Chico, California

I am a serious girl and I am looking for a stable relationship. Right now I have an infinite desire to find love. I have been single for a year and although I have taken my time to heal, right now I am strong again to meet that person who I hope will be the love of my life.

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Nada de tonter铆as aqu铆 seriedad
Arroyo de la Encomienda, Valladolid

No nonsense here, seriousness.

I would like to find a serious guy because they hesitate on me, well they try to hesitate on me to be honest because they are not good at it and some people think they are laughing at me hehe and I have a lot of humor but for both of us to laugh so nothing relationships of any kind but with serious guys
Chicos serios porfi
Segovia, Segovia

Serious guys please

Hello, I麓m looking for serious guys to meet because I want to meet the love of my life. I麓m not in a hurry so I can meet many people that I have no problem hehe but I only want to be with one. I look for fidelity above all, sincerity and well, you already know everything that has to exist in a couple.
amistad y lo que surja, para rolletes miles
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am no longer a girl, I am 41 years old and I am looking for a stable partner, I have lived adventures of all kinds, I have traveled, and it is time to settle down and for that I need the right man... for thousands of rolls, but for something more serious, it costs a little more, we are more demanding and we don麓t settle for anything... do you want us to try it?
amistad y lo que surja, si te animas, tengo 45 a帽os y busco algo mas estable
Chico, California

friendship and whatever comes next

I am no longer a girl who only looks for sex... I am 45 years old and I am looking for something more stable, more serious. I don麓t intend to get married or anything like that, but I do intend to have a serious relationship. We can talk, if you are in my area, we can have a drink and the conversation is pleasant... if you dare, you know where you have me.
Soy ser铆a y busco chicos serios
Altea, Alicante

I am serious and looking for serious guys

When I麓m looking for love I take it very seriously. I麓m also a serious girl and I like to do things properly and that麓s why I like guys who are serious in that regard. Sometimes I think that I am uninteresting compared to some of my friends but I am special with my good and bad things and that is what counts for me.
Soy jovencita no quiero nada serio
Chico, California

I麓m young, I don麓t want anything serious.

I麓m 21 years old, I麓m very young, I know, and I like more mature men, but I don麓t have to be retired. Understand that I麓m mature. For me, it麓s a man who麓s 35/40 years old, no more than that age, but in reality, from 25 onwards, they麓re worth it to me. He is between 22 and 24, so I accept it, and everything would be clear... It麓s just because I like them with a certain mental maturity, even if it麓s for something sporadic.
No tengo necesidad de mentir
Chico, California

I have no need to lie

I am who I am and I don麓t lie when I麓m meeting anyone. Besides, I麓m not a one-night stand girl, I麓m about something more serious, more lasting, more real... I like men who take things seriously and don麓t have to lie to be liked... I麓m 27 years old and I麓m not at an age for nonsense. hahaha
No me seduzcas
Cantabria, Cantabria

Don麓t seduce me

Hey, I麓m not looking for you to seduce me if it麓s not for something serious. I am a girl who will immediately believe you because I am that trusting sometimes and that is why if you are not serious, do not seduce me with words. I look for seriousness in everything... If you are looking for something sporadic, be serious and tell me clearly, but if it is for something more stable, too. I adapt to everything but with seriousness, which is what I want in my life. I麓m not looking for anything more than that, serious and sincere guys for everything
Reconozco que me siento rara
Vitoria, 脕lava

I admit that I feel strange

I feel strange registering on a contacts page since I was one of those who said that I could never ever be on a page like that because I麓m not looking for the same thing that others are looking for, perhaps. I suppose that around here the majority of guys go looking for sex, what happens is that I麓m not looking for that, I麓m looking for something more stable, more serious, and since I麓m a girl who doesn麓t like to party a lot, well, at least meet people, I guess Around here the majority of guys go looking for sex, what happens is that I麓m not looking for that, I麓m looking for something more stable, more serious and since I麓m a girl I don麓t like to party a lot and when I go out I don麓t know about flirting. it works very well. I麓m as simple as you can imagine, but that doesn麓t mean I麓m not interesting and I can麓t make you have a wonderful time with me.
Busco chicos activos sexualmente
Barakaldo, Vizcaya

I麓m looking for sexually active guys

My last partner left me in a bad way and now I don麓t want to know anything about men on an emotional level. I only want men who are very sexually active who like to enjoy themselves and who like to try new things together. I like them either my age or older, but if there is a guy a little younger than me that I like physically and who is also nice, I wouldn麓t mind meeting him to have something sporadic. Please, serious guys, don麓t leave me stranded when I meet up, thank you.

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