Cádiz, Kentucky

I settle for having a friendship and having some sex because I like sex. Lately men are afraid of commitment and they get very complicated and that´s why I adapt because I´m single and I want to have new friends and have a good time and enjoy a lot. I adapt to you and I ask for a little adaptation either

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Busco amistad, he encontrado algún dónde estás con algún chico divertido y amable como yo tengo ganas de disfrutar y pasarlo bien te apetece quedamos
Almería, Almería

I am looking for friendship

I have found someone where you are with a fun and kind guy like me. I want to enjoy and have a good time. Would you like to meet?
No soy de relaciones estables
Toledo, Toledo

I´m not in stable relationships

I´m not in stable relationships, at least for now, but well, let´s have a good time and then time will tell if you have to say something if not have a good time and so friends
Una persona positiva, que tenga bueno humor
Camprovín, La Rioja

A positive person, who has a good humor

A positive person, who has a good mood and is willing to have a good time
conocer gente, aquí me tenéis y aquí me tendréis
Salamanca, Salamanca

meet people

Open to whatever arises, wanting to meet people and, among other things, have a good time, here you have me and here you will have me.
Nada en concreto, no busco nada en concreto
Gijón, Asturias

Nothing specific

I´m not looking for anything in particular, I just let myself be carried away by the situation and whatever has to happen will come, I like to live in the present, and without complications.
No me cierro a nada ojala pasar un buen rato besos
Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México

I don´t close myself to anything, I hope you have a good time, kisses

Hello, I´m Michelle, I´m 25 years old, Chilean, living in Mexico, I´m looking to meet people and I don´t close myself to anything. I hope to have a good time, kisses.
Busco chicos de más o menos mi edad
Barcelona, Barcelona

I´m looking for guys more or less my age

I´m looking for guys around my age, who can have common interests and have a good time together.
Nada serio que pase lo que tenga que tenga que pasar
Murcia, Murcia

Nothing serious, whatever has to happen happens.

Nothing serious, whatever has to happen happens, I am willing to do whatever is necessary.
Chica de compañia tengo 32 años divorciada
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Company girl I am 32 years old divorced

Companion girl, I am 32 years old, divorced and with two girls I am looking to have a good time.
Alguien divertido para pasar el rato
Málaga, Málaga

Someone fun to hang out with

Fun, laughter, interest, someone fun to hang out with and have interesting conversation with

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