El Paso, Texas

Turn the page, it was difficult for me but I turned the page and got over my last relationship. I am 25 years old and I have always been into serious relationships. Right now I am open to everything although I am still the same romantic and loving person as I was a while ago and I will never change in my life.

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Soy una aut├ęntica viajera
Ávila, Ávila

I am a true traveler

I am a traveler. Now I have calmed down and returned to Ávila. Since I found out that I could never be a mother naturally and that with treatments it would also be difficult, I decided to live and enjoy life and I have been traveling and lived in many countries for seasons, including Argentina. Now I have returned to Ávila where I have started working with my parents in their businesses and well I am open to whatever arises.
Ahora s├ş que es mi momento
Vitoria, Álava

Now it┬┤s my time

My name is Graciela and I was on the page a few months ago and I felt uncomfortable and now I know why, it was all my fault. I didn┬┤t feel comfortable on the page but it was because of me because it wasn┬┤t my time, now I┬┤m back because I feel like it┬┤s my time. moment and I want to enjoy meeting new people and see where it will take us
Sin perder la dignidad
Arahal, Sevilla

Without losing dignity

I am looking for a stable relationship and have often lost my dignity by being next to a boy and I already know that will not happen again. I am looking for a happy boy with a desire to live. I have become what I was, I believe in love again and may it always be that way. I┬┤m a little distrustful but if you earn my trust you will have already earned an important part of me.
A veces se hacen tonter├şas
Elche, Alicante

Sometimes they do stupid things

I have done many stupid things for love that some I would never do again and others I would repeat with my eyes closed. I am very impulsive, I always act and then think and that┬┤s how it has happened to me sometimes that I have done something wrong and sometimes I have done stupid things too much. I want to fall in love again if I┬┤m lucky.
amistad y lo que surja, compartir actividades juntos
Aznalc├│llar, Sevilla

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I have gone through several contact pages and I have not had very good luck, they have told me about this page and I have not hesitated. I┬┤m looking for a special friend, with whom I can talk about everything, go out, share activities together, have the best time and if there is sexual attraction... we would see. Kisses for all.
Vuelvo para no cometer los mismos errores
Espa├▒ola, Nueva York

I┬┤m back so I don┬┤t make the same mistakes.

I return to the page after 2 years or so and I made a lot of mistakes that I will not make again. I will be much more open, sociable, simpatics and, if necessary, romantic. I am looking for friendship and whatever arises I am wide open for anyone who wants to know me to always have a lot of fun. I am the same but with a different predisposition. Do you dare to meet me?
amistad y lo que surja, a mi me gustar├şa encontrar alguien con el tener una relaci├│n seria
Segovia, Segovia

friendship and whatever comes next

I have already gone through several contact pages, but more of the same, sex, love affairs and so on. I would like to find someone to have a serious relationship with. Since I got divorced I haven┬┤t dated anyone and I want to feel something for someone again, who corresponds to me and who is on the same line as me.
Capaz de cualquier cosa

Capable of anything

I have gone to another country without meeting the boy in person just because of struggles for what I wanted at that moment and you know what? I was very happy for a few months until the relationship had to end but I was happy to do the crazy thing I did... I am romantic and very passionate and well I would take the risk again as long as I feel that it is worth it again, but this time I I would like it to be forever.
Reconozco que me siento rara
Vitoria, Álava

I admit that I feel strange

I feel strange registering on a contacts page since I was one of those who said that I could never ever be on a page like that because I┬┤m not looking for the same thing that others are looking for, perhaps. I suppose that around here the majority of guys go looking for sex, what happens is that I┬┤m not looking for that, I┬┤m looking for something more stable, more serious, and since I┬┤m a girl who doesn┬┤t like to party a lot, well, at least meet people, I guess Around here the majority of guys go looking for sex, what happens is that I┬┤m not looking for that, I┬┤m looking for something more stable, more serious and since I┬┤m a girl I don┬┤t like to party a lot and when I go out I don┬┤t know about flirting. it works very well. I┬┤m as simple as you can imagine, but that doesn┬┤t mean I┬┤m not interesting and I can┬┤t make you have a wonderful time with me.
eva mar├şa
amistad y lo que surja, busco alguien que me guste
Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla

friendship and whatever comes next

I had never gone on a site to have sex... but the need, the curiosity and the morbidity... 49 years old, separated two years ago. My life is going well for me in every way, I love being free again, but in sexual matters it is what makes me go through bad times... I am looking for someone I like, to have good times.

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