Peru, Indiana

I have been on other pages and the only thing that worries them is whether I have a job or not, so I make it clear. I am a physiotherapist, I have my job and I just want to meet people and find out if love arises and is born. I would like to have someone to spend my days and years with... I would like to find someone who complements me daily and I am looking for a normal relationship.

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Soy tú masajista de confianza jeje
Vitoria, Álava

I´m your trusted masseuse hehe

I am a masseuse and I am looking for friends and whatever arises. I am 26 years old, I am a massage therapist and I am studying to be a physiotherapist. I am a happy girl but I take things very seriously. I don´t play with anyone but if they play with me, be prepared that we will both play.
Felicidad amor
Badalona, Barcelona

Happiness love

Happiness, love and affection, I don´t want pearls from the sea or crystal palaces. Only your love fills my heart.
Busco amistad, yo cultivo amor
Zamora, Zamora

I am looking for friendship

I cultivate love, it is what I do because love is one of the most important things, if not the most important, love moves and can do everything, it is what I instill in my children every day, love and being good people and I am getting it at all, I am seeing it, it is the best of all. I am looking for friendship.
Relación estable, estoy buscando una relación estable con un chico que tenga buena energía y buenas vibraciones que me dé buena espina y quiera tener un amor verdadero y fidelidad a tope
Toro, Zamora

Stable relationship

I am looking for a stable relationship with a boy who has good energy and good vibrations who gives me a good feeling and wants to have true love and complete fidelity
Soy de las cree en el amor
Almería, Almería

I am one of those who believes in love

I believe in love and that there is always someone waiting to give us everything in love that we need and that sometimes we lack so much.
Espero que no se me malinterprete
Albacete, Albacete

I hope I am not misunderstood

I hope that my words do not lead to misunderstandings because sometimes my way of speaking may not be liked or annoying but I am always respectful. I am looking for love but not that romantic and pastel love, I am looking for a normal love with a lot of love, a lot of affection and desire but with our own space to breathe. I am affectionate but without going overboard since I don´t like going over the line which then gets tiring.
Que bueno sería encontrar al amor de mi vida
Segovia, Segovia

How good it would be to find the love of my life

I truly believe that the love of our life is not the first love, in fact that love is only important because it is the first. Sometimes you find it the first time and if it is the love of your life and the only one you grow old with, but that doesn´t happen today. I am yet to find the love of my life and I suppose he will be here, which I think is where I have left to look hehe
Amor mucho amor y también sexo
Mojácar, Almería

Love, lots of love and also sex.

Do you think you can give me what I need? I´m looking for love and sex, both things I really want and need. I would like to fall in love and have a lot of passion at the same time. I am a tremendously active girl but I want to fall in love and for me it is 50% love and 50% sex, the two things go hand in hand and are important. For you too?
Busco sexo con amor
Alfauir, Valencia

I am looking for sex with love

I´m only interested in sex if it´s with love, if not, I don´t want it. I am an absolute lover of love, I do everything for and for love, I am so corny, I know, nothing happens because I know that there are guys like me who are looking for love and don´t want anything else. Is there someone for me? I´m sure I´m convinced of it.
El sexo sin amor no me interesa
Folla, Lombardia

Sex without love does not interest me

I don´t consider having sex without love, I want love and then sex. They always say that making love and fucking are the same and I say no, one thing is not the same as the other. I prefer to make love rather than fuck, and you?

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