Toledo, Ohio

I am not a photographer and I have never studied anything related but I love taking photos and it is like my biggest hobby. I´m single and I have a lot to give and I want to be able to receive hehe. I´m not going to beat around the bush so if we like each other we can see each other in person and whatever happens.

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Relación seria, es que me gusta mucho hacerme fotos de todo tipo y como estoy horas en el trabajo pues cuando estamos aburridos que casi nunca
Alicante, Alicante

Serious relationship

My best photos, the sexiest, are in a scrapyard among tires, seriously, I really like taking photos of all kinds and since I am at work for hours, when we are bored, which is almost never the case, I take and they take photos, and with everything How crazy I seem, I´m looking for a serious and stable relationship.
No hago encuentros no pidas ubicación no mando fotos gratis
Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real

I don´t make meetings, don´t ask for location, I don´t send free photos

Hello, I am a vicious young girl of only 20 years old who wants to fulfill your sexual fantasies. If you are excited, we can give ourselves a good handjob. I DO NOT MAKE MEETINGS. DO NOT ASK FOR LOCATION. I DO NOT SEND FREE PHOTOS. NO KEDO. IT´S ONLY VIRTUAL. VIDEO CALLS. ??? to your liking Only serious people who want content I am totally real
amistad y lo que surja, vídeos y pasar buenos momentos si congeniamos
Ávila, Ávila

friendship and whatever comes next

I´m looking for people who like the world of drag, sharing photos, videos and having good times if we get along. I have been transsexual for several years now, delighted with my new body, good curves, good front... you will see me in photos and you will give your opinion for yourself. I live in Arenal and I hope to hear from you soon.
amistad y lo que surja, no tengo cargas familiares
Bilbao, Vizcaya

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello, my roots are from Soria, but I have lived in Bilbao for more than 10 years. I recently separated and I have already become familiar with the city and the people in the area, so I will die here now... I am 47 years old, I have no family responsibilities. I have many hobbies and one of them is porn... I´m looking for people with whom I can share videos, photos and have the best time possible.
Me gusta hacerme fotos
Zamora, Zamora

I like to take photos

I like to take photos and make them too. I don´t do it for a living, but it wouldn´t be bad to have a good homemade photo session with some laughs hehe, done with friends and family and with a couple too and it´s super fun. I am looking for something stable. I am 27 years old. I am sweet, affectionate and very mature. I have never been unfaithful and I hope that you haven´t either or at least you won´t be unfaithful to me.
amistad y lo que surja, gente que tenga foto
Zamora, Zamora

friendship and whatever comes next

Hello everyone, I´m looking to make contacts, not just for sex... I like to go to a lot of places and do a lot of things, but I don´t have anyone to do them with. I live in Benavente, I have a car, I work and if possible, people who have a photo... it´s not that I care about the physical appearance, but I do care about putting a face to whoever talks to me.
sandra Bermudez
amistad y lo que surja, charlar y quedar a tomar algo
Almería, Almería

friendship and whatever comes next

I have never been in a chat, they have spoken to me well and why not try it? I don´t know what to do, whether to exchange photos, chat and meet for a drink... I haven´t had a partner for two years, I´m not looking for romances, I would like someone who likes to have a serious relationship... not to get married, but to share part of our lives.
Jajaja todavía me considero una persona con mucha vitalidad
Bilbao, Vizcaya

Hahaha I still consider myself a person with a lot of vitality

I´m already a grandmother, actually (I recently turned 60) but don´t think that I´m an old geezer, hahaha I still consider myself a person with a lot of vitality. About myself, I can tell you that I am just as you see me in the photos, that I don´t have a single operation (not even appendicitis) They are photos (not a single touch-up) and current. In short, he calls me mature, granny, old But I don´t care because I still feel with a lot of energy to fight I like to feel young, alive, interact on social networks and above all, in general, I like to make new friends who want to meet me to have a wonderful time doing all kinds of activities that we have in common, even strangers (and why not, even having a Blind date. That´s my philosophy. I don´t have a predefined schedule. I treat each friend in a personalized way and the only thing I have to do to arrange a meeting is to agree with the person who wants to share some mature time with me.
Lo de hacerme fotos no es lo mío
Soria, Soria

Taking photos is not my thing

I have a hard time taking photos, it´s like it´s not my thing, it´s hard because I look horrible in all of them and for the one I choose, I assure you that I have repeated it many times. I´m insecure, come on, you´ll have realized in a moment hehe, it´s hard for me to look pretty and well, but hey, it´s something I carry with me. I´m trying to find love, someone who really loves me...
Me gusta hacerme fotos sexys
Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

I like to take sexy photos

I love taking sexy and discreet photos of myself. I´m not one to send those kinds of photos but I can show them to you in person and maybe see me live, right? I´m just looking for sex, I think the way I talk to you makes it clear to you. I´m 25 years old by the way...

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