Chico, California

I am Claudia, a very sociable girl and as such I like very sociable guys with whom I can talk about everything and find them interesting. I´m not looking for a fleeting adventure, I´m not that kind of girl and although I don´t know if I´ll find love, I hope that at least I can find a friendship and it´s worth it to me.

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Me considero una buena amiga y se escuchar alas persona
Madrid, Madrid

I consider myself a good friend and I know how to listen to people.

I consider myself a good friend and I know how to listen to people. I don´t like impocrisy and I don´t like old people, so I ask that very big people not get involved and even less that they greet me and that you will eliminate them immediately. I have a strong character and I say things. As there are still people who don´t like to hear the truth, I´m not looking for sex either since if you talk to me to have relationships, it´s better not to. My interests: Lady Gaga, Shallow Hal, Pizza Express, Sandwiches, Novels, Cologne, Crèpes, Supernatural, Criminology, Sun Holidays, Alternative rock, Xbox, Dance Central 2, The Pianist, Twilight, Comedy, Avatar, Black Swan, Laughing, Toy Story, Nights In, Barbecues, Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, Eyeliner, Adventure, Stilettos, Kinect Xbox, Collecting perfume, Laugh and smile, Hot Chocolate, Disney, Minidresses, CSI, Paris, Reading, Lip gloss, Cookies, Facebook, The Bee Gees, Diners, Grey´s Anatomy, The Simpsons, Mit Freunden feiern, Weekends, Lasagne, Fantasy, Tiramisu
busco Un hombre de 49-52  Años Ke sea afín A mi en Gustos Aficiones  Ke sea de IRÚN O de alrededores
Irun, Guipúzcoa

I am looking for a man of 49-52 years who is similar to me in tastes hobbies who is from IRUN or the surrounding area

My name is Mónica. I am from IRUN. I am 49 years old. Divorced. I have a son of legal age. We live with my parents. I am FAITHFUL. Sociable, fun, loyal, educated. Romantic. Real Madrid I am FIEL unconditional of Hombres G (;Spanish-Latin pop rock,Remember Dance Latin music Ballads Boy bands Camela Calaitos...Pecos IVan...Bertín Osborne...I like to party Dancing eating dinner from time to time away from home I like fast food (;Telepizza kebabs MacDonalds Italian food Mexican food KFC ...I like movies I´m into movies Romantic comedies ...I like walking and walking on the beach theme parks (;Port Aventura Warner Bros. ..);traveling on vacation in Spain...the holidays (;I am very San Marcialera at:100/100,Fallas Carnivals I like to dress up and Halloween I also like to dress up etc...I also like Moto GP Formula 1 I am from Alonso Y de Márquez Tennis Ball
Un poco hippie en mi forma de ser si que soy
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

A little hippie in my way of being, yes I am

I like nature, nudism, I like to live in my life without conflicts, I like to meditate and I am vegan. I would like to find friends who, above all else, respect me and if I find someone like me that would be great and that is when I would like to have a stable relationship. Dressed normally I don´t have dreadlocks or anything like that hehe and I am very sociable I have a group of friends I go out when I have to go out and I have fun surrounded by people and family too
Provocarme virtualmente pero que no vaya a saco
Barcelona, Barcelona

Provoke me virtually but don´t let it go to waste

I´m looking for a man to start a virtual friendship, so that we can have bawdy conversations (initially through Whatsapp, but if necessary, even over the phone). And in the future... we will see. I would like a man with very clear ideas and who knows how to seduce and provoke me virtually but who does not go to the sack. I would also like him to be a good-looking, sociable man with a topic of conversation and if we ever had more than one topic of conversation
Me gustan los chicos sociables
El Vendrell, Tarragona

I like sociable boys

It is important to me that the boy I am meeting is as sociable as possible, that I like to be around people. I am looking for a stable relationship and I like my boy to integrate with my people, my family and friends. I would also like to be integrated into your people, your family and friends. I am very sociable and it does not cost me anything to integrate into new groups.
En el momento de conocernos todos desaparecen
Ávila, Ávila

At the moment we meet everyone disappears

Why am I so unlucky when I want to go on a date? They all disappear hahaha, I don´t know how I do it, seriously, but they all come out really cool, no, very cool and they either disappear or they tell me that something has come up and I no longer know about them. I just registered here because I think I may finally have some luck. Let´s hope that´s the case and I really have it. I am open to whatever arises, I am very sociable and kind and I would like to find someone with the same style.
Hacer amigos siempre es bien
Chico, California

Making friends is always good

I´m Sofía, I´m 31 years old, I always like to make friends... I´m very sociable, although many don´t care about that because they don´t value it, but that´s okay. I´m looking forward to meeting new people, I´m nice, but with my good character, what are we going to do, but I don´t bite anyone.
Estaré un tiempo por Madrid
Madrid, Cundinamarca

I will be in Madrid for a while

My name is Valle and if it is my real name I get asked a lot. I´m going to be in Madrid for a while for work so I would like to meet some guys so that from time to time I can meet up and have a good time. I´m single, I haven´t had a partner for quite some time, so I´m also open to having something sporadic. I´m quite sociable, I relate very well and on top of that I love sex but I´m not an easy girl so if you want something with me you have to work for it because I´m already tired of always trying to do it myself hehehe
Siendo sincera me gusta gustar
San Javier de Loncomilla, Maule

To be honest I like to like

I don´t know anyone who doesn´t like to be liked because we all like it even if we say we don´t. I have grown up in a very modern family where neither machismo nor feminism exists. I´m not scared of compliments nor do I see it as machismo, in fact I like them. Respect is always above everything and education. If you don´t lose all that, I love it when people say nice things to me about everything. I could fall in love or I could have something sporadic or maybe I could have nothing. I´m going to let myself go that this is the first advice they gave me before registering here.
Me considero magnífica
Center District, Center District

I consider myself magnificent

I consider myself a magnificent company, I like to hear people listen to me, I like to have fun. I know how to be serious when I have to be and fun when everything... I am very responsible and I like to work. I´m not better or worse, I just consider myself magnificent. I am open to falling in love and I am also open to a sporadic relationship. I like jokes like anyone else and I am sociable and open.

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