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Foragers, don┬┤t worry, thanks for the information, you can┬┤t get angry after a while, I forgot that you won┬┤t be able to go see who the point is.

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Busco chica para sexo y disfrutar mucho del momento
Culleredo, A Coru├▒a

I am looking for a girl for sex and enjoy the moment a lot

I am looking for someone who is sincerely affectionate and wants to have a loving and respectful man. I try to be sincere and thoughtful. I love watching football, rock, sunsets and sunrises. I like to have beers with friends in bars or at one of their houses, but I also like the tranquility of being with a girl at home watching a movie or just hugging and giving each other lots of cuddles and kisses. I am a worker and I would love to be with someone who does their job but also knows how to have time for me. I want it to be original. and stubborn but not much, I want her to understand that there are days when I need to be alone or with friends but don┬┤t worry because I won┬┤t forget her since I am very faithful and I would like her to be faithful, I will also try to be a good friend and a good boyfriend whenever that moment comes, if you are there I will wait for you
Encontrar a esa persona especial que me haga cambiar la vida
Getafe, Madrid

Finding that special someone who makes me change my life

Find that special person who makes me change my life, get out of the routine, who is brave and daring who does not stay in a chat or a call on this site and goes further, who wants to get to know me, see what I am, I am not hiding I will show myself as I am, I admit that I am somewhat shy at first but nothing that cannot be overcome, I like sincerity, that you show yourself as you are, that we can meet for a drink to get to know each other even more, no friendship and who knows If something else, you never know what can happen, what can I say about me that I am very normal, I am curious, friendly and very affectionate, I worry almost more about others than about myself, I don┬┤t like football at all, I don┬┤t smoke And I do like to go running, I like to walk and enjoy a good talk.
Si estas casada o con pareja y quieres salir de la rutina llámame,  solo mujeres
Almer├şa, Almer├şa

If you are married or with a partner and want to get out of the routine, call me, women only

What does the how and when matter? As long as we have connection and we complement each other and it flows between the two of us without having to force the situation and we let ourselves be carried away by the sensations at all times anything can happen. If you┬┤re really interested, I┬┤ll be here and if all you want is to play or waste time, I┬┤m not the right person. I┬┤m sure you┬┤ll find many guys who are better than me and who will follow your lead. If you are interested, call me, I will be here, I have no hesitation in speaking and telling you whatever you want about me......don┬┤t worry if you are married or with a partner, maximum discretion on my part.
Mi chica ideal es alguien alegre
Madrid, Madrid

My ideal girl is someone happy

My ideal girl is someone happy and positive, always smiling and spreading her good energy. He has a unique sense of humor and is able to make me laugh at any time. She is intelligent and passionate about learning new things, always looking to grow and improve. She is kind and compassionate, caring about others and helping whenever she can. She is independent and self-confident, but also knows when she needs support. In short, my ideal girl is someone who makes me feel loved, happy and motivated every day.
Hola soy un chico de 19 que busca a jna chica que le guste hacer locuras
Lugo, Lugo

Hi, I┬┤m a 19-year-old boy looking for a girl who likes to do crazy things.

Hi, I┬┤m a 19-year-old boy looking for a girl who likes to do crazy things and who is as passionate as she lives in the moment and doesn┬┤t worry about the rest.
Busco relación seria, q sea simpática, cariñosa
Málaga, Málaga

I am looking for a serious relationship that is friendly, affectionate

The one in my profile photos is me so there┬┤s no need to worry, it┬┤s me hahaha. I am looking for a serious relationship that is friendly, affectionate and fun. If you like me, talk to me. I really like sports and I am very athletic. I love walking and, above all, watching a sunset on the beach. I really like playing soccer and even watching the games, I like to listen to music and draw, if you like Easter you add many points since I am in a band that comes out during Easter, I like horror movies I would still like to see them with good company, I am one of those few There are guys in the world who are worth it and if you think that┬┤s not the case, get to know me, with me there is guaranteed fun and you won┬┤t regret having met me, I┬┤m not looking for sex, I┬┤m just looking to have a serious relationship and be able to have and make a life with that person. Tell me.
Quiero una chica que se preocupe por el lado emocional
Bologna, Emilia-Romagna

I want a girl who cares about the emotional side

I want a girl who cares about the emotional side. I don┬┤t want anything from her except love and understanding. I would also like to tell you that I don┬┤t speak Spanish very well, plus I am without a license here in Spain, but above all I want a girl to be my life partner.
Hagamos un plan de vida juntos
Palma, Islas Baleares

Let┬┤s make a life plan together

I am looking for something serious, a girl with interest, who cares about me, lets make a life plan together and is affectionate.
Sin filtros entre comillas
Barakaldo, Vizcaya

No filters in quotes

Hello, I want to have a great time, meet up, whatever comes up, I also like to talk while making love, my imagination has no limits within some schemes and knowing at home, space, place be as it should, I am extroverted and talkative, genuine, without filters in quotes, I take care of my loves and I am very willing, how are you and what are we doing, don┬┤t worry, I┬┤ll take care of it, let yourself go
Guapa que tal estás hoy jajaja no te preocupes que no
Don Benito, Badajoz

Beautiful how are you today hahaha don┬┤t worry no

Beautiful how are you today hahaha don┬┤t worry don┬┤t worry don┬┤t worry don┬┤t worry don┬┤t

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