Gratis, Ohio

I┬┤m only looking for sex, my name is Daniela, I┬┤m 28 years old, I┬┤ve been single for quite some time, I┬┤m not looking for love, now is not my time. I like sex and I never disappoint. I like guys who try things, although I don┬┤t force anyone either.

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Sexo y solo sexo
Jávea, Alicante

Sex and only sex

They have tried to make me fall in love in many cases and no one has succeeded and that is because I am not prepared and no boy hooks me in that sense. I am looking for nothing more than sex if you dare to meet a girl as like me I will wait for you if what you are looking for It┬┤s seriousness and love, I┬┤m sorry, I┬┤m not what you┬┤re looking for, I don┬┤t want you to suffer.
amistad y lo que surja, probar cosas nuevas y solo me falta la persona indicada para hacerlo
Badalona, Barcelona

friendship and whatever comes next

how are you? I am a very feminine and well-endowed transvestite looking for a man I like, to have a good time in every way. I love sex, novelty, trying new things and I just need the right person to do it. I would like the relationship not to be based on sex alone. If you dare, I live in Badalona.
No s├│lo es tener sexo
Valladolid, Valladolid

It┬┤s not just having sex

It┬┤s not all about just having sex, I┬┤m a sex addict, that is, I love it and I practice it whenever I can and I enjoy it twice as much, but I also like to be with a person seriously and only have sex with that person and, well, I┬┤m looking for the perfect combination between love, sex and freedom (no cuckolding, I┬┤m talking about trust)
Solo me gusta el sexo
Bilbao, Vizcaya

I only like sex

Love? I┬┤m not one to fall in love at all, in fact I┬┤ve never done it and I was with a boy for 3 years and in the end I had to leave the relationship because time didn┬┤t make me fall in love with him and since then I haven┬┤t felt like being with anyone else, I haven┬┤t felt the need or the desire to fall in love. I just want something sporadic and that┬┤s it. I love sex because that┬┤s what I┬┤m looking for.
amistad y lo que surja, para vernos sin malos rollos
Zamora, Zamora

friendship and whatever comes next

It┬┤s been a month since I left him with my ex... so I┬┤m not looking for anything serious or first-time relationships... I don┬┤t like being alone and sex is something that I love and that I miss. I am looking for sporadic contacts, to see each other without bad vibes, without commitments and enjoy all those things that we like (not just sex).
amistad y lo que surja, averiguar cuáles son tus zonas erógenas
Oviedo, Asturias

friendship and whatever comes next

I┬┤m looking for some sex, nothing for money in advance, sex has to be done because you want it and you want to enjoy moments... just feel good orgasms. I like preliminaries, exploring the body little by little, finding out what your erogenous zones are, don┬┤t tell me what they are, I like to discover them on my own.
amistad y lo que surja, todos me dicen que lo mismo que yo
Elche, Alicante

friendship and whatever comes next

I have gone through several pages, more of the same in all of them... or friends... or sex alone. I look for the middle ground between the two things... everyone tells me that it┬┤s the same as me, but when we have the first sex it┬┤s all over and only in sex. I┬┤m looking for a special friend with whom to share more things other than sex. You dare?
amistad y lo que surja, no atarme a nadie y disfrutar de lo que me gusta
Bilbao, Vizcaya

friendship and whatever comes next

My friends call me Patri and I hope you are one of them... I am looking for special friends, with whom I can have a little sex from time to time... I like to be free, not be tied to anyone and enjoy what I like. In sex I like sex, being hit hard in the ass... just thinking about it makes me feel hot... are you coming to lower them for me?
Me gustar├şa solo chicos para ser amigos y sexo
M├ęrida, M├ęrida

I would like just guys to be friends and sex

Friendship is very important and blablabla but sometimes making friends with someone is not so easy, sometimes other things take precedence but that┬┤s why if I don┬┤t create a bond of friendship, I don┬┤t have the confidence to sleep with anyone and maybe not a normal friendship super trustworthy if not another less special thing
Yo estoy casada

I┬┤m married

My name is Maite, maybe you don┬┤t like married women, so you won┬┤t like me, but if on the other hand you don┬┤t care, I┬┤m available to meet and, if necessary, make a long-awaited date. I am only open to sex but logically some friendship should also arise because I need to trust your discretion and your word. The good thing is that I won┬┤t give you problems, just good sex and good orgasms.

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