Leo , 21 years
Cuba, Nueva York

I am looking for a partner, a serious relationship, I also like to meet new friends and chat about everything.

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Chico interesante, algo pillo
Albacete, Albacete

Interesting guy, something I get

Interesting and somewhat naughty boy, looking for an ideal partner for meetings and to see if the spark ignites. I like intelligent and kinky women, I love oral sex, especially giving it, it is a unique sensation when you feel the tremors of pleasure. I prefer mature women without commitments, a good talk and a dinner are always the prelude to something interesting. I would like to meet that woman who makes the spark fly, and of course who has left dramas and the past behind, to begin walking a new path of common interests and unleashed passions. If you are interested in what you are reading, do not hesitate to contact me and I will answer what you want to know. I am an educated person who does not like folds, I prefer clear things. A thousand Kisses
Jose francisco
quedar y conocernos en persona
Villaca帽as, Toledo

stay and meet in person

I麓m a little shy at first, then I let go. I like to make jokes.Exchange numbers, meet and get to know each other, I don麓t close myself to anything, an adventure, a relationship, whatever time decides...we exchange Telegram and we continue talking.We can have a chat, continue getting to know, stay, take someone together, see if we let ourselves go. Have a good time. Let麓s talk, the only thing I ask if we meet is to meet, nano I like the detours of I like you, I want to meet and then let麓s talk first a little and then we meet. I don麓t want false hopes or wasting time. We can talk privately, on Telegram, Instagram... Etc.... There are many ways to talk and meet up. I麓m not one of those who then try to mess it up with your number or your WhatsApp. I like being a Kingdom because if we meet and one has to move around. I wouldn麓t want to waste time or disappointment.
chico, busco chicas para hablar conocer quedar salir de la rutina charla telef贸nica chat perfiles tener un cita etc yo soy chico joven atl茅tico casta帽o nos vemos que sean interesantes inteligentes etc guapas ojos azules vicioso alegre bebo de vez en cuando
Ferrol, A Coru帽a


I麓m looking for girls to talk to, meet, get out of the routine, telephone chat, chat, profiles, have a date, etc. I am a young boy, athletic, brown, see you, they are interesting, intelligent, etc., beautiful, blue eyes, vicious, happy, I drink from time to time, although the less I do it, the better. I smoke a lot... I can麓t leave him alive with family and nothing here we are for pleasant respectful morbid loyal right-wing non-religious but believer from the province of A Coru帽a I am looking to chat meet people enjoy relief joy disconnect from the routine trust chat telephone conversations websites contacts meet to get to know each other have a drink go to dinner at the beach to the disco I don麓t like cinema I prefer to watch a movie quietly men
Quedar ahora o ma帽ana
El Puerto de Santa Mar铆a, C谩diz

Stay now or tomorrow

Nice, fun girl who wants to have a relationship as lovers, I麓m Carlos, appointment for whatever arises, each one on their own, fuck buddies, party buddies, we hit it off every day or on the weekends, electro rock and whatever it takes. I want to find a girl to be my lover, and fuck my friend for sex for a single day or several with her alone or with her friend I am your toy your friend your cock for fun have a beer drink or a walk talk fun or whatever you want to do I am willing to new experiences on the beach, field, parking or house, what are your fantasies and look for me if you are young and you like mature people, Kik applies with clear ideas. I am looking to really meet a kinky, lively and hot girl.
Madurez, Charla, humor, congeniar
Murcia, Murcia

Maturity, Chat, humor, getting along

Zanlf: Only sleep with the best, interest in a future relationship, if you don麓t dare to see each other let麓s not waste your time, I am an adult mind, and I want adult things, pay a mortgage, wash the dishes, buy a sofa, a evening with wine, strawberries and chocolate, with a lot of humor, endless talks, complicity. adventure. If we have to try it, give it a try, let麓s do it well while we麓re at it. You never know how, when, with whom. Moments are very fleeting
Encontrar a esa persona especial que me haga cambiar la vida
Getafe, Madrid

Finding that special someone who makes me change my life

Find that special person who makes me change my life, get out of the routine, who is brave and daring who does not stay in a chat or a call on this site and goes further, who wants to get to know me, see what I am, I am not hiding I will show myself as I am, I admit that I am somewhat shy at first but nothing that cannot be overcome, I like sincerity, that you show yourself as you are, that we can meet for a drink to get to know each other even more, no friendship and who knows If something else, you never know what can happen, what can I say about me that I am very normal, I am curious, friendly and very affectionate, I worry almost more about others than about myself, I don麓t like football at all, I don麓t smoke And I do like to go running, I like to walk and enjoy a good talk.
Disfrutamos juntos o que?
Aldeamayor de San Mart铆n, Valladolid

Do we enjoy together or what?

It麓s difficult to describe just one to you, so it麓s better for others to do it. If you like what you see and want to enjoy it a little, then talk to me. If you don麓t have a photo in your profile, I麓m sorry if it bothers you, but it麓s a hassle. If you want, send it to me privately so I can see it alone, then cool. If you only want to talk through the chat without even seeing the profile, bad vibes, right? And if you don麓t intend to meet to meet us, talk to your dog, he麓ll pay more attention to you. So please, only real profiles who want to have a good time, we麓re not here to waste time. I just want to have a good time and enjoy the pleasures of life without bad vibes or commitments of any kind. If in the end something nice comes up, then time will tell. If you have read this whole talk and you want to enjoy and get to know me, then great.
Amor confianza comprensi贸n
Olesa de Montserrat, Barcelona

Love trust understanding

Love, trust, understanding and you will see, I will update in future changes. I like video games, cryptocurrencies, Marvel movies, new things to learn that I have never done in my life. Find someone who wants to be with you and has the desire, enthusiasm and confidence. I don麓t know very well. The operation of the page is a bit confusing, the way of the Liruchis and these things, if someone could help me I would be grateful, in addition to having a pleasant chat, I like a little bit of everything and not much of anything, and the rest of the things you could find out, surprise you and surprise me, that is the key and well, I say goodbye, greetings to everyone, I don麓t understand the calls very well either, someone calls you, you talk for 5 minutes and then they hang up, can you contact me again? Now I say goodbye, greetings
Me encanta pegarme una buena fiesta
Terrassa, Barcelona

I love having a good party

45 year old dark-skinned guy, well endowed with a lot of stamina, with a lot of experience, I love having a good party, I am looking for a woman with clear ideas who can tell me her most intimate and secret fantasies, I am in charge of fulfilling them, I am very daring I won麓t say no to anything, a phone chat to see if there is chemistry and the spark arises, then make us fire, but be careful, I will leave you so satisfied and exhausted that you will be able to stop thinking about me, I am addictive and you will want to be back again. with me, and I hope you also make me enjoy it. So once things are clear, if you are an empowered woman and confident in your sexuality, we can have historic moments. If you like what I propose, take a step forward and call me at any time.
Conocer gente, charlar, re铆r, compartir experiencias
Sevilla, Sevilla

Meet people, chat, laugh, share experiences

Meet people, chat, laugh, share experiences and meet up if you want to meet. Enjoy a good conversation and if we feel like it, meet and share together a night of laughter and pleasures without taboos or bad vibes. Just enjoy, know every inch of each other, discover new pleasures and enjoy without thinking about anything, just in the moment lived. If you are an open girl, you like to enjoy and enjoy to the fullest and you want to share these moments with me, contact us and get to know us. I like to enjoy making people enjoy. Join small moments of happiness to reach total happiness. A drink, a smile, a caress, a kiss, a touch of hands. Until you reach the maximum climax and make a normal day the most wonderful day you can ever have.

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