Gratis, Ohio

I have a hard time finding a partner, I don´t feel too attracted to anyone, I think I don´t get along because I still see little interest or demand and I don´t realize it. I don´t know the case that I would love to fall in love and I don´t know if I´ll find it or not, but I try hard, I´m going to make him poor.

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Algún chico para hablar?
Xaló, Alicante

Any guys to talk to?

I would like to meet a guy to talk to. I´m in a relationship and well I want to be unfaithful, the reason I´m not leaving my partner is for economic reasons but I´m not going to give explanations and here I´m just looking to fuck, I´m not looking for anything serious, just to meet someone to talk a little and meet up it is not so difficult
amistad y lo que surja, separada hace 10
Bilbao, Vizcaya

friendship and whatever comes next

I know that at my age, it´s hard to find single people, or people who don´t have a partner. I am 58 years old, separated 10 years ago, I thought I would never want to have a relationship again, but time makes you forget the past and you want to find positive people. I don´t want to live with anyone, but I do want a partner to spend our time free together.
No me vais a creer pero busco el amor
Teruel, Teruel

You´re not going to believe me but I´m looking for love

I know that the most normal thing is not to look for love here but I´m sorry because I do look for it, I know it will be difficult, very very difficult but I am a girl who does not give up and I also like challenges and until I get what I want , I never ever stop, and there will be more guys who are looking for love like me, even if there are few of us. For some time now I have been appealing to all those men around here looking for love.
No me gustan las cosas fáciles
Toro, Zamora

I don´t like easy things

The more difficult a boy makes me, the more I like him haha I like it when they act tough but not scoundrels, let me explain, I like boys who think things through more and who are not going to take advantage of me having to earn their trust and his love. I am open to everything but everything that is a little more difficult than normal.
Sin buscar problemas busco el amor
Almería, Almería

Without looking for problems I look for love

I am looking for love without looking for trouble or conflict or bad vibes. I live in a very nice and very relaxed way and it´s going well for me. I´m looking to fall in love once and for all, it´s a bit difficult in general to find love but here in a nightclub or at work it doesn´t matter it´s very difficult to find it
No soy difícil, soy especial
El Oro, Estado de México

I´m not difficult, I´m special

My character is not difficult but I am something special... I like to live alone I like my space my tranquility I like to be with myself and that is why sometimes they say that I am difficult because I like to be alone I like to stay at home... I go out many times eh and I relate very well but I have those small moments that seem to be among the people around me that is a crime and I don´t like it that way hehehe I am open to whatever arises.
amistad y lo que surja, no soy de las que escucha lo que me dicen
Gratis, Ohio

friendship and whatever comes next

I have been told... that this is not the best place to look for a partner... I am not one of those who listen to what they tell me, I like to experience it, and I like difficult challenges. If you can´t find a partner, then some special friend, who from time to time comes in handy. If you dare, here I am. A big kiss.
Buscar una relación estable lo más difícil del mundo
Bilbao, Vizcaya

Looking for a stable relationship is the most difficult thing in the world

My goodness, I didn´t know it would be so difficult to find a partner... Now everyone wants sex and that´s it and I don´t understand why they don´t want to have something more stable with how beautiful it is, don´t you think? I´m tired of stories that lead me nowhere and lying boys who say and do anything for a fuck.
Crees que soy difícil?
San Martín Sapresa, Girona

Do you think I´m difficult?

I have a reputation as a difficult woman and if I tell you the truth, today I don´t know why. I guess it has to do with the fact that I don´t go with just any guy because I don´t care if he´s someone who doesn´t fit in with me... but it has nothing to do with being difficult or tough, it´s just using common sense and realizing that it´s not Everything is worth having a relationship with someone...
Tengo claro que quiero enamorarme
Toledo, Toledo

I am clear that I want to fall in love

Is it so difficult to continue believing in love? I´m a textbook cheesy, I admit it, I don´t mind being told it because it´s true, but when I´ve had a partner, even if we end up leaving them, they always end up recognizing that I´m exceptional and always try to come back, but a person who leaves my life in that sense, I no longer care. I give a second chance because for me in that aspect there are no second chances.

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