Chico, California

A couple of years ago a friend got me interested in traveling in a motorhome and now my dream is to be able to buy one in the hopefully not too distant future. I really rent one from time to time and I take advantage and travel but of course in the long run it is better for me to have my own hehehe well I am looking for love and if you have a motorhome I will fall in love with it hahahahahaha

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Aficionada a la fiesta y a los hombres
A Coru├▒a, A Coru├▒a

Lover of parties and men

Since I┬┤ve been single, I┬┤ve been alive like this hahaha I┬┤m going to my cool thing and I┬┤ve done everything. I┬┤m only looking for liberal men who think the same as me. They don┬┤t look for anything other than fun moments. I don┬┤t care what people think about me, the only thing I do What I do is live my life the way I want. If I meet a guy that I like and the spark jumps, then let┬┤s enjoy it. I don┬┤t have many friends. I┬┤m bisexual. Sometimes I feel and I feel like being with xicas, and if not, then with xicos, I like threesomes. and if you want to go to an exchange link I will accompany you
El viaje de mi vida
Sagunto, Valencia

The trip of my life

Hello everyone, I define myself briefly: Young girl of 26 years old, dark and pretty, friendly and with many concerns in life, I am looking for a guy to continue with the journey of my life, I go from here to there, studying and getting to know new cultures, If you are intrigued and feel like it, just call me, we will meet when possible and we will travel.
Mis aficiones son viajar y conocer gente
Málaga, Málaga

My hobbies are traveling and meeting people

Every year I travel whenever I can, which is one of my hobbies to travel and learn about other cultures. When I travel I like to meet people and talk and bring great friends to remember or continue having contact with. This year last week I had a domestic accident and I have a fracture in my leg...:,(Now I am at home bored and alone since my people work most of the time and for one reason or another I have arrived here, where there are a lot of people willing to talk etc. so I just join this place and see who I know, a kiss and thank you for visiting my profile and reading it.
Maria Pilar
Amistad y mucho viaje
Valencia, Valencia

Friendship and lots of travel

I like to travel and see the world, I want to meet people who like to see other places and above all I want to have a good time. Talking about travel or another type of culture is very cool, traveling through experiences, I don┬┤t want you to think that if you haven┬┤t traveled I┬┤m not interested, of course not, because I┬┤ll share my adventures with you and you┬┤ll learn something new. I like all kinds of people. If you┬┤re from another culture, it┬┤s interesting that you talk to me about it. You┬┤d like to meet, have a coffee, talk, and have something nice come up. ?
Maria del Carmen
Salir y organizar viajes
A Coru├▒a, A Coru├▒a

Go out and organize trips

Adventurous, I like to see places, go out with people on excursions, do new things, I look for fun people to meet and have a good time with. ready to quench all your thirst for lust and passion. In privacy, I am a true volcano of eroticism and sensuality. I am a sex addict, Add me, handsome, I wait for you. I really want to learn and teach, I am fire in bed and I will show it to you in front of you, I will give you the best show of your life, I know you will like it, come in, discover me and we will both enjoy like dogs. I am a very happy, hot and playful girl... open-minded and willing to do anything.
Compartir mis aficiones
Mar├şn, Pontevedra

Share my hobbies

Hello, my name is Eva, I study psychology. I am an independent girl and I consider myself self-sufficient, down-to-earth. I have 3 sides: the calm and sweet side, the fun and crazy side and the side you never want to see. I am a lover of peace and I need harmony. I want to share my hobbies with people my age, I like to chat and get to know people very well. I am a woman who is very open to others. I am looking for a man with experience fucking, especially who is not shy and takes control in bed because I would like to be the one who is not in control for the first time. One of my favorite positions is to be fucked on all fours, and yours?
Maria Tere
Compartir aficiones, etc
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Share hobbies

I am friendly, I like to go out for drinks, go to the beach, etc... I am looking for someone to share what I like to do. someone with whom to share hobbies, who likes the beach, the sea water, who likes to swim and who teaches me how to swim, which I know but very little ;D If you like to go out for drinks and have fun, I would like you to contact me to meet up one day and organize something together like a day at the beach and a night out with a few extra drinks, why don┬┤t we take advantage of every moment together, don┬┤t you think, I want to have a good time
Mar├şa Teresa
Entre mis aficiones está la pintura, piano, aprender idiomas
San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

Among my hobbies are painting, piano, learning languages

I want to find someone to have fun with and do new things. I like a healthy life and good company, I want to smile again. This last year I have not had a very good time and everything has been a bit flat, I would like to smile again and that is why I am looking for that special person with whom I can do it, that person who makes me enjoy every moment and with whom I can spend fun times that make me return to how happy I have always been. I would like to meet you and see if that person could be you.
Viajar con un hombre y disfrutar de la buena vida
Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla

Travel with a man and enjoy the good life

Without having to commit, we are not obligated to anything, just to have a good time and enjoy, I am an adult woman and I am very clear about what I want. Traveling with a man and enjoying the good life is what I have decided and what I want, enjoy this life a little more, I want a man who has tastes like me or me like him, who is a conformist person like me and above all humble and sincere, with this I am satisfied, the rest will surely come on its own, if you I would like to meet you later, I┬┤ll wait for you.
Compa├▒ero de viaje, y a ti como te gustan los viajes
Ceuta, Ceuta

Fellow traveler

What they usually say, and what I am looking for is a travel companion, and well yes to be able to travel together and of course to be able to go with him to all the places, what I like most is to go on an adventure like that, no I like to plan trips, I like to go and enjoy without thinking much about anything, and how do you like trips?

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