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Jose miguel
Donde est谩 mi kukumelo??
Albacete, Albacete

Where is my kukumelo??

Hello, my name is Jos茅 Miguel and I would like to find a girl who is legal, understanding, kind, affectionate, and who likes to be in the company of a person like me, my age is 54 years old but the truth is that I consider myself much older. young... I am a kind, affectionate, polite, and gentlemanly person, I am very understanding, bohemian and liberal... come on, I think that no one owns anyone, one must have their space for a relationship to last and water it every day. Always I try to look for the positive side of things no matter how dark they get and I麓m always laughing hahaha. My motto is live, live together and let live, this life is 2 days and you have to live it with enthusiasm because if not, that麓s not living. but to survive. I wait for that vampire princess who breathes and looks at me... I live in Almansa. I麓m looking for my kukumelo, it doesn麓t matter if it麓s strawberry or mint....
En busca de la felicidad, no busco satisfacer mis deseos sexuales con nadie
Pontevedra, Pontevedra

Looking for happiness

I consider myself a person with character, kind, polite, friendly, honest, affectionate, enterprising, a dreamer who wants to meet a woman like me without bad vibes who likes to travel, sport, dance, etc. healthy life and enjoy everything you can, I am not looking to satisfy my sexual desires with anyone, I am looking for a good person to achieve a happy life. If you are looking for the same thing tell me where I can find you. Please I do not want contacts with married women, smokers and with financial interest. My motto is: enjoy and let others enjoy with me
Disfrutar de estar  juntos tomando algo por ahi o en la intimidad. Y de todo se puede hablar.
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Enjoy being together having a drink out there or in privacy. And you can talk about everything.

Enjoy being together and seeing how things emerge. No commitment, no prior expectations. We are old enough to know what we want to share and when. I don麓t like the virtual relationship to be prolonged unnecessarily. Chat or phone is very useful to know if we are what we are looking for and if we want to meet in person and check if there is attraction. I am a mature man, with experience, considerate, kind, with good humor, accessible, very liberal, I accept people as they are, and whatever their personal situation may be. In sex except inflicting extreme pain, and the eschatological, I like everything including D/s, and bondage, with a dominant marker. It excites me to enjoy, and please you to do it myself. I am open to experimenting or introducing you to new pleasures, fulfilling your fantasies, or satisfying your curiosity. Enjoy being together as much as possible, or with other people, everything can be talked about. I am divorced, and I work as a liberal professional, with freedom of schedule. It will be a pleasure to meet you.
sin compromiso, busco un chica amable simp谩tica cari帽osa sin compromiso para pasar rato juntos para pasar lo bien sin malo rollo a divertirnos a lo grande si alg煤n surge algo entre los dos pos bienvienido pero bueno aver si te tengo suerte encontrar谩 la p
Torrent, Valencia

without obligation

I am looking for a kind, friendly, affectionate girl without commitment to spend time together to have a good time without bad vibes to have a great time if something arises between the two of us, welcome but well let麓s see if I麓m lucky you麓ll find the right person let麓s see if I麓m lucky haha The most important thing is to enjoy and live life because if you live alone once, not twice, then you have to take advantage of the opportunity, not to mention going through it. That麓s why I would like to find a real friend so we can enjoy it together and have a great time if from now on. something arises between us well moving forward I麓m not closing myself to anything I hope to find what I麓m looking for I have to come back and enjoy and have fun I would like to find that person very soon let麓s see what麓s on this site and see if I麓m lucky to find the right person
Soy un chico sincero, legal, amable
M谩laga, M谩laga

I am a sincere, legal, kind boy

I am looking for girls for occasional meetings with discretion without commitment. I am a married boy, sincere, legal, kind, affectionate, thoughtful, happy, but dissatisfied in love and that is why I decided to register on this page because surely there are women in the same circumstances that I and that is why I am here. Do not judge me that if I am unfaithful not for nothing. I only seek to be happy from time to time with a woman who gives herself to love and who is as bored as I am in sex. no It means that because he is registered on this page he must be a bad partner or a bad husband, I only seek to have occasional encounters and with great discretion. If you are in the same situation as me and you want to deal with your desires as I wish, write to me and we will see what happens okay. I don麓t want to be rude in the least, but only women who are really looking for sex and discreet. Greetings.???
Amable amorosa dialogadora
Pontevedra, Pontevedra

Kind loving conversationalist

Kind, loving, communicative and respectful, who is sincere and says things upfront. And with respect to myself, I am an excellent person, understanding, kind and friendly. I like to go out and have fun, interact a lot with people. Make travel plans, know, enjoy life and it would be better to have that woman. sincere loyal and understanding at your side to share and enjoy all those moments Only in dreams, only in the other world of sleep do I get you, at certain hours, when I close doors behind me. With what contempt I have seen those who dream, and now I am prisoner in their spell, trapped in their network With what morbid delight I introduce you to the abandoned house, and I love you a thousand times in the same different way Those places that you and I know They wait for us every night like an old bed and there are things in the dark that smile at us. I like to tell you the same thing as always and my hands love your hair and I squeeze you, little by little, until my blood
Soy un chico que busca chicas, soy un chico que busca chicas cari帽osa amable simp谩tica mente abierta sincera respetuosa para amistad de momento de aqu铆 para adelante nunca se sabe que puede pasar entre los dos si surge algo entre los dos pos nada adelante

I麓m a boy looking for girls

I am a boy who is looking for girls, loving, kind, friendly, open mind, sincere, respectful for friendship, from now on, you never know what can happen between the two of us, if something arises between the two of us, nothing forward for the moment, friends, we have to enjoy the truth of life. It麓s a moment and having fun. I would like to find a girl who is worth it who knows how to value anything who is affectionate, friendly, open and who likes to have fun. We have good times, moments together. I think I麓m not losing much. Let麓s see if I get lucky soon. Find you. You have to cross your fingers for this person. I also love nature and traveling around the world, getting to know new cultures, enjoying life, it麓s a moment, let麓s go for everything.
Mi chica ideal es alguien alegre
Madrid, Madrid

My ideal girl is someone happy

My ideal girl is someone happy and positive, always smiling and spreading her good energy. He has a unique sense of humor and is able to make me laugh at any time. She is intelligent and passionate about learning new things, always looking to grow and improve. She is kind and compassionate, caring about others and helping whenever she can. She is independent and self-confident, but also knows when she needs support. In short, my ideal girl is someone who makes me feel loved, happy and motivated every day.
Quedar c贸digo no busco relaci贸n seria solo quedar de vez en cuando
La Gineta, Albacete

Stay code I麓m not looking for a serious relationship, just meet up from time to time

Well, I麓m looking for a simple, kind, beautiful, affectionate person who likes nature, sports and who wants to chat and meet. I麓m not looking for a serious relationship, just to meet from time to time. Well, the truth is that the first thing I want is a good friendship with all the girls. who want to get to know me and then as it happens we will see what we can do I would love to receive your questions because to get to know someone the best way is to ask I am a nature lover I consider myself a very natural person my favorite sport is cycling And whenever I can do the practical thing, I like to have a beer after sports and discuss the route with my colleagues. I think the best way to get to know each other is to stay in touch and ask any questions we have. A kiss for all the pretty girls in Lirut Mi. age 59
quedar, amistad y lo que surja
Ayamonte, Huelva

stay, friendship and whatever arises

My name is Jos茅 Manuel, I consider myself a good person, I am here to meet, make friends and meet up if possible, and whatever arises, I am a somewhat shy person at first, sincere, kind, somewhat serious but also happy, discreet, very himself, I know how to listen, and I hope to meet women in person, be without commitment, kisses. ,...... Right now I am out of work due to the closure of the company, I like movies, TV series, watching sports, especially football, I like to watch almost all of them, although I don麓t practice any, pop music , rock from the 80s, the 90s, 2000 and something from now, I also like to listen to classical music, I consider myself a handyman, I do my habits at home, I would like to learn to play the electronic organ and the guitar,, and of course I also I like sex, I don麓t deny it, I don麓t look for it, but if I find it, it doesn麓t hurt.

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