Gratis, Ohio

I get overwhelmed very quickly in places where a lot of people gather and I feel like I┬┤m not going to be able to get out of there easily. I feel overwhelmed and anxious about concerts, unless it┬┤s in the stands, I don┬┤t even think about it and that┬┤s why I don┬┤t go to clubs. I┬┤m not boring, I just make other plans in which you could have an equally good time or better.

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Sevilla, Sevilla

I can┬┤t stand jealousy

I am not a jealous person and I can┬┤t stand people who are, much less do I want an unhealthy and possessive relationship. I┬┤m a pretty decent girl to the point where my friends call me classic and too much of a pain, but I respect my partner when I have one because I can┬┤t stand jealousy or anything like that. I┬┤m looking for love but I┬┤m also open to whatever comes up, we don┬┤t have to know very well.
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Zaragoza, Zaragoza

I can┬┤t stand the screams

I have lived a very beautiful childhood but also with a lot of shouting from part of my family that, thank God, was not from my parents. I have a kind of trauma with the shouting and I can┬┤t stand it, because I get sick. but really, I get nauseous and nervous... I┬┤m looking for a stable relationship.
Tengo algunas manias
Gij├│n, Asturias

I have some quirks

I can┬┤t stand the toilet lid being raised, I always have it lowered. I can┬┤t stand noises when eating or people chewing with their mouths open. I also don┬┤t like kids who leave their clothes lying on the floor and it seems like you have to go after them to get them to do something. I am open to a stable relationship mainly but everything would be seen.
Tengo obsesiones
Espa├▒a la Vieja, Alicante

I have obsessions

One of my obsessions is to smell good, I can┬┤t stand bad smells and that┬┤s why I like to smell good. Another of my obsessions is that if a guest comes to my house I have to nourish and hydrate them well hehe I can┬┤t stand it when someone comes and not having anything to snack on so I┬┤m always prepared. And well I have more obsessions but they are normal hehehe
No soporto las mentiras, busco en la medida de lo posible alguien que busque una relaci├│n estable sincera y de verdad
Ate, Provincia de Lima

I can not stand the lies

I don┬┤t like being lied to like anyone else or so I think but I go further and I can┬┤t even stand the pious ones because it starts like that and ends up lying about absolutely everything. I am looking for, as far as possible, someone who is looking for a sincere and true stable relationship, everything very real, nothing unreal, nothing lies, you have already understood me, I think.
No puedo con ciertos comportamientos
Madrid, Cundinamarca

I can┬┤t handle certain behaviors

Sometimes they tell me that I┬┤m bossy or that I only like people to be the way I want them to be and that┬┤s not true. I don┬┤t like certain behaviors and that┬┤s why I prefer not to get together with certain people. For example, I┬┤m a faithful woman and I don┬┤t go with married people. I don┬┤t even ask for a divorce or anything, but I don┬┤t want that... Or shouting behaviors, I can┬┤t stand them. screams if you go screaming through life I can┬┤t go out with you...
Lo que no soporto es la infidelidad
Gratis, Ohio

What I can┬┤t stand is infidelity

After a super deception, as you will understand, I want to get back to my life and have something stable, but with my time and of course everything in due time calmly and cautiously. For the moment starting with a friendship would be almost the most convenient and what I don┬┤t feel like under There is no concept of knowing guys who have been unfaithful in their lives.
Busco chico soltero, mi necesidad de buscar un chico soltero es que yo busco alguien con quien poder tener una relaci├│n digna sin enga├▒os y sin estar escondidos
Valencia, Valencia

I┬┤m looking for a single guy

My need to look for a single guy is that I am looking for someone with whom I can have a decent relationship without deceit and without being hidden. I can┬┤t stand infidelity, I can┬┤t stand those kinds of people, I┬┤m sorry, but it┬┤s beyond my strength.
Seguro me cruzo alguien interesante
Regi├│n de Murcia, Murcia

I┬┤m sure I┬┤ll come across someone interesting.

I┬┤m 24 years old and I┬┤m looking for someone interesting. I┬┤m tired of guys my age who are all too immature. The ones I come across are immature and that ends up making me a little desperate... I can┬┤t stand it at all when they make me dizzy. And neither do they talk to me as if I were worthless. I am open to everything but let me count.
No soporto los gritos
Laguna Beach, California

I can┬┤t stand the screams

Ufff I hate shouting, I can┬┤t deal with them, when at work sometimes they argue and some of them start shouting, I go outside for a while because I really have a terrible time. I am looking for a friendship to start and then we will see what calls us to each other and enjoy, above all, enjoy.

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