Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am looking for a relationship with a fun, cheerful open-minded girl who likes to go out

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Manuel Alejandro
Chico que busca relaci贸n seria y formal
Ourense, Ourense

Boy looking for a serious and formal relationship

Hello, I麓m Alex, I麓m looking for a serious relationship, I would love to find my better half here. I like girls, happy, smiling, fun, who likes to go out, travel, dance, sincere, no bad vibes, I麓m romantic, I like to dance, go to the beach, I麓m looking for a serious and also fun relationship, and if it arises I would love to start over with someone, I am not closed to anything, whatever arises, if we meet, I will tell you more. I am happy and fun, there will be no shortage of laughter, kisses.
busco relaci贸n seria o una sana amistad
Cuervo de Sevilla (El), Sevilla

I am looking for a serious relationship or a healthy friendship

See women, I ask you please that whoever is interested in me and wants to meet me saves wanting to know about me by chatting, I do not pay credits to talk to any lady, whoever is interested in me, if it麓s okay, we麓ll meet up, otherwise Well, let me look for another one, I am disciplined in everything, I am a man in character but very romantic, I like to help in the home if you let me, I weigh 87 kilos very well distributed and just so you know, I have very very little beauty in my body, I am an evangelical Christian and as such I am not greedy or selfish, I have no earthly treasures to give you, I do have my heart overflowing with Love to give, I have not had relationships of any kind for seven years because of something that I will obviously have to tell you when I find out. situation, I don麓t drink alcohol or smoke, I麓m not a party animal nor do I like to stay up late, although if you have to go one night it麓s gone, and please don麓t talk to me on the chat to have sexual relations with words written as they have written to me, oh, absurdity, yes
busco relaci贸n seria pero primero conocernos  y paso,a paso veremos como si conectamos
Albacete, Albacete

I am looking for a serious relationship but first get to know each other and step by step we will see how we connect

I am very responsible and detail-oriented and very homely with a blanket, sofa, popcorn and a good movie, I like to collaborate with the housework and faithfully respectful of the person I have by my side, and most importantly I do not like falsehood, no It leads nowhere because I know there is a lot of falsehood on the Internet. Well, I also like to go out to dinner and to the movies and whatever comes next, I麓m also up for it... whether it麓s a drink or a walk from time to time I like to take the child out. that I have inside me, because I am very funny, my goal is that the woman I have by my side does not lack anything, that she is happy and very comfortable and that she gives her all my support in difficult times, gives her a wonderful life in every sense because she loves it. she deserves that麓s me giving my all it麓s the most correct thing for her I like cycling that麓s why it麓s practical, I also cook and from time to time I like to bring out the child that I carry inside me because I麓m very fun and when I麓m in it I plan I don麓t stop and even more so in these times with what we have on top of us
escribeme si quierees.
Bilbao, Vizcaya

write to me if you want.

I am looking for a sporadic relationship without ruling out a stable relationship if it arises. I am a person who likes sincere people, clear things, for my part I can say that I am very sincere. Sometimes I have perhaps sinned from sincerity but it is because I don麓t like it. live a lie I don麓t like to judge before meeting the person and I like to get to know them for myself without being influenced by others and their way of thinking. Music is very important in my life I played drums and sing two different music projects. I don麓t have a specific prototype of a woman but I do like her to be an independent woman with character, I don麓t care what her style is or her way of being, I try to adapt to what the other person can offer me. I would love to meet someone interesting to share useful time with.
Le guste calentarme
Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona

He likes to warm me

I DON麓T WANT CALLS I麓m not looking for a serious relationship, I麓m looking for a girl who is hot 24/7 and wants to meet up for a day to fuck and then we麓ll see if it happens again on other days. By the way, I麓m 18, so I麓m young, I麓m not looking for anything serious, I emphasize. It seems to me that I am too young for that and that I have to live experiences before making the firm decision to start a serious relationship with a person, so I am only looking for girls, women who want and/or are looking for the same thing as me without complicating life of falling in love, simply bringing our bodies together in an afternoon of passion and joy that makes both of us feel good about each other and have the best sex possible, there always has to be communication since it is much more comfortable for sex to know that The other person thinks, I麓m done with this.
Busco relaci贸n seria enamorarme
Valladolid, Valladolid

I am looking for a serious relationship to fall in love

I麓m looking for a serious relationship to fall in love and make new friends I麓m unemployed I took courses while I get a job here in Valladolid capital I don麓t have a car to get around. kisses sports music cinema video games beach running padel basketball or healthy living I like it I want to meet a girl who wants to fall in love with beauty feel the love, enjoy as a couple, be happy. Here in Valladolid, the capital, I麓m looking for new friends. Let麓s see what happens on this page and if I find true love, that person who loves me and loves me again, to feel loved again, I want a date and see what happens to me. They like girls, affectionate, simple, diversity and with a lot of love. Enjoy that person and feel comfortable with them, always see what happens and if I get it here in valladolid.capital, kisses to all
Busco relaci贸n seria enamorarme busco amistades nuevas
Valladolid, Valladolid

I am looking for a serious relationship to fall in love I am looking for new friends

I am looking for a serious relationship to fall in love I am looking for new friends I am unemployed looking for work I took courses while I find work I try to make time each day I like sports music cinema video games beach running paddle tennis etc. I consider myself a good person that麓s who I am I hope to really fall in love I want to find that girl who wants to really fall in love and be comfortable with me be happy enjoy real love who is respectful affectionate fun honest faithful romantic and dreamer who wants to really fall in love I hope to be lucky here and if I can find that real girl in Valladolid capital I don麓t have a car to get around I麓m also looking for new friends, it麓s always good to meet new people and renew ourselves, let麓s see how things go on this page, kisses
Encuentros ocasionales.
Alicante, Alicante

Occasional encounters.

Hello, I have been separated for 48 years and I would like to find women to go out for a drink and get to know each other and talk, and if something else comes up, the better. I麓m not looking for serious relationships in principle, I麓m looking to get to know and enjoy the moment without bad feelings. I live in Alicante but I can get around without problems. I am very morbid and active and they told me that on this page I could find contacts so I could meet up and get into mischief. I consider myself a nice, happy extrovert, I麓m coming out of a complicated relationship and I haven麓t had contact with any woman for more than a year. I don麓t close myself to anything but in principle I麓m just looking to meet up, have something to laugh and have a good time without commitment and good vibes. If you feel like it, we can meet up and talk, get really horny, and then let our fantasies go. So whenever you feel like it, we麓ll get to it. Friendly, cheerful, fun with character, very passionate and romantic, I麓m also looking for women to make friends with and also to have discreet sexual encounters. No problems getting around but mainly
Quedar c贸digo no busco relaci贸n seria solo quedar de vez en cuando
La Gineta, Albacete

Stay code I麓m not looking for a serious relationship, just meet up from time to time

Well, I麓m looking for a simple, kind, beautiful, affectionate person who likes nature, sports and who wants to chat and meet. I麓m not looking for a serious relationship, just to meet from time to time. Well, the truth is that the first thing I want is a good friendship with all the girls. who want to get to know me and then as it happens we will see what we can do I would love to receive your questions because to get to know someone the best way is to ask I am a nature lover I consider myself a very natural person my favorite sport is cycling And whenever I can do the practical thing, I like to have a beer after sports and discuss the route with my colleagues. I think the best way to get to know each other is to stay in touch and ask any questions we have. A kiss for all the pretty girls in Lirut Mi. age 59
Busco relaci贸n seria, q sea simp谩tica, cari帽osa
M谩laga, M谩laga

I am looking for a serious relationship that is friendly, affectionate

The one in my profile photos is me so there麓s no need to worry, it麓s me hahaha. I am looking for a serious relationship that is friendly, affectionate and fun. If you like me, talk to me. I really like sports and I am very athletic. I love walking and, above all, watching a sunset on the beach. I really like playing soccer and even watching the games, I like to listen to music and draw, if you like Easter you add many points since I am in a band that comes out during Easter, I like horror movies I would still like to see them with good company, I am one of those few There are guys in the world who are worth it and if you think that麓s not the case, get to know me, with me there is guaranteed fun and you won麓t regret having met me, I麓m not looking for sex, I麓m just looking to have a serious relationship and be able to have and make a life with that person. Tell me.

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