Fer , 47 years
Sebring, Florida

Hello, good afternoon, I am a member of Ferm├şn, this has been recommended to me and here I am with my truth and I know a pretty girl to understand a friendship at first the Dino and something more important and beautiful arises as a couple I am open to it I would like the truth and settle head and have a life with a pretty girl

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Luis GismeroMec
Sus al rededores moderna sensual llena de vida dispuesta
Valencia, Valencia

Its modern sensual surroundings full of willing life

I am a 70-year-old man looking for a woman to marry as a couple, I am separated. I would love to find a woman between 58 and 70 years old who is not, fat, modern, sensual, who likes dancing, walking, traveling, the theater, cinema, concerts, who, this I am willing to have a non-profit relationship with neither of the parties, respecting each other and whether it is in the area of Torrevieja or its surroundings, modern sensual full of willing life, everything. I am 70 years old, I am separated, I live alone, I would like to, enjoy while, I love, years of, life on the ground, be very active at home or in bed, also in, life, daily with friends ucen, society I have a, I am half bald a normal weight and I like to live love I am retired, if any lady is interested, I am willing to give her all the happiness in the world while I live, a big kiss for those who are willing to try to make life easier for this man. I also like to read history books or something related to things. that speaks is
Hola me llamo redwan tengo 26 anos quiero una relaccion
Ceuta, Ceuta

Hello, my name is Redwan, I am 26 years old, I want a relationship.

Hello, my name is Redwan, I┬┤m 26 years old, I want a relationship with a girl for life and there is sex and I still work in painting houses only and I am very careful and serious and sympathetic and a boy who has last causes in this life I like sex with a girl but I don┬┤t like a woman who doesn┬┤t have a good way to have sex. Ceuta is my best city and I like new friends in this city, but the best are female friends, but they are very serious about men. Friends, in the end, I live alone, I don┬┤t. I have no girlfriend and no friend or friend only in this world that┬┤s why I like it I meet new friends and I live life as you can see I am 26 years old and the last month I am 27 years old and I like it there are happy times with my new friends thank you
Disfrutar de la vida d├şa a d├şa sin prejuicios ninguno
M├│stoles, Madrid

Enjoy life day by day without any prejudices

Girls who want to have fun and enjoy life day by day without any prejudices. I don┬┤t want to see life go by, I need happy women without prejudices, do what you want, above all, make love without stopping, wherever it arises, it doesn┬┤t matter at these heights of In life, you don┬┤t have to be disgusted with anything, you have to enjoy that life is two days. If you don┬┤t baby or fuck to live stupid, what┬┤s the point of that saying? I really like to travel where the girl who is with me says I need an aunt with a pair of balls, no submissive aunts and sluts, aunts with a temperament is what I┬┤m looking for more than sluts for sluts, I already have my mother, well I don┬┤t want to bore the staff. As I said, aunts with temperament and who know what they want, no posh things and other thanks
busco a quien amar hasta k me muera dándole lealtad y fidelidad y esfuerzo
Castell├│n, Castell├│n

I am looking for someone to love until I die, giving him loyalty and fidelity and effort.

My selfish part seeks to fill my life with sex and more sex and more sex, reasons it was not worth it to be Loyal, after 22 years of the purest loyalty and much more, kick the ass and fuck it, and it is something that left me touched Psychologically and emotionally, in the background I am looking for a friend with whom I have the confidence to talk to her without problems, who can hear me and I the same, to be a point of support for those who support me, I need a feminine figure, if I have raised my head it is xk I have had a lot of support from friends but few female figures and in the life of every man female figures are necessary, I would not like sex sex and more sex outside with that friend since that is what the less selfish part of me is looking for is a woman in the k to trust, and with that friend with k was sex and that┬┤s it, I would have more than enough hahaha, let┬┤s say that one part of me wants to be selfish and the other knowing how full I want to be Loyal to a woman but with her corresponding steps, I don┬┤t want to do waste anyone┬┤s time and I don┬┤t want to waste it either
Hacer amistad sin compromisos
Madrid, Madrid

Make friends without commitments

I am very clear about what I want and I don┬┤t like to waste time, if you know what you want and you are clear about it, we will get to know each other and whatever arises, let┬┤s have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life that are many in many facets, make very good friends. special so that we both enjoy and are accomplices of the adventures that day to day offers us, get out of the routine and laugh, enjoy, feel.... in short, live life for the moment without commitments and who knows, maybe the time demonstrate or ask for something more.... Do we enjoy together along the way? Well, contact me and we will meet, we will chat and whatever arises at this moment, I am open to many options, the important thing is to enjoy and feel comfortable that life is there to live, enjoy and fill it with sensations.
Soy aleman rubio todavia joven con mucha experiencia
Tarifa, Cádiz

I am a blonde German, still young with a lot of experience.

I am a blonde German, still young with a lot of experience. I love life and I am very sensual. I like to take care of women and that nothing is missing from happiness. I have lived in Spain for many years and I adore Spanish women. Positivity is my motto and I throw out all negative people around me, toxic people. I speak four languages and work as a freelancer. Life is beautiful and you have to enjoy it to the fullest, I don┬┤t know sadness. The important thing is to live fully in the here and now. My passion is animals and music and without that nothing goes. I love freedom and I can┬┤t stand jealousy. A relationship has to be based on trust. I have traveled a lot and know life. I never give up. I hate lies and I say what I think, the worst thing is hypocrisy and I always fight against it.
Honesto, sincero, buena persona, me gustaria conocer a alguna chica para una bonita amistad
Vitoria, Álava

Honest, sincere, good person, I would like to meet a girl for a nice friendship

Hi how are things? I came to this page to meet a nice girl, majestic, in love and not at all pretentious. I have in mind to leave Vitoria, rebuild my life by compiling all my life experiences in one... Would you also contribute things from your experiences? I would love to establish a beautiful friendship, and time will tell what it has to say; My romantic relationship is a real failure but my son prevents me from divorcing, the person I love the most. My name is Francisco and I consider myself humble, a good person, pleasant and I am here because I would love to find a girl between 40 and 55 years old, for friendship, to get to know each other better, having a few beers, for example, or simply to walk and talk about our tastes and affinities, if there is feeling, perfect, if we don┬┤t have it... well good luck!!
Busco una chica que tenga ganas de tener un amigo con derecho a roce.
Málaga, Málaga

I┬┤m looking for a girl who wants to have a friend with benefits.

I┬┤m looking for a girl who has the same ideas as me and has sporadic relationships. I am a thin, strong boy, 1.80 tall, with dark beach skin, I work as a sports instructor, there is my love for sports, I do not smoke, nor do I consume any narcotics, I drink optionally, adventurous, I like to travel, go out for a drink, nature, I like a wide variety of sports. I┬┤m looking for a girl who wants to share my hobbies, who likes to walk at dusk, who wants to go for a drink on the weekends, who likes the beach, who wants to have a friendship with the right to touch to have a good time in bed , that is nice, that likes to make people laugh, that has fun with me.
Con muchas ganas de disfrutar de la vida al máximo
Toledo, Toledo

Looking forward to enjoying life to the fullest

I am a happy, friendly boy who really wants to enjoy life to the fullest. The ideal partner for that girl who wants a sporadic and pleasant encounter. I have had several couples and the love did not last, now I am at a stage in my life in which I neither want nor need nonsense in my head. But the truth is that we all have basic needs to cover...and you know that? If you have things clear and you want to laugh, you will have fun and enjoy life without commitments or bad vibes. Write to me And to say something about myself, I like to take a backpack and get lost in seeing new things, there are many interesting things to see and magical corners full of peace and tranquility, which make you disconnect and recharge your batteries to continue with your day to day life. bearable.
Si alg├║n d├şa crees que no te queda nada en la vida
Montanejos, Castell├│n

If one day you think you have nothing left in life

If one day you think you have nothing left in life, a true friend will be by your side, he will not leave you stranded. It is not easy to define friendship, much less compare it with love. Years may pass and he will be there, helping you through the most difficult moments in life. This can be expressed in many ways, one of them with short texts, poems, images and phrases that demonstrate the feelings you have towards one of the closest relationships you will ever have: your friends.

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