Cádiz, Kentucky

I´m Raquel, I´m perfectly imperfect, I like to have fun, I make mistakes, I fall and I get back up. I´m sorry but I´m not perfect and the truth is that I don´t pretend to be either. I live life the way I want and the way I like it. I don´t mess with anyone. I do my thing and respect everyone´s way of thinking.

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Perfectamente imperfecta
Torrevieja, Alicante

Perfectly Imperfect

I am neither nor do I pretend to be perfect, I am perfectly imperfect and I am here and now, open to everything with all my oddities and my imperfections. Do you dare to meet someone with my characteristics? You will not regret
Busco una unión real
Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

I´m looking for a real union

The union between two people does not have to be a loving relationship, it can also be a friendship or more special relationship, as long as it is a real strong and sincere union, it could perfectly be of any type. I´m not looking for anyone to be perfect, that doesn´t exist, but there is perfection within each person.
Ana Belén
Siempre feliz es lo mejor
Algemesí, Valencia

Always happy is the best

I feel very happy and that makes me always attract good things. Will I also attract positive and good things here? I´m single so love can perfectly arise and I´m delighted but well let´s start getting to know each other. Ask without fear, I don´t bite unless the occasion requires it he he he he
Puedo ser tu chica
Novés, Toledo

I can be your girl

I can perfectly be your girl since I am a girl who is open to everything that arises, I am not looking for any bad vibes or anything like that. I am a sociable girl, I really like meeting people and I care about knowing about them and making myself known as well. I´m looking for good moments, good vibes, friendship, meeting and getting to know each other well.
No suelo mirar el físico
Sevilla, Sevilla

I don´t usually look at the physical

Since I like to look inside I like to fall in love with the personality that in the end I am looking for a stable relationship and the physique does not make me fall in love, the physique can be liked but nothing more because then that is lost... I am 35 years old, I am a woman who already knows what I love it perfectly and I don´t complicate myself with anything other than seeking my happiness and my ideal person.
Bien ambiente y lo demás sale solo
Villamayor, Salamanca

Good atmosphere and the rest takes care of itself

I would like to create a good environment with a single guy for whatever comes up. I like doing crafts, it relaxes me and sometimes they tell me that I could perfectly dedicate myself to it because I am very good at it but at the moment I am not considering it. I am 30 years old and I still live with my parents, my friends tell me that it is too old to continue with my parents, but the day I become independent I want it to be as a couple.
Soy realista
Aldeamayor de San Martín, Valladolid

I´m realist

You always have to be realistic and it is not easy to find someone you completely fit in with, but you have to adapt to what you have and what you can achieve. Love is not perfect or wonderful at all times but we must enjoy the good, beautiful and the best that it can offer us. Being realistic, what I am looking for is an imperfect love that makes me very happy.
Me encanta cuidar mi pelo y mi piel
Argentina, Santiago del Estero

I love taking care of my hair and skin

I love having my hair perfectly groomed, I love taking care of my skin and I love to always be perfect. I´m super super normal and I like to take care of myself, it´s like my luxuries since I don´t have other vices hehehe. I am open for now to everything but I will see what happens as time goes by and as we get to know each other.
Te gustan las chicas con caracter?
Madrid, Cundinamarca

Do you like girls with character?

I am a 35-year-old girl, I have a lot of character and some men don´t like that. I am looking for love again, I am sincere, kind, affectionate, sincere and educated, but I have a character at times that could perfectly be the character of the devil hehehehe. But I´m a good person, I don´t get that type of character easily.
Quiero algo nuevo para mí
Albacete, Albacete

I want something new for me

It´s just that looking for something new is so difficult because when you decide, the right person doesn´t appear and that frustrates, but I hope that they do appear and that we give each other a lot of joy and good times, without pressure and that whatever needs to arise arises. Enjoying good company is essential to have a perfect time.

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