Chico, California

Now that I am single, I am not going to waste the opportunity to have fun and have a good time. If I find new and exciting plans, I will take advantage of them and enjoy them to the fullest as long as they are pleasant and of quality, because I do not like to waste anything when I have the option.

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Busco amistad, la verdad es que yo lo hago todo por mi cuenta
Toledo, Toledo

I am looking for friendship

The truth is that I do everything on my own, I don´t usually pay attention to anyone, I don´t usually ask for advice either, I cook it and I eat it, all by myself, sometimes I´m completely wrong and other times I triumph for everything. high. I am looking for friendship, if there is something I like it is to always meet new and different people.
La ocasión es ahora
Alicante, Alicante

The occasion is now

The opportunity to meet me is now, keep in mind that if you reject me later there will be no second chance, whoever leaves is gone forever, I am a little radical but this way I have managed to ensure that no one laughs at me. Would you like to meet me? Great isn´t it? Also, but keep the decisions you make with me because I am not one to give second chances.
Soy un poco torpe
Alicante, Alicante

I´m a little clumsy

I´m a little clumsy, my goodness, I´m always hitting myself or I´m going to kiss the ground hahaha, as they say, I´m not clumsy, I only detect when the ground needs a hug hahaha, well, I even laugh at myself when it happens to me, it´s inevitable and look what I´m doing be careful hehe but I can trip 5 times in a week...
Ligar un poco y sentirme de nuevo en el
Alicante, Alicante

Flirt a little and feel back in the "market"

I had been in a relationship for 3 years and now I am single again with my self-esteem on the floor and I would like to feel like I like guys again since my ex-partner left my self-esteem on the floor. It´s true that I know I´m worth a lot but I also like the fact that other guys value me and see me and not just because of my physique.
En tiempo es oro
Valladolid, Valladolid

In time is gold

I don´t waste time in the slightest. I like to invest it in quality things and now I would like to invest part of my time in meeting a good guy and meeting up. Whatever arises is what I´m looking for but always taking advantage and without wasting my time.
Suelo conectar muy bien con los chicos
Vitoria, Álava

I usually connect very well with kids.

He has always told me that I connect better with boys than with girls and it is true that it has always happened to me and today I have more good friends than new friends although the ones I have are the best and always will be. Here I hope to connect just as well with them and from there, whatever comes up.
Eres más de playa? O de montaña?
Soria, Soria

Are you more of a beach person? Or mountain?

I am both, although I love lying under the umbrella while listening to the waves of the sea and the people around me, but I never miss a good plan because the mountains and listening to the sound of the animals also give me a lot of peace and tranquility. , it drives me crazy in the same way. I am open to what may initially arise, if it is serious, great, if not something sporadic or friendship, then also great.
Todos merecemos una oportunidad
Folla, Lombardia

We all deserve a chance

I do have opportunities, I do give the option to explain when they hurt me. I´m not going to tell you that I like being deceived logically because I would be lying, but I always like to listen in case I can give it a chance because I believe that we all deserve it at some point in our lives. I´m at that point right now where I want to find love but I don´t want to suffer....
Enamoradiza hasta decir basta
Valencia, Valencia

Fall in love until you say enough

I am too in love and this works against me to tell it but nothing happens. I´m not one to give second chances because I expect everyone not to fail me, so if you fail me my disappointment is such that I won´t give it a chance again. I believe in love, in fact I think it is the most beautiful and sincere thing we can feel. If possible, I´m looking for someone who has never been unfaithful, but nowadays it´s almost impossible, so I can turn a blind eye a little.
Tengo claro que quiero enamorarme
Toledo, Toledo

I am clear that I want to fall in love

Is it so difficult to continue believing in love? I´m a textbook cheesy, I admit it, I don´t mind being told it because it´s true, but when I´ve had a partner, even if we end up leaving them, they always end up recognizing that I´m exceptional and always try to come back, but a person who leaves my life in that sense, I no longer care. I give a second chance because for me in that aspect there are no second chances.

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