Espa├▒ola, Nueva York

They say that I have a special charm that dazzles and hooks everyone well because you will say if it happens to you or not. I am open to whatever arises without discrimination. I only like married people because I put myself in the woman┬┤s place and I don┬┤t find it funny but I would love to meet all kinds of guys for whatever comes up.

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Con tal de conocer a alguien
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

In order to meet someone

In order to meet someone special, I register wherever I need to and the fact is that I have few opportunities to flirt on the street because I┬┤m always in a hurry and going to a party to flirt is like it doesn┬┤t suit me. I┬┤m looking for something special. I would love to have a stable relationship. I am a totally sincere girl with no friends of harming anyone.
amistad y lo que surja, eso de bajarle los pantalones a un hombre y que tenga la verga y los huevos peludos me encanta
Vitoria, Álava

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, I am 44 years old, I am a woman who loves manly men, I love pulling down a man┬┤s pants and having a hairy cock and balls... I shave, but I don┬┤t like men to do it. ...I have special tastes for some things...if you think you are what I┬┤m looking for...don┬┤t hesitate to tell me something...
Reacia a enamorarme
Vitoria, Álava

Reluctant to fall in love

I am reluctant to fall in love since they have never made it easy for me and they have also hurt me a lot so I am very reluctant to fall in love again. I am 40 years old and I am looking for a special friend to go out for drinks, to go out to dinner and to have special relationships. It would be ideal to fall in love and have someone special in my life, but I don┬┤t think I┬┤ll be able to make that happen again because I have a big armor.
Me gusta viajar y tengo un viaje pendiente
Segovia, Segovia

I like to travel and I have a trip pending

I have a very special trip for me because I am especially excited to go to Mexico with my friends. I am 25 years old and we have been planning the trip for many years and soon we will leave. Right now I┬┤m not looking for anything serious. I don┬┤t think I┬┤m ready to have a relationship and have it turn out well. I have too many things on my mind right now to focus on a relationship although I have to say that I am tremendously happy
Soy experta en der placer
Burgos de Pangasinán, Ilocos

I am an expert in giving pleasure

I love giving pleasure to men and well I confess that some women do too hehehe I really like sex I experience it in a way that I don┬┤t know is very very special. I like everything related to pleasure and satisfaction... I love doing new things within the respect and limits of each person. I don┬┤t intend to fall in love or have people fall in love with me, so don┬┤t be afraid, I have things very clear.
Te gustan las loquitas?
Espa├▒a la Vieja, Alicante

Do you like crazy girls?

They say that we crazy people have a special charm because we barely have a filter. They say that we are much better at taking care of children because we are more affectionate... I don┬┤t know if it is true or not but with me it is true that I am very affectionate and I like to take care of everyone, not just the children of course. Of course I don┬┤t have a filter and I say everything that goes through my head and I┬┤m also crazy, I like to enjoy life and I┬┤m not ashamed.
Busco solo algo esporádico
Madrid, Cundinamarca

I┬┤m just looking for something sporadic

Hello, I┬┤m Marta, I┬┤m 25 years old and well, for now I┬┤m looking for something sporadic. I got out of a relationship six months ago and at the moment I don┬┤t feel ready to start another one so my best option right now is to make friends and have something sporadic come up and be able to have a good time since I actually love sex what happens. I have never had a relationship because I have always been in a relationship. I live alone, I have my job, my career, and well, I have quite a few hobbies that I would also like to share with a guy.
Me encanta la lectura
Segovia, Segovia

I love reading

I discovered that I loved to read when I was sick for a long time because I broke my leg and I had to fill my free time with something and since I had already seen many series and many movies and I was already bored with so much TV, I got into reading and that┬┤s when I discovered that It was one of my great hobbies. I have recently registered here because I want to meet new guys and well, I will be open to whatever arises, love can arise, or something sporadic can arise. I don┬┤t know until I meet a boy and see how we get along, I can┬┤t know what we are going to do. have
Estar├ę un tiempo por Madrid
Madrid, Cundinamarca

I will be in Madrid for a while

My name is Valle and if it is my real name I get asked a lot. I┬┤m going to be in Madrid for a while for work so I would like to meet some guys so that from time to time I can meet up and have a good time. I┬┤m single, I haven┬┤t had a partner for quite some time, so I┬┤m also open to having something sporadic. I┬┤m quite sociable, I relate very well and on top of that I love sex but I┬┤m not an easy girl so if you want something with me you have to work for it because I┬┤m already tired of always trying to do it myself hehehe
No tengo buena voz pero me encanta cantar
Chico, California

I don┬┤t have a good voice but I love to sing

Maybe I start singing and it rains, I don┬┤t know, but I love it, it makes me happy, I┬┤m passionate about it and I fall in love. My best plan is to finish after dinner at karaoke and sing until I lose my voice. At the moment I am open to whatever arises and more than anything to a friend with benefits, that is, something without commitment, something sporadic, but I am not closing myself off to a possible boy that I fell in love with and makes me feel like I am in the clouds.

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