David , 18 years
Espa├▒ola, Nueva York

I┬┤m looking for girls to meet up and have one-day relationships or whatever comes up. Relationships

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Alocado buscando compa├▒era de aventuras
Salamanca, Salamanca

Crazy looking for an adventure companion

clear my mind, go out and meet people, I┬┤m a bit of a geek, I love music and traveling, I┬┤m looking to have a good time and whatever comes up, I┬┤m more at night than during the day, I┬┤m crazy, I could be getting bored and maybe I┬┤ll feel like going to Madrid or Seville or wherever far from boredom, here I am looking for people for friendship, trouble, relationship, whatever to keep myself busy and entertained, I like to live day to day, I would love to escape with someone, have a good time, no I consider myself physically perfect but I consider myself a kind person, who likes to help without receiving anything in return, that┬┤s what friends are for, right? After a long relationship full of betrayal and lies, what I┬┤m looking for is to be reborn from my ashes, to be myself again, to stop hiding in the darkness and have a good time, everything I need, so I┬┤m delighted :3
Disfrutar de la vida d├şa a d├şa sin prejuicios ninguno
M├│stoles, Madrid

Enjoy life day by day without any prejudices

Girls who want to have fun and enjoy life day by day without any prejudices. I don┬┤t want to see life go by, I need happy women without prejudices, do what you want, above all, make love without stopping, wherever it arises, it doesn┬┤t matter at these heights of In life, you don┬┤t have to be disgusted with anything, you have to enjoy that life is two days. If you don┬┤t baby or fuck to live stupid, what┬┤s the point of that saying? I really like to travel where the girl who is with me says I need an aunt with a pair of balls, no submissive aunts and sluts, aunts with a temperament is what I┬┤m looking for more than sluts for sluts, I already have my mother, well I don┬┤t want to bore the staff. As I said, aunts with temperament and who know what they want, no posh things and other thanks
Buena persona para conocernos
Ontinyent, Valencia

Good person to meet

Hello, I┬┤m new to this site, my name is Ivan and I┬┤m very simple, I don┬┤t have a gym body full of muscles, I┬┤m looking for a girl who is nice, friendly and very hot in bed. Nor do I close doors to a serious and lasting relationship. I like the day more than the night, going out in the mountains on my bike or walking, a walk on the beach, a romantic dinner, days of watching a movie on the sofa and blanket in good company. Listening to music, having a beer, the movies, anyway. I think the most normal tastes that almost everyone likes, by the way I like animals, I have a dog who is a sweetheart and a sweetheart. If you think we are compatible and can contribute something to us in this life, do not hesitate to get in touch. We sure had some good times together.
Busco chica morbosa y atrevida. Llamame
Aranda de Duero, Burgos

I am looking for a morbid and daring girl. Call me

Guy of 1.80 with light eyes and 40 years old, sincere, affectionate, forward, sensitive, humble, sensitive and friendly, looking for an affectionate, fun and morbid girl to meet and see what can arise, I would like to meet a loving, fun, forward, daring girl, morbid, sincere and a good person to meet and meet to see if we have feeling and good chemistry to have fun, enjoy and have a good time. The encounters would be something sporadic, although if we have a lot of chemistry it can be repeated for more days and become occasional encounters, or what has been being a fuckfriend. I can also give you a good erotic massage. If you try it, you will definitely repeat, call me so we can talk, we know each other a little and We see
Si alg├║n d├şa crees que no te queda nada en la vida
Montanejos, Castell├│n

If one day you think you have nothing left in life

If one day you think you have nothing left in life, a true friend will be by your side, he will not leave you stranded. It is not easy to define friendship, much less compare it with love. Years may pass and he will be there, helping you through the most difficult moments in life. This can be expressed in many ways, one of them with short texts, poems, images and phrases that demonstrate the feelings you have towards one of the closest relationships you will ever have: your friends.
ligar, soy muy respetuoso en eso
Valencia, Valencia

flirt, I┬┤m very respectful about that

I am a romantic, loving, detail-oriented person with very clear things in life, sometimes I am a little shy until I gain confidence, I hate lies, I am not one to focus on physical appearance (I am very respectful about that), I am more interested in personality of people, I look for friendships and whatever arises that arises alone, I am open to a future serious relationship with the passage of time.
Amistad y lo que surja, no tengo prototipo de mujeres
Camarma de Esteruelas, Madrid

Friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am a 48-year-old boy, I am looking for sporadic relationships without commitment, if possible, in Alcalá de Henares or surrounding areas. I am divorced and without a partner. I don´t want stable relationships for now. I would like to meet girls for a good friendship, go out for a drink and if possible, have something more intimate. I really like riding a bike and hiking. I don´t have a prototype of women, what I focus on a lot is the smile.
Si se tiene una relaci├│n
Ferrol, A Coru├▒a

If you have a relationship

I┬┤m looking for sex, without commitment and then whatever comes up. I am a man, chubby, strong, strong character and good person. If you have a relationship, the better, but if there is respect, tolerance and valuing the other person. I┬┤m not going to deceive, I also like them with good physique and pretty, but if they are normal or pretty and good people, the better, the important thing is to understand each other, tolerate each other and empathize, but come on, let┬┤s see how it goes... clear things, the same as me , to start with casual sex, then if something arises, the better
Soy un chico que busca chicas, buena persona

I am a boy who looks for girls, a good person

I am a boy with a lot of experience, who has had a bad relationship and now I am looking for sex without having a serious relationship, I am open, outgoing, friendly, kind, educated, a good person, clean, thoughtful,
Buscas un chico activo, bien dotado para el disfrute sexual
Espartinas, Sevilla

You are looking for an active boy, well endowed for sexual enjoyment

I like to keep it shaved and have it stiff all day, I am very active and well equipped for sexual enjoyment, I love having several orgasms in a row cumming over and over again, if you are interested in enjoying it... leave the lirilis now and give yourself more pleasure with el lerele: Soft, hard, hot and hairless....Do you dare?

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