Chico, California

I´m not looking for anything serious, I just want good company from a man who likes to be with a woman without commitment. I like respect and seriousness in these cases. I am not looking for a stable relationship in any way. It doesn´t motivate me at all.

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amistad y lo que surja, me van las terracitas
Sevilla, Sevilla

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello guys, I´m from Madrid and I´ve come to Seville to live and I´m looking for a boyfriend. I am not one of those who knows how to be without a partner, I like to have someone special always by my side. But if it´s not so friendly, we can go out for a drink, I like terraces, tapas and good company. If you want to meet me... here I am.
Por apetecerme me apetece todo
Segovia, Segovia

Because I feel like it, I feel like everything

I´m at that point in life when everything suits me. I am single, happy, happy with my job and with everything that surrounds me. I am in a moment in which I eat the world in bites and I don´t leave even the crumbs behind. Making new plans is what calls me and being a little crazy too. I wonder if you fancy something like that with me?
Paso de chulitos
Utrera, Sevilla

Chulitos step

I don´t want to be arrogant anymore in my life. I´m looking for a guy who looks rather shy and is more reserved. I´m looking for love and I like romantic love and perhaps with a touch of cloying but just enough and necessary, not too much. I live alone although I want to have good company because I have been alone for many years since I became independent when I was 22 years old and I am now 27 years old and I have lived alone since I became independent.
No a todos nos apetece lo mismo
Almansa, Albacete

Not all of us want the same thing

We don´t all want the same thing. I´m 40 years old, I´m separated and I´m looking for a stable relationship. I don´t feel like having to waste my time anymore. A long time ago I was with a guy with whom I had two children and well now I´m looking for a relationship again. I have been single for more than 8 years and stumbling around with guys and also trying to rebuild my life but I didn´t get through with anyone so now I´m just looking for a serious and stable relationship.
Me gusta el sexo demasiado
Oviedo, Asturias

I like sex too much

I like sex too much and I don´t consider myself a nymphomaniac or anything like that. I feel like fucking and that´s it. I like to enjoy good company and a few beers and laughs in the process. I want to disconnect from everyday problems and day-to-day life. I am 32 years old, I am single, although I have two children, but I am not going to mix them up with this.
La vida me ha enseñado a vivirla
Catarroja, Valencia

Life has taught me to live it

Life experiences force you to learn to be vigilant in other ways and situations make you strong and good because you learn to live it and enjoy it to the fullest. I want to find love. I´m not too romantic but I think you don´t have to be to have a good love relationship. If you are at least a little curious about getting to know me, then here I am.
amistad y lo que surja, estoy soltera y con ganas de caer en la tentación
Avilés, Asturias

friendship and whatever comes next

I am single and want to fall into temptation... I am looking for a man who motivates me, I am 39 years old, I love sports, dancing, the mountains, Celtic music, ballads, good food, accompanied by the best wine... I lack the company... if you feel like seducing me, I´ll let you do it... as long as you´re my vibe.
Una buena compañía es importante
Gratis, Ohio

Good company is important

I love having good company by my side and specifically if it is a man, then good company. I like to be in connection with the person I can start to get to know and well, I would like everything with that person, at least it is my intention for it to be that way. I like that they are not younger than me and not excessively old either. A middle ground would be good.
Mi destino favorito para desconectar
Cales de Mallorca, Islas Baleares

My favorite destination to disconnect

I´m actually from Barcelona but having a little house here allows me to get away every now and then to disconnect and think about my things. Sometimes I come with friends, other times I come with family and occasionally I have come alone so I look to meet an interesting guy when I come alone. I´m far from looking for a relationship since I have my life in Barcelona, but hey, a good friendship and having a good time from time to time, you understand me, well, I do feel like it he he he he he he he
amistad y lo que surja, busco contactos por ciudad y alrededores
Ciudad Real,

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello everyone, I´m looking for contacts in the city and surrounding areas... I´m coming out of a 5-year relationship and what I want is to go out, have a drink, dance, laugh and let my hair go a little. I haven´t gone out partying in years... I´m looking for someone to go out with, have fun with and start a good friendship with. If you feel like it, you know where you have me.

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