Laguna Beach, California

My name is Fabiola and I am a 25-year-old girl. I get bored easily and if I don´t find the person who is interesting in all aspects I cut off communication. I will say that I am demanding... Right?

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Llevo mucho tiempo aburridísima
Dos Hermanas, Sevilla

I´ve been bored for a long time

I get bored of searching, meeting many guys and not finding what I´m looking for. I get bored of finding guys who are not what they really say they are and I get bored of society in general. I´m already about to try here, as they say, the last chance and find someone truly for whatever has to arise but with a boy who is truly always worth it and even more so the joy.
Me cuesta no aburrirme
Salamanca, Salamanca

It´s hard for me not to get bored

I immediately get bored of everything, I´m a pain in the ass at that hehe because everything immediately bores me, depresses me and tires me. I´m looking for guys with whom I see a real interest that we can get along with and we can look to have a relationship of any kind. I´m difficult to fall in love with because I always think they want to laugh at me so I put a stop to it, you understand what I mean.
Me gustan mucho los chicos tranquilos
Reus, Tarragona

I really like calm boys

I don´t know why, but the calm guys, those that, for example, my friends call sosetes, I love them, they seem more interesting and I like to have them by my side, on the other hand, if I have one of those crazy guys, I immediately get tired of it because it´s not my thing. and I can´t follow them and they end up boring me a lot.
Eva María
Me gusta el sexo y busco más
Estivella, Valencia

I like sex and I´m looking for more

I am something like a sex tireless person, although as soon as they don´t give me what I need, I get bored and leave. I don´t want to know anything about softies. I really like sporadic and crazy sex, but never ever with a stranger who doesn´t know anything about it. That´s true. no, you have to lay some foundations hehe as they say
No soy de Madrid pero vengo por trabajo
Madrid, Cundinamarca

I´m not from Madrid but I come for work

I don´t live in Madrid but I spend quite a few days here for work and sometimes I come and go for months and that´s why I´m looking for someone to share certain moments with when I´ve already finished my day and I need company because I get really bored. I also need a spark because I immediately light up but to light up if there is no spark... There is no fire
Me ilusionó enseguida
Venta Gaspar, Almería

I was immediately excited

Hello, I´m Arabia and I´m 28 years old and I´m looking for something more serious and stable right now. I am a woman who gets my hopes up very easily and that´s why I prefer to meet guys who are looking for love because sometimes some get a woman excited about fucking and then they send her away so that´s why I prefer with my own thoughts.
Solo con un chico
Alcañiz, Teruel

Alone with a boy

I´m tired of guys who talk a lot and give little, come on, I´m looking for something sporadic with a guy who isn´t a ghost and who is willing to have something very morbid and passionate but who doesn´t let his strength go through his mouth and who shows it through other side hahaha if not I´m going to get bored right away
Voy a por todas
Sevilla, Sevilla

I´m going for everything

Going all out is going all out. I´m looking for something more stable at the moment, I feel like it, but since I´m going for everything, I´m going for everything and everyone. I seek to know slowly but without pause, I don´t like to go too slow either since that really gets boring, let´s even get bored. I´m in that phase where I want everything but I want it well, do you understand me? Sometimes it´s hard for me to understand even myself, so I tell you everything.
Enseguida me pillo
Madrid, Cundinamarca

I catch it right away

I´m so stupid that I immediately catch on, and on top of that, telling it, I think it´s against me, but that´s okay. I am open to finding love. I´m really interested in a beautiful romantic story with a lot of love but one that is very very real. I don´t want guys younger than me, much less men who are too old. There is a limit for everything and I set my own.
Estoy de baja y me aburro bastante
A Coruña, A Coruña

I´m on sick leave and I´m quite bored

Lately my back has hurt me and that´s why I´m on sick leave. I would like to find a guy I can start talking to and build such trust that we can meet in person. I don´t have a partner and I don´t have a problem searching for whatever comes up at a moment´s notice because I tend to get carried away whenever I think that guy is looking for the same thing as me. I never jump into the pool if I don´t see clear signs. I am determined if I see that the boy is receptive but if not I am a little shy because I am embarrassed to put my foot in it.

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