Bolivia, Carolina del Norte

It sounds strange that on a contact page someone like me comes looking for a friendship to begin with, but I like to trust the person I┬┤m going to meet. Then I look for a date and what happens is never known but watching is the most important thing.

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De que sirve discutir?
Avil├ęs, Asturias

What┬┤s the point of arguing?

I have been married for many years of my life, too many, I would say, there is no point in arguing, so I am not looking to argue with anyone. Besides, at 45 years old, I already think that with a friendship with the right to friction I could settle for it, but everything has to be seen and gotten to know each other. .. I┬┤m just clear that I don┬┤t want arguments.
Compa├▒ero y lo iremos viendo
Picassent, Valencia

Mate and we will see

I would like to find a life partner but it is essential to get to know each other and see what could or could not arise between our two souls, our two bodies, our two lives. I┬┤m a bit mystical, I know that, but very normal and very loving and friendly and I find something between two adults who want to get to know each other.
Los d├şas se hacen eternos
Teruel, Teruel

The days become eternal

Since I am retired due to a work accident, the days seem very long... I would like to first meet someone special as a friend and later whatever arises. I wouldn┬┤t mind having a stable relationship but it would be seen as we get along with each other over time and the other thing is to make plans and have a good time, chat and laugh a lot.
Ante las dudas primero amistad
Vitoria, Álava

When in doubt, friendship first

Friendship first and then watching. I don┬┤t like acting for the sake of acting and since I┬┤m on the right foot I prefer to start with a good friendship. I am a normal girl when I have to go out and party I go out and when I don┬┤t feel like it I stay at home, I adapt to all the plans and I like to have fun. I have a good time with any plan.
A divertirme que para sufrir voy al dentista
Ávila, Ávila

To have fun, to suffer I go to the dentist

Where I suffer the most, at least for me, is at the dentist and I don┬┤t feel like suffering outside of that place, which, thank God, I don┬┤t need to step into much. I want to have a good time and I would like to fall in love but it is difficult not to suffer for love so we will see about that. I don┬┤t like bad-mouthing ball-players because in the end they waste my time and I like to make the most of it whenever life is too short to lose good moments and good people.
Soy muy hot
Alicante, Alicante

I am very hot

Well for those of you who don┬┤t know, hot is hot eh hehehe I┬┤m a very hot and fiery woman and the truth is that I don┬┤t know what I┬┤m looking for right now I┬┤ll see it as I see how this page goes and all that well well keep watching enjoy and things like that, right? I would like to meet a guy who is also hot but not excessively hot.
Busco una amistad a ser posible verdadera
Avil├ęs, Asturias

I am looking for a true friendship if possible

Although I would love to fall in love, be happy as a couple and all that first because for me it is the most important thing, I want to find a boy for a true friendship and then be able to see what happens. To me, those who tell me that a man and a woman cannot start out as friends, I look like I don┬┤t believe it, you know why every man and every woman to reach something more have to get to know each other and start being friends....
Madrid, Cundinamarca


I want to distract myself from the overwhelming routine that invades me on a daily basis. I feel like chatting a little and little by little seeing that I can really get excited about someone to the point of being able to have a date. What can arise in that appointment? Honestly, I don┬┤t even know... what do you think if we let ourselves go and see it? I am willing to do anything, of course.
No busco vaciles
Gratis, Ohio

I┬┤m not looking for hesitation

I┬┤m very open to girls and jokes, but I don┬┤t like the hesitation thing when it┬┤s in bad faith because it┬┤s happened to me. I am open to everything. It would be great to have a drink one day and talk at home, but we┬┤ll see about that as we have to see everything so that something at least fun and pleasant for both of us and, above all, sincere, comes out.
Vamos vi├ęndolo
C├│rdoba, C├│rdoba

Let┬┤s see it

I don┬┤t have priority for anything nor do I have a prototype at the moment. I am open to everything and with guys of all types. I try to let myself go in everything, although sometimes it doesn┬┤t work out very well because I┬┤m too trusting, but what are we going to do, right? I have a good time and I like to make everyone have a good time with me.

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