Madurito , 45 years
Los Angeles, California

Hi, I┬┤m a guy with a good mind, I really like to fantasize, I┬┤m not looking for anything serious, I┬┤m just having a good time.

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por que no
Huelva, Huelva

why not

good vibes, knowing how to be and without complications. in Huelva if you are wanting to get to know, get out and have fun, don┬┤t hesitate and get in. Contact me we will have a great time in the end... life is to be lived without rest. So let┬┤s enjoy what we like the most. We love the sporadic and dreamer of the impossible. Because love is not always so obvious, because all couples go through moments of insecurity and because there is nothing as beautiful as baring your emotions in front of the person. Beloved, let us be carried by the wind without the waves being able to wet us. I never imagined sitting down to write words of love, nor did I think I would find myself so madly in love. But, how could I avoid it? If I have met an angel who has touched the deepest part of my being and has made me change my mind, by giving me all the love that is in his heart. Let┬┤s live in the moment.
Busco trans o chica.
Oviedo, Asturias

I am looking for trans or girl.

Mature person, over 50 years old, 1.64, normal complexion, very good person, sincere, loyal, respectful, cultured, good conversationalist, better listener, single, without children, passionate, very hot, fiery, morbid, of mind very open, looking for a trans or a girl, with characteristics, on a personal level, similar to those mentioned and in the sexual sphere very hot, daring, fiery, morbid, open-minded, fierce and dominant. I would like a relationship, of any kind, I am very open-minded, not at all jealous or possessive. I┬┤m looking for real contacts, not virtual people; Please refrain, people who only want an online relationship.
Lo que se necesita es mente abierta
Villabona, Guip├║zcoa

What is needed is an open mind

Hello. First of all, a question. Is there really anyone here who is looking for something more than wasting people┬┤s time? . What is needed is an open mind and respect for everything and everyone. I┬┤m here to meet women, if they have a better partner, to rediscover life so to speak. And since everything in this life is not just sex, a good friendship is also valid, with its complicity included, which also gives satisfaction. The passing of the years makes us more boring and sometimes we need that spark to remind us that we are alive, that life is not just work, home and work at home, which is very good, but that daily routine weighs us down and puts us to sleep. way that you don┬┤t know how to enjoy. That┬┤s why I am open to everything and I would like to try everything so that that spark makes life not a routine. So a kiss and be happy after this piece of badge that I have given you.
mujeres, soy kevin un hombre apasionado y de mente abierta que busca conectar con personas vibrantes y genuinas
Barcelona, Barcelona

Women, I am Kevin, a passionate and open-minded man looking to connect with vibrant and genuine people.

I am Kevin, a passionate and open-minded man looking to connect with vibrant and genuine people. I love adventure and discovering new experiences, whether it┬┤s exploring fascinating places, trying exotic dishes, or immersing myself in deep and meaningful conversations. I consider myself a loyal and loving partner, always willing to listen and support those who are close to me. Additionally, I have a great sense of humor and enjoy making others laugh. If you are looking for an exciting and authentic trip, I would love to meet you
As├ş como tambi├ęn momentos divertidos e impulsivos
Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco

As well as fun and impulsive moments

Hello everyone! I am an active and passionate person who enjoys the little things in life. I love experiencing new things and exploring unknown places. I also enjoy playing sports and keeping fit. I am a very friendly and easy-going person, I am always willing to listen to and support the people around me. I consider myself a very sincere and honest person, so communication is a very important value for me. I like to learn and grow as a person, so I am always open to new experiences and perspectives. Enjoy reading, music and outdoor activities. I┬┤m looking for someone with whom I can share my hobbies and pastimes, but also who is willing to teach me and explore new things together. I would like to find someone with whom I can have deep and meaningful conversations, as well as fun and impulsive moments. If you are interested in meeting someone active, friendly and open-minded
Búsqueda de encuentros sexuales y esporádicos.
Valencia, Valencia

Search for sexual and sporadic encounters.

I am a 29-year-old boy from the capital of Valencia, pleasant, affectionate and passionate, who is looking for sexual encounters without commitment and to be able to enjoy passion as well as morbidity, and if there is a good connection, let it be sporadic, and above all without bad vibes and with respect, no payment or collection, just for pure pleasure. May we both enjoy and not be left wanting for moments full of pleasure, in Valencia capital and very close by. I don┬┤t have age in mind, I don┬┤t care if she is very mature or older than my age. Although I have no qualms about the physique either, I feel a greater attraction to ladies with extra pounds, but as I said, I don┬┤t pay much attention to the physique, although it seems that many do have it in mind. If anyone is interested, call me and we┬┤ll talk.
Mi belleza deslumbra, mi mente sorprende
Cuenca, Cuenca

My beauty dazzles, my mind surprises

I, Anton, have impressive appearance and outstanding intelligence. My beauty dazzles, my mind surprises, and my charm leaves indelible impressions. I am a symbol of style and elegance. Professionally, my talents are exceptional, and in my personal life, my attractiveness knows no limits. I personify the harmony between beauty and reason, leaving a unique mark around me.
Mente abierta nada de celos
Matar├│, Barcelona

Open mind no jealousy

Friendship. Share hobbies. Open mind, no jealousy...and the rest, ask me. I have been dancing Brazilian zouk bachata for 15 years and some kizomba. If you also dance, much better so we can share that great hobby. I love to travel whenever I can I go to dance conferences all over Europe since it is usually on the weekends and it is very easy to find cheap tickets to fly. If you consider yourself adventurous, sociable, mentally open, you can talk about whatever is necessary and without taboos, someone who enjoys everyday life as if there were no tomorrow (always with a head), well here I am to be that crazy person with whom You will not lack good company, pure friendships and fun at times of dancing and conferences. Will you come with me for this adventure?
Busco chica de mente abierta para disfrutar de nuestras fantasias
Marbella, Málaga

I am looking for an open-minded girl to enjoy our fantasies.

Well, let┬┤s see, I consider myself a normal boy, polite, discreet, attractive with a sense of humor, very morbid. Now I don┬┤t have anything defined so I┬┤m looking to have a good time, enjoy each other and the rest will be seen. My ideal, then a girl who knows how to be in any situation, whether going to dinner to have a drink, being at home, a young lady on the street but in privacy, who is open-minded, vicious, who likes to experiment and enjoys good company. and intimate encounters full of pleasure and lust. anyone available?
Mi perra, pero tambi├ęn me gusta en invierno ver cine con manta
New York, New York

My dog, but I also like to watch movies with a blanket in winter

Hello, I am a middle-aged man. I am affectionate and sweet. My hobbies are playing sports and I love going out for a drink with friends, I love traveling and extreme sports, I am looking for someone to get to know each other little by little. I love going out into the countryside. and walking with my dog, but I also like to watch movies in winter with a blanket and pipes. I go out to dinner from time to time and have a drink because there is time for everything. I look for...

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