Chico, California

I┬┤m Geno and I love the animal world. I┬┤m a veterinarian so imagine how much I love them. I love being surrounded by animals and I am super happy working. I am 30 years old, single and I would like to find love. I know it is complicated but not impossible.

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mujeres murcianas
Toledo, Toledo

Murcian women

I am a beautiful veterinarian who is looking for a loving friend or whatever arises. I am a very interesting woman, I love many things, but I adore animals, that is why I am a veterinarian. I would like to find a man who likes animals just like me. me and share it, also other things of course and enjoy.
amistad y lo que surja, hola en Valladolid
Valladolid, Valladolid

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, hello, I know I┬┤m on a page where most people are just looking to get laid and fuck. It┬┤s not that I┬┤m looking for a partner, but I┬┤m looking for a friend to go out with and if there┬┤s a spark, let ourselves go. I work, I have a 15-year-old daughter, separated, an animal lover, I work at an animal shelter, I love doing everything... if you┬┤re up for it, we┬┤ll plan something.
amistad y lo que surja, de resto busco amistad con vistas a una relaci├│n seria si nos gustamos
Valladolid, Valladolid

friendship and whatever comes next

I am an Asturian who has lived in Valladolid for more than 5 years. I work as an administrator at an animal shelter... they are my passion and I take advantage of this announcement to say that I give kittens to people who love animals and know how to care for them properly. Otherwise I am looking for friendship with a view to a serious relationship if we like each other.
Me gustan los animales ex├│ticos
Ávila, Ávila

I like exotic animals

I would love to have many exotic animals, but it shouldn┬┤t be worth it, so I┬┤ll settle for just having puppies and kittens that I love too. I┬┤m looking for a stable relationship but only if you like animals, so for me it┬┤s important because my dogs and my cats are the biggest thing I have along with my family.
Hola, soy venezolana, profesional, felizmente divorciada
Madrid, Madrid

Hello, I am Venezuelan, professional, happily divorced

Hello, I am Venezuelan, professional and happily divorced. I hate lies, I love children and animals, honesty above all things. I like to share socially and with respect. I think that life is today and you have to know how to live it to be happy. Hobbies don┬┤t suit me, I don┬┤t have the age or time for games just to please others. Life is beautiful, you just have to live it in the best way, smile and be happy with the person you love.
Me gustan los animales y de echo tengo varios
Albacete, Albacete

I like animals and in fact I have several

Hello, do you like animals? I love them and they make me not know how happy and company they make me. I live in a very large house with a garden and many rooms and several floors and I bought it that big because of the animals. I also have 2 children, a boy and a girl and I am divorced. I would like to rebuild my life again.
Me gustan los documentales
Elche, Alicante

I like documentaries

I like to watch animal documentaries since that whole world interests me. I love the animal world and I like pets. I have several animals and I would love to have a small farm to care for and love many animals, it is a dream that I have yet to fulfill.
No quiero amor quiero sexo
Zamora, Zamora

I don┬┤t want love I want sex

I don┬┤t want love, that┬┤s corny... I┬┤m a hard-core person and that┬┤s why I only look for good sexual relations to enjoy and have a good time. I live alone but I won┬┤t take you to my house... We┬┤ll find a place. If you like them over 30 years old, here I am. Oh, I┬┤m allergic to animal hair and I love them, but if you have animals, tell me so I can take my precautions.
Soy profesora
Basauri, Vizcaya

I am a teacher

I am a primary school mathematics teacher at a school, I am not looking for anything serious at the moment but you can never say no to anything. I have been divorced for five years, I have children and although I am looking for a father, I would like it if I meet a person and something serious comes along that respects my children of course. I love the countryside, nature, I love animals, I love taking weekend trips to disconnect from the daily routine, I like to read, I like to write, I like to sing, dance, play sports. I am a fairly active person, I don┬┤t like to stay on the couch doing nothing when I can go out and take on the world.
Aunque te lo diga, compru├ębalo
Venta Gaspar, Almer├şa

Even if I tell you, check it

I can tell you many things but I think it is better that you check what I tell you. I am open to everything good, or rather almost everything. I haven┬┤t had a partner for a couple of years or so. I have no obligations outside of my job and keeping my house clean hehehe. I like animals but not to have in my house because I wouldn┬┤t take care of them as they deserve and I don┬┤t have children either although I would love to in the future.

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