Chico, California

They tell me that I┬┤m special but I consider myself normal and once a boy told me well then you┬┤re especially normal, and that stuck in my mind and well I don┬┤t consider myself especially normal hehe what do you think? I am in a sweet moment at work where I now feel very good and that I am where I would like and that I am back working in the family business.

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Colaboro con protectoras
Bilbao, Vizcaya

I collaborate with protectors

I love collaborating with everyone but especially with protectors who need so much help. I wonder if I will find an animal lover as much as I do. For the rest, I am open to whatever arises at all times. I also like to play sports, I like to go running, I feel free and comfortable.
Ana Bel├ęn
Quiero un hombre normal
Ávila, Ávila

I want a normal man

For now I want a normal guy with a normal conversation. I don┬┤t want guys who come at me with any nonsense, I┬┤m looking for a real date and not guys whose strength goes out of their mouth. I am open to everything that arises, I am separate and well, I am no longer here to waste time.
Me gustan much├şsimo los chicos
Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca

I really like boys

And you will say, well, normal, right? Well, I don┬┤t know if it┬┤s normal or not, but I love boys. I think sometimes I like them too much because I can┬┤t have a stable relationship, so I get to like them because I can┬┤t be faithful... Sometimes I also think it┬┤s because the love of my life has not arrived and that is why I cannot be faithful
Jubilada a los 32
Ávila, Ávila

Retired at 32

I am retired and I am 32 years old. I had a major accident at work and that is why they retired me. I can lead a relatively normal life, as normal as my back allows me and well I┬┤m looking for a stable relationship I want to have a partner to be a mom well everything you do when you are with a person who complements you and makes you very happy.
Soy normal, te puedo gustar?
Segovia, Segovia

I┬┤m normal, can you like me?

I don┬┤t have much to say, my life is very normal with a job that doesn┬┤t quite make me happy but at least I earn very well. I have a very beautiful family with many values but we are normal. I have some great but normal friends too. I am nothing out of this world although I know that I can make happy anyone who is willing to come into my life to stay.
Gustos normales
Toledo, Toledo

Normal tastes

Lately they ask me if I have any strange tastes or any strange hobbies and I always say no, that my tastes are very normal, very simple, something that you can find in any woman... I like to take care of myself I like to play sports I like to meet up with friends make family plans... I like to enjoy mine in general... I am very simple, sometimes even more than necessary, although it doesn┬┤t seem to me that one can be more than necessary.
Siempre me gusta pasar desapercibida.
Monta├▒a Blanca, Las Palmas

I always like to go unnoticed.

I don┬┤t like to attract attention with anything. I like to go unnoticed. I┬┤m one of those people who┬┤s embarrassed when people look at me a lot, say things to me, or when a group of kids stare at me and see them talking. I┬┤m not an ugly girl, nor do I consider myself a hotshot. I am the most normal person in the world and I want to meet a normal guy.
No quiero malas interpretaciones
Gratis, Ohio

I don┬┤t want bad interpretations

Sometimes it happens to me that I am misunderstood and I feel really bad because I say Joe, yes, I didn┬┤t mean that and that┬┤s what you understood, so please, if someone understands something strange when I express myself, tell me hahaha, sometimes nerves are what they have . I am open to everything but especially to a friendship
Soltera para todo lo que surja
Valladolid, Castell├│n

Single for everything that arises

I am single and open to everything that arises. I am a normal girl from the crowd of normal and simple people. I consider myself pretty but without going overboard, although I think I┬┤m nicer than pretty and well, since there are tastes for everything, well, nothing, I┬┤ll let you get to know me a little and a little as you prefer, hehe, I┬┤ll leave it in your hands.
Todo lo normal que se puede ser
Venlo, Limburgo

As normal as can be

They usually tell me that I am very normal and well I always say the same thing that I am as normal as can be. Everyone has our oddities, our way of being and our way of acting, some a little more strange, others a little less strange, but in the end we are all normal hehehe. I don┬┤t like to judge anyone for their way of being or behaving, everyone will have their reasons, I┬┤m just here to find someone special and I hope I can fall in love once and for all.

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