Gratis, Ohio

When they leave you for someone else, you think that you are not going to be able to move on, that you are not going to be able to handle anything that comes to you, but that is not the case, you surprise yourself smiling, seeing how wonderful life is and how much you can do. enjoy yourself meeting new and wonderful people... Well, that happened to me and now I´m here, happier than ever, wanting to have a great time.

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Siempre e pensado que el sexo no me gustaba lo suficiente
Malpica de Tajo, Toledo

I´ve always thought that I didn´t like sex enough

I have been with the same person for 15 years. I started when I was 17 years old, so imagine, I always thought that I didn´t like sex too much, but since I´m not with that person, I´m different in that field. I realized that he was looking to enjoy it and didn´t worry about why I enjoyed it now. I only want guys who care about making me enjoy themselves just as I will make them enjoy themselves.
Busco amistad, ahora me estoy encontrando yo y disfrutando de mí misma
Oropesa, Toledo

I am looking for friendship

Since I was little I have been a girl, now a woman, very dreamy, I wanted to find the man of my life, not anymore, now I am finding myself and enjoying myself, and I like what I am feeling, I like to meditate and breathe , live my life the way I want. I´m always looking for friendship and meeting people.
Después de superarlo a disfrutar
Avilés, Asturias

After overcoming it, enjoy

I am clear that I want to enjoy life after leaving my last partner. First you suffer and cry and then you laugh and overcome. Now to enjoy what arises, always being true to yourself and happy so that no one can say that you only know how to cry and you don´t enjoy life, as people are very given to giving their opinions when you don´t ask them to do so, although you have to be happy. mainly by oneself
Apartir de ahora a disfrutar de la vida
Oviedo, Asturias

From now on enjoy life

When a relationship ends there are several options, one is to stay at home crying and another is to enjoy life again in a totally different way, and I have chosen to enjoy life in a way that I had never done but that I want now. do it yourself. I´m open to everything but today only a relationship for something sexual and sporadic and also a little friendship.
Al contrario de las modas
Alicante, Alicante

Contrary to fashion

I´m going the other way around, I´m not interested in dressing the same as everyone else, using the same perfume or going to the same places, among other things. I´m very human and I have a pretty strong character, I didn´t let anyone trample me on, but I won´t do it now or ever. I am open to everything and we have to enjoy life however we always want.
Ser feliz es fácil si sabes hacerlo
Soria, Soria

Being happy is easy if you know how to do it

Being happy is easy but only if you know how to live your life and take advantage of it. I am very happy right now enjoying the opportunities giving everything for what I want and for those I love and I would like to find the love of my life if possible. I´m not looking for evil, I´m not looking for anything strange, I´m just looking for someone special to occupy my heart and continue being as happy as I have been until now.
Ahora disfrutar...
Teruel, Teruel

Now enjoy...

Today I only have on my mind to enjoy life. Do you have the same? I don´t understand how there are people who only live to hurt and argue with how good it is when you get along with someone and you enjoy it... I don´t look for anything out of the ordinary, I just like to be happy and enjoy life as I please. Of the will.
Contactos esporádicos

Sporadic contacts

Hello, I´m Nuria and I´m looking for a sporadic contact. No more complicating our lives with affairs that I already know what happens and I don´t feel like suffering. Furthermore, I am in my best stage when it comes to enjoying. Right now I am wanting to find someone who knows how to make me enjoy and who enjoys me.
Démonos mucho placer
Madrid, Cundinamarca

We have a lot of place

Life is to be enjoyed, we only live it once and what we enjoy is what we take with us. I seek to simply enjoy, let myself be carried away by the moment, live life, give everything for what I really want and need. Not anything is worth it to me but I don´t think anyone is anything like that...
Ana Belén
Segura de mi misma
Ávila, Ávila

Sure of myself

I am very sure of myself and I am looking for a stable relationship for life. I know what I´m worth and I feel very good about myself so I´m sorry but someone who wants to harm me couldn´t do it hehe. I am very sure of what I am looking for too and of all the goals I want to achieve in my life.

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