Gratis, Ohio

Well, now that I decided to have a relationship, I already find myself receptive and that┬┤s why I take advantage of it because I don┬┤t go out to parties to flirt, I only go out to parties to enjoy myself since I don┬┤t like having anything in a pub or nightclub for fear of what happens to me. something.

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amistad y lo que surja, de resto busco amistad con vistas a una relaci├│n seria si nos gustamos
Valladolid, Valladolid

friendship and whatever comes next

I am an Asturian who has lived in Valladolid for more than 5 years. I work as an administrator at an animal shelter... they are my passion and I take advantage of this announcement to say that I give kittens to people who love animals and know how to care for them properly. Otherwise I am looking for friendship with a view to a serious relationship if we like each other.
Sin perder nada de tiempo
Almansa, Albacete

Without wasting any time

I don┬┤t waste time, the truth is that I am one of those who plans my days well so that they work for me and that┬┤s how it works for me because I like to take advantage of every last second I have of the day. I take advantage of everything I can and now around here I want to meet someone and take advantage of my time in a different way and who knows what we will reach in the future or what I am not clear about. Open to everything but without wasting time.
En la definici├│n de culo inquieto
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

In the definition of restless ass

Really, I don┬┤t stop only when I go to sleep. I like to make a lot of plans and if I don┬┤t have any, I take the opportunity to reconnoiter the house, clean it again or whatever. You will rarely see me lying on the couch one afternoon just watching TV because I even watch movies doing things at home. Sometimes I think that it would be good for me to find someone to slow me down but then I think that I might get bored...
Soy charcutera
Soria, Soria

I am a charcuterie

I am a cahrcutera, it is something that comes from generations in my family and we have delicatessens and I dedicate myself to it. I love working with my parents as I do it, it makes me very happy. I make the most of my time because I don┬┤t feel like wasting or wanting for anything. I┬┤m looking for whatever comes up, I┬┤m open to anything but it┬┤s spectacular.
Seguro que te pedir├ę una cita
Tarragona, Tarragona

I┬┤ll definitely ask you out on a date.

I am used to always being asked for appointments but in this case I would like to take the initiative. I want to meet a boy for whatever arises without commitment or with him I don┬┤t care, I am very very receptive right now and I want to take advantage of it and enjoy.
Soy una mujer de negocios
A Coru├▒a, La Rioja

I am a businesswoman

I make the most of the time I have free for leisure, so don┬┤t waste my time. I would love to find love. I am a very hard-working, attentive and disciplined business woman. I would really like to have a man that I can admire and that he admires me. I am all about love and details, but only when I truly fall in love.
Lo más importante disfrutar
Madrid, Cundinamarca

The most important thing is to enjoy

For me, it is the most important thing to have a good time and enjoy life. I consider myself a girl who takes advantage of every moment and gives absolutely everything when she wants to have a good time. I don┬┤t feel like giving explanations to anyone, so just enjoy having a good time and that┬┤s it, right? What more than that could you ask for? I am sincere and authentic and you will have no problems with me, why don┬┤t you dare?
Vivo segundo a segundo
Miranda de Ebro, Castell├│n

I live second by second

I realized a long time ago that life takes advantage of every last second of the day since you don┬┤t know what can happen from one moment to the next. Sometimes life goes wrong and everything ends, everything happens and we regret not having acted or done it sooner. I like to take advantage of any chat or moment with my people. They call me intense because of the way I speak, well maybe I am...
Me aficione a viajar en autocaravana
Chico, California

I got into traveling in a motorhome

A couple of years ago a friend got me interested in traveling in a motorhome and now my dream is to be able to buy one in the hopefully not too distant future. I really rent one from time to time and I take advantage and travel but of course in the long run it is better for me to have my own hehehe well I am looking for love and if you have a motorhome I will fall in love with it hahahahahaha
Tengo ganas de todo
Platja de Gandia, Valencia

I want everything

I separated 2 years ago and I didn┬┤t want to start meeting anyone but as young as I am I need to connect with guys and enjoy life. The truth is I┬┤m not going to go with just anyone since someone has experience in life but I want to have fun without getting overwhelmed and if something interesting comes up I┬┤ll take advantage of it.

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