East Orange, Nueva York

Be kind, loving, like sex without commitment, depending on the chemistry.

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Amable amorosa dialogadora
Pontevedra, Pontevedra

Kind loving conversationalist

Kind, loving, communicative and respectful, who is sincere and says things upfront. And with respect to myself, I am an excellent person, understanding, kind and friendly. I like to go out and have fun, interact a lot with people. Make travel plans, know, enjoy life and it would be better to have that woman. sincere loyal and understanding at your side to share and enjoy all those moments Only in dreams, only in the other world of sleep do I get you, at certain hours, when I close doors behind me. With what contempt I have seen those who dream, and now I am prisoner in their spell, trapped in their network With what morbid delight I introduce you to the abandoned house, and I love you a thousand times in the same different way Those places that you and I know They wait for us every night like an old bed and there are things in the dark that smile at us. I like to tell you the same thing as always and my hands love your hair and I squeeze you, little by little, until my blood
Por su hombre que no sea colombiana
Arboletes, Antioquia

For her man who is not Colombian

I am looking for a girlfriend who is kind, loving, thoughtful, who is jealous, happy, proud, not vain, hard-working, a fighter for what she loves and for her man, who is not Colombian and who is taking me to Spain.
Con mucho amor quedar
Almonte, Huelva

With much love to remain

I consider myself a kind, affectionate, respectful, faithful, introverted boy, very very loving, friends of my friends and with a lot of love to stay.
Hogareña que guste de viajes paseos montañas
Trujillo, La Libertad

Homely who likes traveling, walking, mountains

Loyal, loving, sociable, homely, who likes trips, walks, mountains, squares, forests and, above all, very faithful.
Soy una persona muy amorosa, romántica
Cali, Valle del Cauca

I am a very loving, romantic person

I am a very loving and romantic person, kind and respectful. I share a lot with the person I may meet romantically or have a great time with friends.
Discreta amorosa
Lorca, Murcia

Discreet loving

Discreet loving, active, eager to love with the desire to be happily, who does not stop seeking happiness
Y sé hermosa, dulce, sé buena
Barcelona, Barcelona

And be beautiful, sweet, be good

May you have a good heart and be loving and understanding. And be beautiful and sweet, be good, be kind to me and be loving and loving.
Me gustan las mujeres cariñosas
Maracay, Aragua

I like loving women

I like affectionate and sweet women, I am a person who likes to go out and see new places, very kind and loving
Chica cariñosa amoroso dispuesta disfrustar el deseo del amor expirementamdo
Valencia, Valencia

Loving loving girl willing to enjoy the desire of love expirementamdo

Loving loving girl willing to enjoy the desire of love expiring everything that passes through her mind
Soy una persona muy dedicada
La Rioja, La Rioja

I am a very dedicated person

I am a very dedicated and loving person, I take relationships very seriously, especially loving ones. (I´m looking for an intense brochure)

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