Gratis, Ohio

I┬┤m Angela and although I┬┤m not super angelic, I have my devil side, but I┬┤m looking for something serious, I like being a devil as a couple, you know, right? Hehehe I like to always keep my man happy. I am 33 years old, I live alone, I have no children and I am a very sociable girl.

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busco Un hombre de 49-52  A├▒os Ke sea af├şn A mi en Gustos Aficiones  Ke sea de IR├ÜN O de alrededores
Irun, Guip├║zcoa

I am looking for a man of 49-52 years who is similar to me in tastes hobbies who is from IRUN or the surrounding area

My name is M├│nica. I am from IRUN. I am 49 years old. Divorced. I have a son of legal age. We live with my parents. I am FAITHFUL. Sociable, fun, loyal, educated. Romantic. Real Madrid I am FIEL unconditional of Hombres G (;Spanish-Latin pop rock,Remember Dance Latin music Ballads Boy bands Camela Calaitos...Pecos IVan...Bert├şn Osborne...I like to party Dancing eating dinner from time to time away from home I like fast food (;Telepizza kebabs MacDonalds Italian food Mexican food KFC ...I like movies I┬┤m into movies Romantic comedies ...I like walking and walking on the beach theme parks (;Port Aventura Warner Bros. ..);traveling on vacation in Spain...the holidays (;I am very San Marcialera at:100/100,Fallas Carnivals I like to dress up and Halloween I also like to dress up etc...I also like Moto GP Formula 1 I am from Alonso Y de M├írquez Tennis Ball
Me siento feliz, estoy buscando una relaci├│n estable y haber si con la buena racha que llevo me sale de verdad un novio duradero y que sea muy buena persona y me quiera me respete y me sea fiel siempre
Almer├şa, Almer├şa

I feel happy

I┬┤m Marta and I feel super happy lately everything has been going very well for me. I am looking for a stable relationship and to see if with the good streak that I am on I really get a long-lasting boyfriend who is a very good person and loves me, respects me and is always faithful to me
Sabes contar? Cuenta conmigo
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Do you know how to count? Count on me

I would like to make friends, I am that kind of faithful friend that you can always count on. I have the soul to help everyone, although I get the worst of it later, but that┬┤s okay... I┬┤m looking forward to finding someone to have a stable and serious relationship with. I always take life very very seriously
El ejercicio como parte de mi vida
Sevilla, Sevilla

Exercise as part of my life

Sport, exercising is part of my daily life, I feel better and I love it. Besides, I also work a lot and I am working on new work projects that make me very happy. I am interested in finding true love, unique and always faithful.
Despu├ęs de superarlo a disfrutar
Avil├ęs, Asturias

After overcoming it, enjoy

I am clear that I want to enjoy life after leaving my last partner. First you suffer and cry and then you laugh and overcome. Now to enjoy what arises, always being true to yourself and happy so that no one can say that you only know how to cry and you don┬┤t enjoy life, as people are very given to giving their opinions when you don┬┤t ask them to do so, although you have to be happy. mainly by oneself
No quiero enga├▒os
Zamora, Zamora

I don┬┤t want deception

I don┬┤t want to be fooled, I am always sincere and above all, and very faithful. I am looking for a stable relationship. I want to fall in love but it is difficult when there is mistrust. I always trust but if they give me reasons to distrust it is when I cannot continue and explanations are not worth it. I hope you are very very faithful as I will be too
Vivo el presente, el futuro ya llegará
Zamora, Zamora

I live in the present, the future will come

Thinking about the future has always overwhelmed me, for me it is important to live in the present and that the future arrives and I hope it surprises me day by day. Demomento has been half-hearted and not on my part because I always give everything for love and if I am with someone I become much more sincere if possible and I am always super faithful. If you┬┤re like me, I┬┤m sure we were going to really hit it off.
Educada y fiel
Sevilla, Sevilla

Educated and faithful

I am very polite and always faithful both to friends and when I am in a relationship. I like things well done
Me dir├ęis que soy rara?
Ciudad Real,

Will you tell me I┬┤m weird?

Will you tell me that I am strange for always wanting to be super faithful and searching for true love in this century and in the current years? Maybe I am or maybe I┬┤m not, for me I┬┤m not and it┬┤s the most normal thing in the world but since there are more and more of those open relationships but it┬┤s not what I┬┤m looking for or what they want, let┬┤s even try it.
Cambiar├şas de ciudad por amor?
Ágreda, Soria

Would you change cities for love?

I am a true romantic and if the answer is yes, I would change cities for love. It is not the first time that I have moved to another city because I thought I had met the love of my life. I am twenty-eight years old and I have always believed in love, I have never liked clubbing nor have I liked meeting a boy simply to hook up with him, I have always been more of a relationship person. Life made me mature before my time and I can only thank it because thanks to that I have been very happy always doing what my heart felt. Right now I am looking for a stable relationship and as I have told you, I don┬┤t care a little about the area of Spain. I have always teleworked so I don┬┤t mind being here or there because I could work just the same and I don┬┤t have children.

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