es cierto que no me conformo con poco
Albacete, Albacete

I´m looking for a date

The purpose I have for being here is to meet a guy with whom I can get along well and have a date. I don´t ask for much, I really want normal and ordinary dates, enjoy good company, a good talk and honestly whatever comes up. I am not a complicated girl but it is true that I do not settle for little.
Me da morbo esta página
Caudete, Albacete

This page gives me morbidity

It makes me very morbid because I think that meeting people, well men from different places in Spain because I don´t care what part you are from and being able to meet each other, play and even at some point have a date, well, what do you want me to tell you but it makes me numb It makes me quite sick and in fact that´s why I´m here, I´m not going to deceive you, I like it and I want to have a great time without commitments of any kind.
amistad y lo que surja, os esperamos
Almería, Almería

friendship and whatever comes next

My husband and I are a little tired of the routine and we are looking for liberal couples to join our games... share laughter, games, seductions, morbidity and everything we like. We are good people, we are in a good economic and social position and above all we want discretion, we are waiting for you,
Yo estoy casada

I´m married

My name is Maite, maybe you don´t like married women, so you won´t like me, but if on the other hand you don´t care, I´m available to meet and, if necessary, make a long-awaited date. I am only open to sex but logically some friendship should also arise because I need to trust your discretion and your word. The good thing is that I won´t give you problems, just good sex and good orgasms.
amistad y lo que surja, busco hacer amigos de todo el mundo
Estados Unidos, Cesar

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I have joined this chat, because I am an adventurous woman, I seek to make friends from all over the world, since I do not work and have a good position, I allow myself to travel wherever they call me. I have been living for a few years in the United States and I am looking for travel or love companions if this is born, I am divorced, which I had not said.
Me gustaría tener una cita, una buena primera cita para mí sería quedar para por ejemplo comer y después poder dar un paseo largo y poder hablar de todo lo que queramos saber el uno del otro que no nos hayamos contado por aquí
Folla, Lombardia

I´d like to make an appointment

I am one of those people who likes to look at the face, look at a smile, look into the eyes, I am one of those who like to touch, smell, in short, feel. This seems like a good idea to have a first contact but then I want to date so I look for real guys for whatever comes up. A good first date for me would be to meet for lunch, for example, and then be able to take a long walk and talk about everything we want to know about each other that we haven´t told each other here.
amistad y lo que surja, quiero tener una cita a ciegas
Estados Unidos, Cesar

friendship and whatever comes next

I want to go on a blind date. It´s something that makes me morbid and very intrigued... when I told my friends what I was going to do, they told me that I´m crazy... I think it´s in my intuition and I think I´m going to find something good... anyway Ways we´ll chat a little before meeting and attack... anyone who´s up for it?

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