Gratis, Ohio

I´m 26 years old but I´m looking for something more serious but until then I´m going to have fun and live the experience in my own way and in my own way. I am clear that I want everything to flow and nothing to influence me to get to know me, let´s say that if you are not looking for anything serious, we can have something sporadic or simply be friends because until my prince charming appears I am single and I can enjoy myself too, you understand me no ?

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amistad y lo que surja, no soy una chica
Sevilla, Sevilla

friendship and whatever comes next

I want to try new experiences, I´m not a girl, I´m 33 years old and I offer to have a threesome, I have no experience, but I don´t want to die without enjoying that experience. My ex-husband was very classic, but I was open to everything in terms of sexuality... morbidity and curiosity kill me. Anyone interested in my proposal?
Pues yo creo que todos venimos a lo mismo
Teruel, Teruel

Well, I think we all come to the same thing.

We all come to meet people regardless of what we look for and find, but meeting people and having a good time, distracting ourselves from everyday life and disconnecting from work, is what we want, right? So let´s enjoy life and the experience that is two days and we waste a lot of time complaining and arguing in many moments of our lives.
Amigos hasta en el mismo infierno
Segovia, Segovia

Friends even in hell

They say you have to make friends even in hell itself, so here we go. I don´t know if I will find love, but with how sociable and open I am, I am sure that at least I will find a friendship. I love sex but I don´t know if I´ll find it here, it´s a matter of finding someone who looks like me.
Siempre alguien con quien disfrutar
Ávila, Ávila

Always someone to enjoy

Always find someone with whom to enjoy the moment of life, sex, love, a good date, a good dinner... Let´s always enjoy it in general. I don´t know if I´m looking for something serious or sporadic, I´m open to everything but above all to living new experiences.
Mucho por dar
Soria, Soria

Much to give

I believe and affirm that I have a lot to give and make myself known, above all. I am 32 years old, I am very happy and I have many virtues but I also have many defects like everyone else. I don´t feel like wasting my time or having it wasted on me. I want to find everything that arises because that´s why I come, with a very open mind to fully enjoy this experience.
Probar un pub liberal? Me llama me llama
Barcelona, Anzoátegui

Try a liberal pub? He calls me he calls me

Trying a liberal pub calls me a little extra morbid, something very exciting or too exciting. New experiences that I had never considered before but I have to find the right person to try those things because I wouldn´t go alone I´m ashamed so if you dare and on top of that you know something... We would make a good "couple" and we would enjoy it to the fullest
No tengo maldad conoceme y lo descubrirás
Zamora, Zamora

I have no evil, know me and you will discover it

On the web you can find everything that I am aware of and I want to be able to enjoy life regardless of what people think of me, although it is difficult because, above all, on these pages they judge us all for what a few do. I have had some bad experiences but I don´t think everyone is the same, I give everyone a chance, will you give it to me, friend?
Soy soltera, lo que pueda o no encontrar por aquí se irá viendo pero lo que quiero es disfrutar de la experiencia y de todo lo que vaya llegando
Porno, Borno

I´m single

I am single and 26 years old. What I may or may not find here will be seen, but what I want is to enjoy the experience and everything that arrives. I have a lot of patience and I show it very often.
Soy muy campera
Cañada de Gomez, Santa Fe

I am very country

I am very rural, I like the countryside and I enjoy it a lot. I like to take walks, I like to breathe that little air that is so pure and so delicious, umm, I really enjoy it. I would like to find someone who enjoys nature as much as I do.
Contactos esporádicos

Sporadic contacts

Hello, I´m Nuria and I´m looking for a sporadic contact. No more complicating our lives with affairs that I already know what happens and I don´t feel like suffering. Furthermore, I am in my best stage when it comes to enjoying. Right now I am wanting to find someone who knows how to make me enjoy and who enjoys me.

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