Ana Mar├şa
Chico, California

I┬┤m just looking for fun and liberal consensual sporadic sex that we can try everything. Letting ourselves go in bed is what interests me most at these moments in life since I am at a very, very horny point and I don┬┤t expect anything else.

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Teruel, Teruel


Hello everyone, I┬┤m from Teruel and I┬┤m a naughty girl. Now that I┬┤m unemployed, I get a little bored because I have a lot of free time and I feel like finding someone to have something sporadic, good sex, sex, just to have sex, things are like that. I am naughty and I will continue to be. I will teach you a lot face to face if you let me
Sexo y solo sexo
Jávea, Alicante

Sex and only sex

They have tried to make me fall in love in many cases and no one has succeeded and that is because I am not prepared and no boy hooks me in that sense. I am looking for nothing more than sex if you dare to meet a girl as like me I will wait for you if what you are looking for It┬┤s seriousness and love, I┬┤m sorry, I┬┤m not what you┬┤re looking for, I don┬┤t want you to suffer.
amistad y lo que surja, para vernos sin malos rollos
Zamora, Zamora

friendship and whatever comes next

It┬┤s been a month since I left him with my ex... so I┬┤m not looking for anything serious or first-time relationships... I don┬┤t like being alone and sex is something that I love and that I miss. I am looking for sporadic contacts, to see each other without bad vibes, without commitments and enjoy all those things that we like (not just sex).
Relaciones esporádicas pero muy satisfactorias
Teruel, Teruel

Sporadic but very satisfying relationships

Sporadic sex has nothing to do with a quickie. I like sporadic sex but I like that it leaves me satisfied and that I want to see that person again and have more sporadic sex because in the end it is what we are looking for but not a quick fuck that makes you want to run away
No quiero lo mismo de siempre
Salamanca, Salamanca

I don┬┤t want the same old thing

I don┬┤t feel like having the same thing as always, I┬┤m used to something sporadic and goodbye but I don┬┤t want that anymore, I┬┤m not closed to having something sporadic but with a little affection of friendship and I┬┤m also open to everything else. I am 34 years old, I have been divorced for many years and since then I have only had, as I said, very sporadic affairs.
Estoy casada, estoy casada de echo muy muy casada y estoy buscando algo esporádico lógicamente solo quiero sexo
Elda, Alicante

I am married

I┬┤m Mila from Milagros, although I don┬┤t love my name, it┬┤s what it is and I can┬┤t stand jokes hehehe. I am married, in fact very very married and I am looking for something sporadic, logically I only want sex. I don┬┤t want to have a normal friendship because I want sex a lot, a lot of sex, but with discretion, although it doesn┬┤t need to be said either.
Busco sexo más que otra cosa
Espa├▒ola, Nueva York

I┬┤m looking for sex more than anything else

Although I am open to everything that arises, I would rather have sex and have sporadic relationships, always with a lot of respect for both parties. I would never lose respect for anyone no matter how bad their profile was. I like things done well even if it is only a sporadic relationship
Sin confundirnos solo esporádico
San Petersburgo, San Petersburgo

Without confusing ourselves, just sporadic

Sometimes we tend to get confused because we are looking for something and then someone comes along and changes things for us and it turns out that we get caught up with the person and we want something more serious and sincerely that is not what I want I don┬┤t want to have anything serious with anyone I want to have something more sporadic and a beautiful friendship that does not lead us to love
Busco solo algo esporádico
Madrid, Cundinamarca

I┬┤m just looking for something sporadic

Hello, I┬┤m Marta, I┬┤m 25 years old and well, for now I┬┤m looking for something sporadic. I got out of a relationship six months ago and at the moment I don┬┤t feel ready to start another one so my best option right now is to make friends and have something sporadic come up and be able to have a good time since I actually love sex what happens. I have never had a relationship because I have always been in a relationship. I live alone, I have my job, my career, and well, I have quite a few hobbies that I would also like to share with a guy.
Estoy entre buscar el amor y arriesgarme o seguir soltera
Valencia, Carabobo

I┬┤m between looking for love and taking the risk or staying single.

My friends call me exaggerated for considering these "problems" but I┬┤m really between looking for a partner but also just looking for something sporadic... I really like sex, as I┬┤m going to say the opposite but it doesn┬┤t seem cold to me to just look for that but also risky. relationship since I don┬┤t want to suffer.

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