Red Springs, North Carolina

Be friendly, like to go out and not be shy, I don┬┤t care about appearances.

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Timido busco amistad pa
Mutxamel, Alicante

Shy, I am looking for friendship

I am Manuel, a kind, affectionate and shy boy. I┬┤m looking for friendship to go out and have a good time. I am a friendly, kind and affectionate boy. I like riding a bike and climbing. What are you looking for? I hope I find a girl who is a good person who loves animals like me. Hairdresser job. I would like to find a special girl, who is hard-working and independent. I have had two relationships, they haven┬┤t gone badly but the love has ended. I can┬┤t wait to feel the butterflies again that I felt the first time I fell in love. I am also a fan of cinema and theater, but above all I love going out to have a few beers with nice people and have a laugh. Since I am shy at first I speak little, I like to observe and listen more. You know, if you┬┤re up for it, I┬┤m here.
Chico t├şmido busca tener sexo por primera vez
Granada, Granada

Shy boy seeks to have sex for the first time

I am looking to lose my virginity, since I am very shy and it is difficult for me... So I am looking for someone who is interested in casual and discreet sex. Shy, affectionate and hot. I┬┤m 26 years old and I┬┤ve always had problems flirting, which means I haven┬┤t had sex either. And I want it very much, I want to give you pleasure, caress every part of your body and do what you ask of me, and hear you moan. I┬┤m waiting for you, I think you can be the perfect girl.
Persona madura que busca amistad y quizás algo más a
Torrej├│n de Ardoz, Madrid

Mature person looking for friendship and maybe something more to

I have lived with a stable partner for a long time. We have, appreciate, love and need each other. I barely have friends due to circumstances and my personality. Although I am 63 years old, I know that my time is running out, and someone who knows tells me so. My life is already done but it is not enough for me. I still have good spirits, but I feel nostalgia and bitterness for the things I couldn┬┤t or didn┬┤t know how to enjoy; Now I have anxiety about doing them. Without really knowing what and why, I┬┤m looking to chat, walk, friendship, affection and perhaps pleasure with girls and why not young, pretty, simple, shy? I like to see them, look at them and if they let me touch and caress them; although you always intimidate me. I┬┤m sorry that I can┬┤t commit to the relationship but it doesn┬┤t necessarily have to be sporadic. My circumstances force me to a life of tranquility and simplicity. I am polite, normal in all aspects but shy and have a good character. Please, only girls with a photo and who can prove that it is the one in the photo.
Jose francisco
quedar y conocernos en persona
Villaca├▒as, Toledo

stay and meet in person

I┬┤m a little shy at first, then I let go. I like to make jokes.Exchange numbers, meet and get to know each other, I don┬┤t close myself to anything, an adventure, a relationship, whatever time decides...we exchange Telegram and we continue talking.We can have a chat, continue getting to know, stay, take someone together, see if we let ourselves go. Have a good time. Let┬┤s talk, the only thing I ask if we meet is to meet, nano I like the detours of I like you, I want to meet and then let┬┤s talk first a little and then we meet. I don┬┤t want false hopes or wasting time. We can talk privately, on Telegram, Instagram... Etc.... There are many ways to talk and meet up. I┬┤m not one of those who then try to mess it up with your number or your WhatsApp. I like being a Kingdom because if we meet and one has to move around. I wouldn┬┤t want to waste time or disappointment.
Lo que surja, s├│lo los 2 minutos gratis
Pontevedra, Pontevedra

Which arises

I┬┤m looking to meet girls to have a good time and whatever comes up. I am a fairly shy boy but when I gain confidence I am more outgoing. I really like music and sports like soccer. I would like to meet people from Pontevedra or surrounding areas, although I can move to Vigo, for example. I am a young guy, with little experience but wanting to have fun and try new things. I like women of a wide age range, both girls my age and sexy mature women hahaha. I┬┤m looking for casual and discreet encounters more than anything, I don┬┤t know if you understand what I mean. Also, I would like to try doing it with strangers because it turns me on a lot hahaha. If possible, talk to me via chat because I don┬┤t have the money to communicate any other way. I also can┬┤t afford to talk for long, just the 2 minutes free
Soy un chico bastante t├şmido
Sevilla, Sevilla

I┬┤m a pretty shy boy

Hello, good, here is the club looking for ladies, nice, beautiful women because you are all beautiful, a loving boy, single, separated, what will it be? They are waxes, they are zero zero zero I would like rumbita I like the fair but today I am staying at home because I have no plans and this does have whatsapp does have whatsapp to look for a girl who wants to meet me to have a few drinks for beers to eat something to have dinner get to know each other and who knows little by little everything will come if something serious comes up then look maybe we will succeed in life with something that awaits us Something nice comes out. What I do not want to be lied to is what I don┬┤t want to be, not to be fooled because I don┬┤t like being hurt just as I don┬┤t like hurting anyone. If you want to go with me, well, let┬┤s go well, but don┬┤t. you cheat without grace
Ya que soy alguien que llego reci├ęn a espa├▒a
Lleida, Lleida

Since I am someone who recently arrived in Spain

Meet people and see how things happen, since I am someone who just arrived in Spain and would like to go out, I am Chilean coming alone to Spain, I would like to meet and go out to the movies, or have a drink to see how things happen , and who knows, maybe find someone compatible and go out to the movies, or have a drink to get to know each other and see if we have something in common, I┬┤m a boy, shy, who finds it difficult to socialize, this is the first time I┬┤ve used these apps, don┬┤t mind I have a lot of faith, but nothing is lost when trying, talk to me or call me if you want to meet me
quedar, amistad y lo que surja
Ayamonte, Huelva

stay, friendship and whatever arises

My name is Jos├ę Manuel, I consider myself a good person, I am here to meet, make friends and meet up if possible, and whatever arises, I am a somewhat shy person at first, sincere, kind, somewhat serious but also happy, discreet, very himself, I know how to listen, and I hope to meet women in person, be without commitment, kisses. ,...... Right now I am out of work due to the closure of the company, I like movies, TV series, watching sports, especially football, I like to watch almost all of them, although I don┬┤t practice any, pop music , rock from the 80s, the 90s, 2000 and something from now, I also like to listen to classical music, I consider myself a handyman, I do my habits at home, I would like to learn to play the electronic organ and the guitar,, and of course I also I like sex, I don┬┤t deny it, I don┬┤t look for it, but if I find it, it doesn┬┤t hurt.
Choco busca chica para que dar hoy
Huesca, Huesca

Choco is looking for a girl to give today

Hello, my name is Jes├║s and I would like to meet a girl for whatever arises. I am 31, open to everything. I am a little shy when it comes to meeting the person and talking, but sometimes there are circumstances where the person greets me when I see them. Oh, see. There was something about her that caught my attention and I immediately gained a lot of trust with her and sometimes I┬┤m more embarrassed, it depends on the person, more embarrassed, but come on, I think I┬┤m worth getting to know me because I┬┤m very nice, friendly, pleasant, you have a great time with me. I really like music I go with a speaker 24 hours a day and if I see that someone needs help and I can help them even if they throw away the store┬┤s garbage bag or some cardboard boxes because they can┬┤t and they carry too many or something I will help them I am humble I like to help those who want to know today to ask me not to judge by my appearance without knowing anything
Me encantar├şa iniciarme en el sexo...
Ávila, Ávila

Shy and inexperienced boy wanting sex

I am 41 years old. I would love to be able to overcome my shyness and insecurities to have a great time in your company. Right now I have a lot of free time and I am willing to have a great time, like everyone I have my fantasies and I would love to be able to at least fulfill any of them. I have no experience in sex. I underwent phimosis surgery a few months ago and 4 years ago and I have not had the opportunity to experience the pleasure of being with a woman. I am discreet, a good person, affectionate and somewhat shy... I offer myself as a companion since I am alone. I am looking to go out, travel, walk or any plan. I would love to be able to enjoy the good things in life and spend very good moments with you if you want, always with mutual respect.

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