Chico, California

Hello, I just started on the page, any advice? I don┬┤t know if I will know how to handle myself, because I am very fierce, I have character, but in places where I don┬┤t know how to handle myself, I get smaller and sometimes I don┬┤t know where I have to go.

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Tomar una copa, eso se acab├│
Vitoria, Álava

Have a drink

Before, I was talking and writing on WhatsApp all day and I couldn┬┤t get enough of it, until one day, he told me "what are you doing that you don┬┤t even go out?" messages and answer, that┬┤s over. I would really like to have a drink now.
amistad y lo que surja, tuve una mala experiencia
Sevilla, Sevilla

friendship and whatever comes next

I┬┤ve gone through several pages, I just unsubscribed from badoo (I had a bad experience) and I┬┤m going to try this one, to see if I find people who are really worth it. I love sex, but it┬┤s not my goal in the first place. I want to start a serious relationship with someone I like and destiny will tell.
Nunca pens├ę que podr├şa disfrutar tanto
Segovia, Segovia

I never thought I could enjoy it so much

I always thought that the world would end for me if my relationship ended, we had been together for 8 years, my first boyfriend and the one with whom I thought my life would end. Well, he left me overnight and you know what? I was screwed but I decided to enjoy it and hey, I never thought I could enjoy my life as much as I am doing. I┬┤m not looking for love, of course, but I do want to have a good time. You help me? That simple
Busco amor y sexo, no tengo problema por empezar siendo amigos sin compromiso pero debes de ser sincero y ser soltero porque eso acaba pasando y voy con esa intenci├│n siempre
Teruel, Teruel

I┬┤m looking for love and sex

Love and sex that always go hand in hand. Whenever I have started to meet someone without commitment, we have ended up together because for me, sex unites and gives rise to feelings, which is why I look for both things together. I have no problem starting out as friends without commitment but you must be sincere and be single because that ends up happening and I always go with that intention.
Soy valiente, voluntarioso
Alcàntera de Xúquer, Valencia

I am brave, willful

I am organized, but not manic. I don┬┤t like disorder, but I like things to be in their place. I am affectionate, very cuddly but not suffocating. I┬┤m not possessive, just a little jealous, but not excessively. I am calm and collected, polite, discreet, very reserved, but when I have something to say, I say it (directly). I am brave, willful and non-violent. I like to go for a walk, I┬┤m quite naughty. I am extremely patient (for example, I can wait for hours anywhere). I don┬┤t hold grudges, I let the wheel turn, even if it takes a long time to turn, because I know that one day or another it will turn, and once I have said what I had to say, it┬┤s over. I am loyal in friendship as in love. I am fair and equitable and I hate attacking the weakest (the oppressed). I am capable of leading the fight against injustice and racism.
amistad y lo que surja, si estas disponible
Alicante, Alicante

friendship and whatever comes next

I am an Asturian woman, who has lived in Alicante for many years, I have just separated and have taken a rented apartment in Onil, I work nearby and it suits me well. Let┬┤s see if I meet serious people, to start a serious relationship, starting with a friendship and getting to know each other little by little. If you are available, contact me.
Estoy casada toca ser discreta
Vitoria, Álava

I┬┤m married, it┬┤s time to be discreet

Although I have just started the divorce papers, I have to be very discreet and not raise suspicions. I don┬┤t feel proud to be here while still married but in the end I don┬┤t have any more left when my marriage is already completely broken and we are dealing with the procedures. Mature and fiery men to have sporadic relationships from time to time.
Amigos hasta donde no imagines hacerlos
Cales de Mallorca, Islas Baleares

Friends to where you can┬┤t imagine making them

I always make friends where no one would believe they could and that is because I am super sociable and I always end up talking to everyone and we establish a kind of friendship that sometimes lasts over time and today I have them as great friends. Here I am open to whatever arises but of course starting from where? For a friendship hehehe
amistad y lo que surja, busco amigos, menos para pedirme dinero
Vitoria, Álava

friendship and whatever comes next

I have just separated, I have taken a rental apartment and started a new life... I like to leave the past as soon as possible, I am looking for friends, contacts with whom to go out, escape, have fun, I know how to listen, I am a good confidant and you can count with me for everything... except to ask me for money... haha I┬┤ll wait for you.
Por decisi├│n propia me quedar├ę soltera
Elche, Alicante

By my own decision I will remain single

I┬┤ve been thinking for a while now that why not be alone, I don┬┤t feel like committing and when I try to start a relationship I get tired quickly and end up leaving her so I┬┤ve made the decision to stay single so I can continue enjoying sex the way I like because I don┬┤t think give it up. What are you telling me?

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