Beni , 24 years
Espa├▒ola, Nueva York

Hello, I┬┤m just looking to meet new people, make friends, whatever comes up and such.

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Solo pasarlo bien encuentros esporadicos no quiero nada serio solamente divertirme
Puente Genil, C├│rdoba

Just have a good time sporadic meetings I don┬┤t want anything serious just have fun

Just having fun, sporadic encounters. I don┬┤t want anything serious, just having fun. I also talk about everything a little, I really like sports and practical things on a daily basis. I┬┤m just looking for fun but always with respect. He also did not rule out making friends, talking with women about all the topics that arise, in short, having a good time because life is short. I forgot, I┬┤m married, so there┬┤s no room for doubt.
busco amiga con derecho, con22cm
Rociana del Condado, Huelva

I am looking for a friend with rights

Hello, first of all, if you are determined and forward-thinking and you are not going to be making the excuse that we don┬┤t know each other and I only want to talk here, only if you are determined and adventurous and want to meet with me. I am tall, thin and well-endowed (with 22cm ) if you want, I just want a good friend with benefits
Busco amiga intima para encuentros y lo que surja.
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

I am looking for an intimate friend for meetings and whatever arises.

Look for girls to meet us but if you don┬┤t have a photo I won┬┤t talk to you on equal terms who want to have a good time having sex with all respect and discretion I live alone I am morbid, affectionate, simple, outgoing I want to enjoy good times and live the life that is only about cheering you up To get to know each other and whatever arises at the moment, I don┬┤t want anything serious. Over time, I don┬┤t close myself to anything. I┬┤m a cancer. I┬┤m a step away from two-faced and arrogant people. I want simple and humble people. Bye and greetings.
Disfrutamos juntos o que?
Aldeamayor de San Mart├şn, Valladolid

Do we enjoy together or what?

It┬┤s difficult to describe just one to you, so it┬┤s better for others to do it. If you like what you see and want to enjoy it a little, then talk to me. If you don┬┤t have a photo in your profile, I┬┤m sorry if it bothers you, but it┬┤s a hassle. If you want, send it to me privately so I can see it alone, then cool. If you only want to talk through the chat without even seeing the profile, bad vibes, right? And if you don┬┤t intend to meet to meet us, talk to your dog, he┬┤ll pay more attention to you. So please, only real profiles who want to have a good time, we┬┤re not here to waste time. I just want to have a good time and enjoy the pleasures of life without bad vibes or commitments of any kind. If in the end something nice comes up, then time will tell. If you have read this whole talk and you want to enjoy and get to know me, then great.
No me averg├╝enzo de ello
Torrent, Valencia

I┬┤m not ashamed of it

Hello, I am a trans boy, first of all, I have always fought for what I wanted to be and I am not ashamed of it, I am a normal boy, with clear ideas, I am 25 years old, I work as a nursing assistant and I box, I am just looking for meet a girl who respects me and loves me just the way I am
Soy cocinero peruano, no conozco mucho y, pues
Madrid, Madrid

I am a Peruvian chef, I don┬┤t know much and, well

I┬┤m just looking to find out and see what happens. I am a Peruvian cook, I don┬┤t know much and, well, I take this as an opportunity.
Ya que soy alguien que llego reci├ęn a espa├▒a
Lleida, Lleida

Since I am someone who recently arrived in Spain

Meet people and see how things happen, since I am someone who just arrived in Spain and would like to go out, I am Chilean coming alone to Spain, I would like to meet and go out to the movies, or have a drink to see how things happen , and who knows, maybe find someone compatible and go out to the movies, or have a drink to get to know each other and see if we have something in common, I┬┤m a boy, shy, who finds it difficult to socialize, this is the first time I┬┤ve used these apps, don┬┤t mind I have a lot of faith, but nothing is lost when trying, talk to me or call me if you want to meet me
Si lo tienes claro y ya no es lo que era, soy tu chico.
Granollers, Barcelona

If you┬┤re clear about it and it┬┤s not what it used to be, I┬┤m your guy.

If you are clear about what you want, you have a partner and you are looking for the passion that was lost along the way... Then I am your guy. I can┬┤t promise you love, but passion and affection...I have to share. I only ask for discretion and the desire to enjoy our moments, without bad vibes, enjoying ourselves and with the peace of mind of giving ourselves permission to be yourself for a while. Something real, getting to know each other over something or whatever we think of, the rest will flow on its own and if it doesn┬┤t have to flow then as good friends, and we take away that it is always better to have coffee in company than alone.
Soy un chico que busca chicas y buen rollo la verdad no quiero mal entendidos

I┬┤m a guy who looks for girls and good vibes. The truth is, I don┬┤t want misunderstandings.

I am a boy who looks for girls and good vibes. I like sports and music. One day I would like to meet someone to really meet without any type of compilations. I usually go to the mountains and excursions a lot. The only thing is to meet and go and enjoy the mountain without problems. True, someone is with me. I like the party too and I don┬┤t really like the lack of respect, you just have to know me, what do you think? Shall we talk and stay? You just have to write to me and let┬┤s get to the action. I really like winter and summer. I┬┤m very open about everything. The truth is, you just have to meet me in person. I┬┤m awesome. I work and enjoy the free time I have left with family and friends. I am from Lleida, a town next door, if anyone is from there, please write to me.
Solo busco conocer mujeres para tener sexo o lo q surja interesada
Benissa, Alicante

I┬┤m just looking to meet women to have sex or whatever I┬┤m interested in.

I┬┤m just looking to meet women to have sex or whatever comes up interested, get in touch I will be very active

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