Ali , 26 years
San Diego, California

I just wanted to fuck................................................. ..............

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Luis Gismero Me
Todo tupo de sexo con migo claroestayo estoy separado vivo solo
Alicante, Alicante

All kinds of sex with me, of course, I麓m separated, I live alone

I am looking for a relationship, as a couple, with a lady interested in living with me in this area of the country who does not have children over 58 years old or over 70 who is not fat or too thin who has a normal chest who likes the house to go on a trip. Absile all types of dances, modern music concerts that you like, go to nightlife and classical cimoer or have dinner sometime in the week, socialize with friends, be modern, sensual, simple, brave, that you like, all types of sex with me, of course, I麓m separated. I live alone and I don麓t like women, it doesn麓t matter if they are there, they live separately, they live separately, I also like cinema, theater, music, and sovrerodo the bed, fine, sensual kenceria that doesn麓t smoke or pets, that for pets, it keeps friends, that I think is quite a hug. very strong and a million kisses for all the women in the world I forgot that just because I speak Spanish no matter religion, state or country as long as they are not Russian or Colombian or Yugoslavian
Una carta de amor para ti, solo para ti
Guardo, Palencia

A love letter for you, only for you

The echo of the voice beyond the silence. And what grows in my soul like moss in ruins. Everything I would like about you is so little deep down because deep down it is everything, like a dog that goes over a hill, those nothing, everyday things, wheat and hair and two clods, the smell of your body, it drives me crazy. , what you say about anything, with me or against me, all that is so little that my happiness is eternal. You could be all my pending kisses, That eternal moment, my path, my port, my poetry of colors. The love that I would like to live. The desire hidden among my fantasies, the love of all my days, the light of my gray days, the voice and my silence, my passion and my madness. Think that yesterday has already passed, the present has already passed, the future is yours, but I would like to share it with you. I want everything from you, don麓t leave anything to hide, give me your passion, your desires that are mine, give me your moans that are echoes in the universe, because I love you, because I love you. May you look beyond me, may you love me with
Describirme con solo 80 caracteres es muy dificil
Gandia, Valencia

Describing me with only 80 characters is very difficult.

Boy is looking for a girl for friendship and if the most comes up I would love it, but at first friendship to get to know each other, if you are looking for the same or similar call I麓ll wait for you. Boy is looking for a girl for friendship and if the most comes up I would love it, but at first friendship to be able to meet, if you are looking for the same or similar thing, I will wait for you. Boy is looking for a girl for friendship and if it comes to the most I would love it, but at first friendship to be able to meet, if you are looking for the same or similar thing, I will wait for you. Boy is looking for a girl for friendship and if the most arises I would love it, but initially friendship to be able to meet, if you are looking for the same or similar call I will wait for you. Boy is looking for a girl for friendship and if the most arises I would love it, but initially friendship to be able to meet, If you are looking for the same or similar, call, I will wait for you. I await your calls and messages. A kiss.
S贸lo para gente que sabe lo que quiere, sin malos rollos
Las Palmas, Las Palmas

Only for people who know what they want, without bad vibes

I am looking for a person to share good moments with. I am an honest, generous and optimistic person. Only for people who know what they want, and without bad vibes. I like hiking, nature, the beach, animals, movies, reading, going out for a drink with friends, sharing good times, or any activity with good company. My goal is to be happy, it can be with a partner, alone or with a sporadic relationship. I am clear about what I want, I have always been a responsible person and with very clear things. I don麓t want negative people, I want to have a good time, and maybe just by meeting someone and chatting I become their friend and I麓m happy. I don麓t have children, I don麓t smoke, I only drink occasionally, I have coxhe, I work and I am financially independent.
Solo busco Sexo Amor Palabrotas Besos.
Murcia, Murcia

I麓m just looking for Sex, Love, Swearing, Kisses.

It麓s okay, your husband or your boyfriend doesn麓t care for you, he doesn麓t help you in bed Because he麓s lazy or stupid You don麓t have your fantasies with him You feel bad I麓m a Moroccan boy 46 years old married I can be your lover I assure you that you will run several times Secretly Biso Only women who want sex And deferential pustules... Please only girls who know what I want.... Have a good time... I won麓t promise you for anything... If you have unforgettable moments.... Biso. ...Let麓s play your real fantasy.... I wanted to know for once..... Only beautiful and qualified girls... And without commitment.... I麓ll wait for you, you know... If I don麓t answer you why I麓m working and leave your message and I麓ll call you... Hojo women who if they start fast I don麓t want it.... Just sex without further ado, we don麓t give things a second thought.... Hello God without mulisting or anything like that.
Solo busco a alguien para vivir el sexo para dar, recibir
Lleida, Lleida

I麓m just looking for someone to experience sex to give, receive

Hello, I am a married guy and tired of not having sex. If my partner doesn麓t care anymore. I am attractive and I give everything in sex. My hands can take you to heaven, my passion will fill you with grace. I麓m just looking for someone to experience sex to give and receive. I know there must be some girl who needs the same thing as me. It麓s not asking so much either, feeling alive shouldn麓t be so difficult. I love good music, to make love something calm is the best, to climb on a cloud of harmonies and vibrate at the same frequency to reach ecstasy with a woman who burns with desire to feel the pleasure of melting into a single self. I would like a girl who attracted me so I could give her the best of my passion and fire. I am a musician and for me making love is like playing the most intimate of melodies, with my hands I will make you vibrate to the sound of life
Estoy casado Busco pasar un rato de sexo, solo en menorca
Ma贸, Islas Baleares

I am married. I am looking to have some sex, alone in Menorca.

Hello. I麓m 39. I麓m looking to spend some time having sex, only in Menorca, I don麓t travel outside the island, or if you麓re from somewhere else and have a house around here, perfect, I麓ll give a massage, we麓ll take a shower, and above all without commitments, and discretion, I married It doesn麓t matter physical appearance, just good vibes, having a good time, you set the limits and sex, just open minds, wanting to experience things, tell me what you like to do the most, and we麓ll try, things clear, from the beginning, Tell me everything from the first message, I don麓t want to wait two months with endless messages, and with countless questions, we try Anywhere in Menorca is perfect. I麓ve been here for a while and there are only lies, no one really wants to stay.
solo me interesa sexo sin compromiso
Collado Villalba, Madrid

I麓m only interested in sex without commitment

Hello, I麓m only interested in sex without commitment, having a good time with girls, I have a place. Fuck friends, blind dates, long-term sex and good quality hahaha I麓m single but I don麓t want commitments with anyone either. I love to enjoy life since it takes 2 days to enjoy it to the fullest. I麓ve never had a threesome and the truth is that the idea makes me morbid. I have my own car so I can also travel depending on the distance. I currently have full availability to meet and f So if you see my profile and you like what you see here I will be looking forward to it. If I don麓t answer any message it would be because I don麓t have credits. In fact, they no longer allow me to write or call. For the girl who likes what she sees in my profile, here is my phone number, kisses...
Sin ataduras solo disfrutar discretamente yo.
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

No ties, just discreetly enjoying myself.

Occasional sex and laughter, without ties, just discreetly enjoying myself and of course you. I have very clear things. I want to enjoy someone to have a good time with, I like to enjoy life and meet people with whom I can enjoy without bad feelings, I like to live life and surround myself with good people, so I hope to have a good time .Talk and meet people my age, I want to have good and new experiences, who knows if I will find love, I leave that in the hands of destiny. In this present moment, I love being in the open sky and in contact with nature; It is part of everyday life. For a long time now, a great spiritual path has given me the meaning of life and the eternity of the soul... AT THE AGE OF DESERVING, PAMPERING AND ATTENTION, IF YOU HAVE MORE OF THESE QUALITIES, SHOW ME TO WHICH YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO GIVE THEM TO ME.
Sin foto no contesto, por favor solo con foto
Mor贸n de la Frontera, Sevilla

Without a photo I won麓t answer, please only with a photo

I repeat, I do not respond to profiles without a photo. Please now, without a photo I won麓t answer or anything. I would like to meet girls first for friendship and sex, then if it arises I wouldn麓t mind moving on to a serious relationship. I am a serious man now unemployed looking for work, I am collecting unemployment, I live in my own house. I am ex-military, studying to get my truck license. In addition to being serious, I am a very morbid and open man in sex, I also have experience in threesomes with 2 women, and I have had sex with transsexual girls as well, it doesn麓t bother me to say it since I am a man sure of his sexuality. I like that women are very slutty and slutty in sex, always with respect, I don麓t intend for anyone to be offended.

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