Indianápolis, Indiana

I can┬┤t promise you the world, but I can promise you that I will buy you tacos every Tuesday.

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Y porque no tenemos.... un encuentro?
Barcelona, Barcelona

And why don┬┤t we have... a meeting?

Hello everyone, my name is Adrián, I am 48 years old, I am divorced and I am the father of the best child in the world. I am sociable, honest and calm, and since defects cannot be presumed, I will not say them, you will discover them if you want, because I have them like everyone else. So greetings to all and I hope to meet you.
Me gustar├şa conocerte bien
Tafalla, Navarra

I would like to know you well

In front of you, I imagine your feet. The fingers of your ankles, that calf that I gently touch with the tips of my fingers. Going up your thighs, moving between your legs, whispering very exciting words. My hands going up and down from your hips to your armpits making you feel like you are in tune. only pleasure, relaxation, tuning into pleasure, neither you nor I, us in a world of tender, pleasurable sensations, chilling sensations and morbidity, each of us in our world feeling like two liberal bodies where fantasy, sympathy, satisfaction make us forget how tremendous life is and how difficult it is to get rid of taboos and bad vibes from our heads, this is for anyone who wants to free themselves for a while, yes and
Soy un chico que busca chicas, en sitios no publicos
Donostia-San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa

I┬┤m a boy looking for girls

I am a boy who is looking for friendly girls, love sincerity, I am looking for that woman who has no taboos in bed, who is fun, who likes nature, who likes to walk in the river and mountains, to get naked, in non-public places, who likes to watch the stars, fishing, who likes animals, horror movies, cinema that no one has a problem in being noticed, that he likes house music, minimal techno, progressive, dark techno that is the best in the world, that knows how to cook good ribs like me with his little bottle of cider his salad those nights at the outdoors in the mountains totally naked, if you want to look for me
Bueno pues yo busco chicas para encuentros sin compromisos
Alcal├í de Guada├şra, Sevilla

Well, I am looking for girls for meetings without commitments

Well, hehe, Merche, every Friday something happens to you that they do on Fridays. mmm, come on, you continue without love, I┬┤ll give you some fruit, I┬┤m going to do it too, I┬┤ll do it too, today I have to throw in some kikis, you love me when you can┬┤t find someone. Nobody from Friday, sir, I already want sex today with a good vibe. Call me and let┬┤s have sex in a car or in the middle of the countryside, which I like the most. Call me. This is my profile for Tibusco girls for meetings without commitments. And that he likes sex like I do, let┬┤s see there is someone who wants to meet with me right away, how difficult all the illnesses are or stay as you want, none of them and waiting for a 4 or 5 years old talking tomorrow I have next week I think never It┬┤s left, I┬┤m already fed up with pigeons, look, you know. I┬┤m in love I┬┤m in love I┬┤m in love with the most beautiful woman in the world I┬┤m in summer in love and I want her I want her I want her I want her I want her I want her in heaven oh girls prettier girls I need urgent sex no bad vibes
Con ganas de comerme el mundo, amable
Castro del R├şo, C├│rdoba

wanting to eat the world

Having fun, meeting people, having sporadic relationships, and in truth I am a very adventurous person, divorced and wanting to take on the world, apart from that I consider myself someone very sensitive, but I always try to achieve my dreams. In short, I know that I am not the best person in the world, but I try to fight every day and meet my goals, challenges and overcome obstacles, and of course along the way help whoever I can. In complicated situations I always try to stay calm. I give importance to other people┬┤s feelings, brave in extreme situations, observant, kind, funny, subtle, soft and bearable. Very sociable and prudent. I have a good memory and I never forget an offense and lastly I don┬┤t usually face people.
Con compa├▒├şa permanente o con relaciones virtuales
Lugo, Lugo

With permanent company or with virtual relationships

Enrich our world of relationships: whether with short adventures, with permanent company or with virtual relationships, beyond relational labels, because our social hunger is also nourished by experiences that do not reach the category of relationship: a conversation, a little attention, a satisfied libido, the opportunity to forget about oneself for a while thanks to the interest that another awakens in us. Discover that beyond our social world, there is a world of possible relationships.
Si lo tienes claro y ya no es lo que era, soy tu chico.
Granollers, Barcelona

If you┬┤re clear about it and it┬┤s not what it used to be, I┬┤m your guy.

If you are clear about what you want, you have a partner and you are looking for the passion that was lost along the way... Then I am your guy. I can┬┤t promise you love, but passion and affection...I have to share. I only ask for discretion and the desire to enjoy our moments, without bad vibes, enjoying ourselves and with the peace of mind of giving ourselves permission to be yourself for a while. Something real, getting to know each other over something or whatever we think of, the rest will flow on its own and if it doesn┬┤t have to flow then as good friends, and we take away that it is always better to have coffee in company than alone.
Si quieres buen sexo solo p├şdelo por eso estamos aqu├ş
Irun, Guip├║zcoa

If you want good sex just ask for it that┬┤s why we are here

I am a Cuban boy who is a fan of new experiences. I like women who have the same addiction to sex as me who like to enjoy it to the fullest without fear and without measure. If you only want sex, don┬┤t measure yourself when asking for it. There will always be a crazy like me who has neither place nor time nor moment to do it so if you decide, write to me or call me and without much detour we give ourselves the satisfaction of devouring each other as if the world were ending the next day if you think you can hold on here I am
Conocer gente y ver qu├ę pasa, nadie tiene toda la raz├│n y aunque estemos vac├şos espero poder encender un poco una chispita de ilusi├│n
Trajano, Sevilla

Meet people and see what happens

I can┬┤t promise to be the man of your life, I can┬┤t promise to make you happy, but I can promise to be someone who will make you special, I don┬┤t promise to be equal to you but I will try to put together every piece that I don┬┤t understand, I don┬┤t promise stability and travel but if I can make you smile, no one is perfect, no one is completely right and even though we are empty I hope I can light a little spark of hope, I don┬┤t promise to be the love of your life but I do promise that during the time I am hugging you, you will feel that you are only
La expresi├│n de bailar bachata
Toledo, Toledo

The expression of dancing bachata

Only s"I am an enthusiast of capturing the beauty of the world through my lens, finding poetry in landscapes and in the most fleeting moments. A lover of travel, each destination is a new story to live and photograph, from the most imposing even the most vibrant cities. Theater fascinates me, both for its ability to tell stories and for the art involved in its staging. In addition, I am passionate about the rhythm and expression of dancing bachata, a dance that allows me to connect with. music and with others in a deep and exciting way. I consider myself a dreamer, a visual narrator, an eternal learner of human emotions and a dancer to the rhythm of life. I am looking for someone to share these passions, explore new horizons and. discover together the infinite stories that the world has to offer us."live once

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