Gratis, Ohio

I don┬┤t like to waste time, I like to surround myself with guys who want something, a friendship and whatever comes up. Sometimes I get upset and other times it is difficult for me. It depends on the trust that the boy gives me, I always give confidence to everyone with me, you won┬┤t have that problem.

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ana mar├şa
amistad y lo que surja, a nadie le gusta perderlo
Toledo, Toledo

friendship and whatever comes next

I know these chats are for more than sex... but I┬┤m not just looking for that. Without friendship and without knowing about people and seeing if you have chemistry, it doesn┬┤t work for me... Bad experiences already and I say this up front so as not to waste time... nobody likes to waste it. If you are interested in knowing more about me... contact me.
amistad y lo que surja, para darnos nuestros wasap y decirnos todo lo que nos apetezca en los momentos de soledad
Segovia, Segovia

friendship and whatever comes next

I don┬┤t like to beat around the bush, I┬┤m clear and I don┬┤t like to waste time or waste it. I am a hot woman, who is looking for the right man, to give us our wasap and tell us everything we want in moments of solitude. As there are so many people, I am ruling out who to give the number to or not- do you want to know if I will give it to you? contact
Jamás me gusta perder
Almer├şa, Almer├şa

I never like to lose

I don┬┤t even like losing monopoly. I always tend to win because I always fight for what I want because what I want is what is really important to me. I am open and what I want I get whatever it is so get ready because you are going to enjoy it but well and you are not going to regret it and you are going to ask for more and much much more
Sin perder el tiempo
Segovia, Segovia

Without wasting time

I don┬┤t like to waste time, I┬┤m looking for a kind and loving guy for whatever comes up. I am new. I work in hospitality and I like it a lot. I still live with my parents but only for comfort and because I don┬┤t like living alone. I bought a house but I rented it to my best friend and her boyfriend for a while because I don┬┤t like living alone.
No me gusta perder el tiempo por perderlo
Teruel, Teruel

I don┬┤t like to waste time for the sake of wasting it

Sometimes I lose time but it is time that fills me and gives me something more than passing time, but wasting it foolishly does not interest me. I┬┤m looking for friendships, sex, love, I┬┤m looking for everything together... Above all, I┬┤m looking for what makes me feel good, enjoy and have a good time without wasting time...
Soy mala perdedora
Vitoria, Álava

I┬┤m a bad loser

The best thing for both of us is not to play any board game haha because I don┬┤t like losing... I┬┤m sorry but I don┬┤t even like losing and I get really angry although I always have to say that the best thing about it is reconciliation hehehe. Well, it was just to tell something curious about myself, in reality I am open to whatever arises.
amistad y lo que surja, busco un poco de sexo
Sevilla, Sevilla

friendship and whatever comes next

how are you? I am sincere, direct, I don┬┤t like wasting my time, or being made to waste it. I┬┤m looking for a little sex, with someone I like and we have chemistry with and who is from my city. They write to me from all over the place, I don┬┤t have much time and I want someone close to me. I live in Seville, kisses...
Ni lo pierdes ni lo pierdo
Madrid, Cundinamarca

You neither lose it nor I lose it

Something that I don┬┤t like to waste is time, I like to manage my days, my hours and my free time in general. If you are not serious about meeting a woman like me then you better not waste my valuable time. I have the dream of skydiving but I can┬┤t find anyone who wants to do it with me.
amistad y lo que surja, que le voy a hacer si me gusta ver a los hombres desnudos
Sáenz Peña, Provincia de Buenos Aires

friendship and whatever comes next

What am I going to do if I like seeing men naked? .. the eyes are very greedy and if you have a big penis... the imagination turns on. As you can see, I am direct, I don┬┤t like to waste time... that is... I am selective with what I am going to put in my mouth. So if you want me to sink my teeth into you... whenever you want...
amistad y lo que surja, una masaje con final feliz
San Ildefonso, Segovia

friendship and whatever comes next

I am looking for sexual encounters without commitments, I am direct, I don┬┤t like to waste my time or have it wasted. Separated, I spend most of my time working, I travel a lot and when I arrive, I feel like relaxing, a massage with a happy ending, but I accept proposals if they are better than mine. Wet kisses.

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