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Me gustar铆a encontrar y conocer gente nueva cambiar de aires y formar otras amistades gente de buen
Cuenca, Cuenca

I would like to find and meet new people, have a change of scenery and form other friendships, good people.

I would really like to meet new people, talk, get a change of scenery, do different things, my life is a little boring, I live in a town in Cuenca and I am a young hard-working guy, I am only 34 years old, I would like to speak from another side since I don麓t have credit here hehe Xian 3.3 we will be able to talk and get to know each other without a problem. I would like to find someone close and things in common to be able to laugh together to be able to go out and also stay at home quietly watching movies I love to cook and I cook very well hahaha this is just about filling things in but in general well stay and see what happens, I麓m a healthy, normal, formal guy and I think I麓m honest, that麓s why I put my cell phone in so if anyone wants to meet us and see what happens, well here we are hehe, happy hug haha
Conocer personas, aqu铆 por regla general
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

meet people

I am looking for girls who are different, unique, original, imaginative, if you are interested in geopolitics and with a lot of curiosity, who love mystery, with concerns. Here, as a general rule, no one stays to have a coffee, chat, or whatever, I don麓t want to waste anyone麓s time, nor do they waste my time.
lo que surja y ya si eso conocernos
Callosa de Segura, Alicante

whatever arises and if that麓s what we know

social man, life experience, dedication to industrial and general cleanliness, I empathize with who deserves it, tastes and hobbies such as being near the sea, walking, fishing, cycling, very lover of animals, hiking, pig farming, soccer, music , computer science quite well, friendship and whatever arises, already mature, I take care of myself as much as possible, very active and with a positive attitude, I have my defects and virtues like everyone else.
Amistad con derecho, besoss
Taranc贸n, Cuenca

friendship with rights

Hi girls, I麓m a 30-year-old guy and I really like movies, nature and peace of mind in general. In principle, sex and friendship... if more beautiful things emerge later on, I don麓t close myself off to anything. kisses
Divertirme en general, aprovechar todo el tiempo posible, conectar con alguien especial
Antequera, M谩laga

Have fun in general, take advantage of as much time as possible, connect with someone special

Hello, well, how can I begin to define myself and what I麓m looking for. I麓m a normal person I think haha. Everyone can see you in a different way, it depends on when they know you and how much. I think that when they know me better I tend to like them. And I麓m looking for a girl who wants to be distracted, have fun, make us horny. And yes, filling. Who knows what can happen?
Buccho un chica buena yo e stoy strahnero no hablo bueno espaniol pero me cantane
Valencia, Valencia

I麓m a good girl, I麓m a stranger, I don麓t speak good Spanish, but I sing to myself.

I麓m a good girl, I麓m a stranger, I don麓t speak good Spanish but I love the beautiful girls in general in spqnia
Conocer gente nueva, salir a cenar, salir de copas.
Tarragona, Tarragona

Meeting new people, going out to dinner, going out for drinks.

Meeting new people, going out to dinner, going out for drinks, generally having fun with girls who are just like me.
Chico busca chica para intercambiar experiencias
Arrecife, Las Palmas

Boy looking for girl to exchange experiences

Boy is looking for a girl to exchange experiences and share opinions about life, especially in general.
Soy as铆. Ni m谩s ni menos.
Oviedo, Asturias

I麓m like this. No more no less.

Do not disturb, right now I am in another dimension, when I return if you want we can talk, in the meantime leave a message on the answering machine after hearing the signal. Bu! My name is Maximus Decimus Meridio, commander of the northern armies, general of the Felix Legions. Loyal subject of Marcus Aurelius, the true emperor. Father of a murdered son, husband of a murdered woman and I will have my revenge. In this life or the next.
Daniel Adrian
Me gustan las chicas abiertas con cual puedes ablas sobre cualquier
Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid

I like open girls with whom you can talk about anything

I like open girls with whom you can talk about any topic, plus those who generally share the bed.

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