Chico, California

The main idea is to look for a partner but whatever is good for me, I am also 27 years old, a young woman wanting something serious but open to everything for now too. If we like each other, then why not?

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Maria del Carmen
Conseguir pareja aunque no sea facil.
Linares, Ja茅n

Finding a partner even if it麓s not easy.

I come from a very traditional and strict family and they have instilled in me very strong family values and it is the model that I would like to follow. I am 21 years old and what I am looking for is a guy so we can get to know each other but seriously on a couple level. I would love to lose my virginity since I am a Virgin even because the man of my life has not appeared to give him that honor. Please don麓t judge my way of living or anything like that and only talk to me if you are really looking for a partner.
busco pareja liberal.
Valencia, Valencia

I am looking for a liberal partner.

I got into a website for liberal couples to find out, comment, and learn, experiences, stories, all of this motivates me a lot, besides that if I ever have a partner it will be like that, I have to feel free and have my space, I also know that is not easy. I am looking for friendship and to meet new people yes.
Busco amistad, busco amistad y conocer gente nueva esto siempre es bien
Segovia, Segovia

I am looking for friendship

Before I was looking for a partner until I said stop looking for a partner and that麓s it, when it comes and if not, well I don麓t care, I麓m fine with my lifelong friends, my people and myself, my things, I never get bored, I always have something to do. I am looking for friendship and meeting new people, this is always good.
No quiero ser tu madre, quiero ser tu pareja
Gij贸n, Asturias

I don麓t want to be your mother, I want to be your partner

I麓m looking for a partner... my last boyfriend thought I was his mother and he thought I had to take care of him as such and that麓s for nothing, I麓m looking for a partner to do couple things and enjoy life, and not to be treated as if I was the one who gave birth to him
Siempre unos buenos d铆as
Barakaldo, Vizcaya

Always a good morning

I like a good day in conditions, you know what kind. I麓m looking for a partner who knows how to say good morning to me the way I deserve. Love and sex go hand in hand, it is important that the two things go hand in hand for the relationship to really work. I don麓t consider myself anything from another world, I mean I麓m not a believer and I never have been nor will I ever be. Everyone who knows me knows what I am and always values it as a general rule.
Yo busco pareja
Zamora, Zamora

I麓m looking for a couple

I am interested in finding a guy looking for a partner. I like dark-haired people but I wouldn麓t care if their hair was lighter. Above all, I like them to be friendly, and I don麓t like them to be not cocky, and I don麓t like them much less confident. I don麓t like them to have a history of infidelity because those who do it once do it many more times, so I prefer guys who have never been unfaithful.
No hay nada mejor que la familia y tener pareja
Elda, Alicante

There is nothing better than family and having a partner

I am happy with my family and now I want a partner because for me the most important thing is to have a family and a partner, apart from my friends of course but hey, you understand me. I麓m looking for a partner who likes a little bit, even if it麓s sports, and takes care of himself a little too. I am sincere and clear, I麓m sorry if you don麓t like that or don麓t like it very much, but I don麓t like deception.
Busco pareja por Valladolid
Villanueva de Duero, Valladolid

I am looking for a partner in Valladolid

I am looking for a partner here in Valladolid. I麓ve never really had a super stable couple because they don麓t usually last more than a year or so and that in the end is nothing. I麓m looking for something for life if it could be clear. I am 27 years old, I know I am young but there is no age for love, and I am also very mature and 27 years old is enough to find a stable relationship.
Si buscas pareja siempre la encuentras
Zamora, Zamora

If you are looking for a partner you always find one

Whenever I look for a partner I find one and I come back to it. I have been here a couple of times, one of them because I wanted something sporadic and the other to find a partner, in both cases I found what I was looking for although the relationship did not last long. but with those that remain sporadic, super good. I麓m looking for a partner again and I hope it麓s the definitive one.
Busco pareja por aqu铆
Albacete, Albacete

I麓m looking for a partner here

I麓m here because I麓m looking for a partner, I麓m not one for going out and I麓m not one for interacting with new guys just because, it麓s hard for me to be in a bar and approach a guy like that right off the bat. I don麓t do well in relationships with guys with that "hard face" of getting involved and talking, which I know isn麓t a bad thing, but the rejection hurts my face. Sometimes I think that it is the fault of my self-esteem that I must have it low although I love myself very much but I always think that I am not enough for others.

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