Chico, California

I´m only looking for guys for whatever comes up, I don´t close myself to anything but refrain from girls, although I feel very flattered, I´m neither lesbian nor bisexual. I really like boys and when I see a handsome boy I can´t help but look at him a lot...

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Me considero una buena amiga y se escuchar alas persona
Madrid, Madrid

I consider myself a good friend and I know how to listen to people.

I consider myself a good friend and I know how to listen to people. I don´t like impocrisy and I don´t like old people, so I ask that very big people not get involved and even less that they greet me and that you will eliminate them immediately. I have a strong character and I say things. As there are still people who don´t like to hear the truth, I´m not looking for sex either since if you talk to me to have relationships, it´s better not to. My interests: Lady Gaga, Shallow Hal, Pizza Express, Sandwiches, Novels, Cologne, Crèpes, Supernatural, Criminology, Sun Holidays, Alternative rock, Xbox, Dance Central 2, The Pianist, Twilight, Comedy, Avatar, Black Swan, Laughing, Toy Story, Nights In, Barbecues, Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, Eyeliner, Adventure, Stilettos, Kinect Xbox, Collecting perfume, Laugh and smile, Hot Chocolate, Disney, Minidresses, CSI, Paris, Reading, Lip gloss, Cookies, Facebook, The Bee Gees, Diners, Grey´s Anatomy, The Simpsons, Mit Freunden feiern, Weekends, Lasagne, Fantasy, Tiramisu
Alguien con quien pasarlo muy bien s ser de arjona si es posible
Arjona, Jaén

Someone to have a great time with will be great if possible

Someone to have a great time with, it will be from Arjona if possible, I love dark-haired people who are all hot
Busco amistad, s y pocos defectos porque intento ser cada día mejor persona y hacer quesoy de esas mujeres maduras muy hermosa y muy elegante
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

I am looking for friendship

s and few flaws because I try to be a better person every day and make I am one of those very beautiful and very elegant mature women, I am a true woman, generous, beautiful, stylish, super affectionate, I have many qualities that make the people around me feel Very happy. I´m looking for friendship, friends.
Tomar una copa, venga que aquí me tienes para tomártelos
Rubí, Barcelona

Have a drink

You are looking for friends with rights, come on, here you have me to take them, I let myself, I am a girl with a tremendous desire to have friends like that and with a desire for fun that is not normal, I am the number one enjoyer and I have a great time good because I´m looking for it. I always love having a drink.
Me gustaría hablar
Ávila, Ávila

I would like to talk

I would like to talk to someone to strike up a good conversation and who knows. I like to have a drink on a small terrace and enjoy talking, getting to know each other more and well, successive appointments would say that it could happen because time is wise and I am the one who speaks.
Busco amistad, ahí todo con s
Zamora, Zamora

I am looking for friendship

If you need company, mine could be the best, I´m a very good girl, sincere, friendly and sensational, everything with s, but of course for that you have to know me because if I don´t like you, I won´t come and make you company, although if we talk and get to know each other, we will see.
Marta S
Un poco de diversión para ti y para mí
Albacete, Albacete

A little fun for you and me

I´m not looking for anything stable, I´m looking for a relationship based on fun and sporadic relationships. I am decent but I don´t want anything serious but I am a pretty girl in general in my life. I like to be respected above all, just as I respect everyone.
Única y abierta a todo
Ávila, Ávila

Unique and open to everything

I consider myself unique and special and I am open to whatever arises. I don´t like doing sports, I´m not going to lie to you but I get bored hahaha I take care of my diet, pichi picha, but I´m pure nerve and that saves me from gaining weight. I work a lot and I like to make plans
amistad y lo que surja, pero donde están los solteros metidos
Soria, Soria

friendship and whatever comes next

But where are the singles at? Now that I don´t have a partner, I can´t find anyone and when I had a partner, I had plenty of suitors, no one understands life. Yes
Soy muy erotica
Soria, Soria

I am very erotic

I´m really very erotic, I really like sex, but I don´t like sex that´s simple and beautiful. Enjoy as God intended, you know.

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