Chico, California

Hello, I want to meet a man without burdens and without stress, I mean letting ourselves go and not thinking about the future, letting it arrive... that┬┤s why I need a guy who is single because I am open to everything and I want to let myself go at all times and If you are in a relationship that cannot be.

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Me gusta bromear
Albacete, Albacete

I like to joke

I┬┤m a joker but don┬┤t worry, I won┬┤t be teasing you all the time, especially if you don┬┤t like them of course. I have in mind to make some cool plan if I meet a guy that I like and we get along. I am open to everything, it is the best way to meet a boy without restrictions and without stress, above all.
Soy bailarina
Yeles, Toledo

I am a dancer

I am a dancer but nothing strange, I dedicate myself to teaching dance classes and sometimes I do something professional, they call me for a famous concert and something like that. I like the life I lead and I really enjoy everything I do. I would like to find a partner but without stress, at the moment it is also good for me to have a friend for everything.
Soy muy cari├▒osa y me usta el contacto f├şsico
Teruel, Teruel

I am very affectionate and I like physical contact.

I like physical contact, caressing, hugging, I also like kissing, holding hands... I don┬┤t know the little details that make the difference. I would like to find someone special, meet and go without rushing... I don┬┤t get overwhelmed as long as I don┬┤t notice that they are being overwhelmed. I┬┤m looking for a simple guy above all.
No soporto las multitudes
Gratis, Ohio

I can┬┤t stand crowds

I get overwhelmed very quickly in places where a lot of people gather and I feel like I┬┤m not going to be able to get out of there easily. I feel overwhelmed and anxious about concerts, unless it┬┤s in the stands, I don┬┤t even think about it and that┬┤s why I don┬┤t go to clubs. I┬┤m not boring, I just make other plans in which you could have an equally good time or better.
Vivo el d├şa
Folla, Lombardia

I live the day

Before, I was worried about what they would say and what my future would be like in all aspects, but based on how bad it was because it overwhelmed me, I decided that I couldn┬┤t continue like this and that if I got a partner I would enjoy it if I got a friend, well, and so on. all. I come here without stress and without problems so that whatever needs to arise arises and I have a good time without complications of any kind.
No me gusta hacer dif├şcil lo que es f├ícil
Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla

I don┬┤t like to make what is easy difficult

Sometimes we get complicated with things that are too simple but we get complicated... We always bring out the bad, I would like to meet someone for something serious but I never get overwhelmed and I settle, I am very conformist which I shouldn┬┤t be but I am... Also a "nice" friendship at a given moment I can settle for.
Se me hace duro estar soltera
Totana, Salamanca

It┬┤s hard for me to be single

It is quite hard for me to be single. I don┬┤t like the feeling. Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking that I will be alone. I know that I am not alone nor will I ever be, but it is very cold to come home and be alone without anyone receiving you or waiting for your partner to arrive and receiving them yourself. Some will understand me and others will say that I am very lucky.
No soy agobiante ni me gusta que me agobien
Campo de Caso, Asturias

I am not overwhelming nor do I like to be overwhelmed

Do you know what it┬┤s like to have someone there 24/7 harassing you and wanting to control you all the time? Well, that has happened to me, I had a partner who only wanted to control me, he would sometimes tell me until he took a photo of me at the time to know if it was true that I was in the place I told him, clearly I let him. I am open to everything but if love arises I don┬┤t want stress of any kind.
El sexo es lo ├║nico que busco aqu├ş
Regi├│n de Murcia, Murcia

Sex is the only thing I┬┤m looking for here

I don┬┤t see myself with romantic plans, little flowers and things like that, I┬┤m very strong-willed and too independent that I get overwhelmed right away and sending messages at all hours with nice words doesn┬┤t convince me right now, plus I┬┤m very ardent and passionate and I┬┤m sure we┬┤re going to fit in. much more fucking than in love.
Deseando encontrarte
Cartagena de Indias, Bol├şvar

Wishing to find you

My name is India and I am looking for my better half. I am very romantic, attentive, affectionate, sociable, loving, thoughtful. I hate burdens, controls and possession... I can┬┤t handle jealousy either, it overwhelms me, it gets on my nerves. A healthy relationship even has its normal relationship problems but it has to go well without stress.

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