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Muy timido cuando no conozco a las personas
Guadalajara, Guadalajara

Very shy when I don麓t know people

Hello, I am a happy, sincere person and very shy when I don麓t know people, but once the ice is broken I am very friendly and I like to play jokes, I really like humor. I also like to walk through the small towns in the northern mountains. I like photography but I don麓t like taking portraits of a person, if it has to be done, it麓s done, but if it麓s not necessary, even better. I really like movies, romantic movies, action movies, war movies and great betseler movies. I like to read romantic, historical and detective novels. I like to walk along the beach at sunset, but I don麓t like lying in the sun and I would like to do nudism if I find a partner who would also like to practice it. I like cooking and above all experimenting by making different dishes that are edible.
Luis GismeroMec
Sus al rededores moderna sensual llena de vida dispuesta
Valencia, Valencia

Its modern sensual surroundings full of willing life

I am a 70-year-old man looking for a woman to marry as a couple, I am separated. I would love to find a woman between 58 and 70 years old who is not, fat, modern, sensual, who likes dancing, walking, traveling, the theater, cinema, concerts, who, this I am willing to have a non-profit relationship with neither of the parties, respecting each other and whether it is in the area of Torrevieja or its surroundings, modern sensual full of willing life, everything. I am 70 years old, I am separated, I live alone, I would like to, enjoy while, I love, years of, life on the ground, be very active at home or in bed, also in, life, daily with friends ucen, society I have a, I am half bald a normal weight and I like to live love I am retired, if any lady is interested, I am willing to give her all the happiness in the world while I live, a big kiss for those who are willing to try to make life easier for this man. I also like to read history books or something related to things. that speaks is
Soy un hombre divertido, muy rom谩ntico de mislata que necesitas esta noche
Mislata, Valencia

I am a fun man, very romantic of mislata what you need tonight

I am a fun and very romantic man, who likes to make a woman feel like a lady. I am divorced with one living child. I would just like to meet that woman who likes to be treated with delicacy and softness and who is worth enjoying a good breakfast. with her if she wants, in bed I am an ardent lover, if you want to know more about me, you know, ask me, I will have no problem telling you. I really like pets, music, I am passionate about cycling, I麓ll tell you how, I would like to meet that one. woman who wants to spend a night of passion without any commitment without money in between, see you, and if it arises because I cannot convince you and to do things in your body and in you that you have never felt, I assure you, dare and you will not regret it
Toda fantas铆a me gusta el sexo virtual tambi茅n jugar un poco
Barcelona, Barcelona

All fantasy I like virtual sex also play a little

I麓m looking for girls to have a good time if there is chemistry something more I like sex I would love a person like me who knows that sex is not a crime if you love something different I have no problem wanting threesomes as I would love to do too and every fantasy I like virtual sex also play a little. In addition to all that I like to travel and if you are like that it also goes with me I am brown green eyes skinny fibrous they say I have a good tail besides that the other thing hehe I love music rock I like to sing all the time I like to ride a bike and motorcycle I drink in society I smoke from time to time I麓m almost quitting I麓m emotional at times sometimes I get into a fight because of the things that happen I麓m also ironic I look for the calm side I麓m humble they say I麓m a bit of a gypsy because I try to sell what is of no use because I don麓t like wasting money haha but hey I麓m also a giver, especially food, I麓m a chargey partner with kisses, sweet and funny, I caress and kiss well, I like football mainly but I respect tastes, I麓m 170, I go out everywhere
Hola me llamo redwan tengo 26 anos quiero una relaccion
Ceuta, Ceuta

Hello, my name is Redwan, I am 26 years old, I want a relationship.

Hello, my name is Redwan, I麓m 26 years old, I want a relationship with a girl for life and there is sex and I still work in painting houses only and I am very careful and serious and sympathetic and a boy who has last causes in this life I like sex with a girl but I don麓t like a woman who doesn麓t have a good way to have sex. Ceuta is my best city and I like new friends in this city, but the best are female friends, but they are very serious about men. Friends, in the end, I live alone, I don麓t. I have no girlfriend and no friend or friend only in this world that麓s why I like it I meet new friends and I live life as you can see I am 26 years old and the last month I am 27 years old and I like it there are happy times with my new friends thank you
 megustar铆a pasar un buen rato diversion y buena compa帽ia
Cu茅llar, Segovia

I would like to have a good time, fun and good company.

Hello, I am a rather shy boy but I would like to have a good time, fun and good company, therefore I hope to find a woman who is daring and compatible with my tastes. I am 28 years old and I like women older than me since I would like to learn new things or depending on the woman to show them I would be very fun to have a good time whether in bed or chatting while we have a glass of wine or whatever if I am a fairly shy boy but if I gain confidence I let go and am myself fun and a good companion, however, I am super direct and super mega sincere, just as I like them to be honest with me. If you don麓t like sincerity, don麓t look for me if you麓re a fake. I麓m not just a straight woman, and with words, above all, I value words and actions a lot. women with character, especially from my area, Segovia or Valladolid, since I can麓t get around, if you can, perfect, I would be delighted to meet you, Carinio. I also like to go out with my colleagues. I also like to go out.
Q me hagareir salir al cine a bailar a caminar cinversar mucho
Badalona, Barcelona

That makes me laugh going out to the movies to dance to walk to talk a lot

I like to be calm, happy, enjoy nature, animals, plsya any place that is beautiful and cinemas, dance, sing, listen to music and read. I love it and cooking helps me relax and go to a restaurant or bar to have some drinks. I like to be comfortable without Don麓t let anyone bother me and watch the news. I like football. Everything that involves sports. I love tennis. I like reading the Bible. I love hot water. I麓m a little cold. I like normal clothes. the perfumes are strong and have a rich smell, my food is popular in my country, the chaufa and the beans and lentils with bread is a delicacy, and I also like the xancha, meaning popcorn, and the fruits are delicious, the zandia the most, I love it and the grapes too.
Busco chica que tenga ganas de tener un amigo con derecho a roce, mi nombre es mi telegram
C贸rdoba, C贸rdoba

I麓m looking for a girl who wants to have a friend with benefits, my name is my telegram

I麓m looking for a girl who has the same ideas as me and has sporadic relationships. I am a thin, strong boy, 1.80 tall, with dark beach skin, I work as a sports instructor, there is my love for sports, I do not smoke, nor do I consume any narcotics, I drink optionally, adventurous, I like to travel, go out for a drink, nature, I like a wide variety of sports. I麓m looking for a girl who wants to share my hobbies, who likes to walk at dusk, who wants to go for a drink on the weekends, who likes the beach, who wants to have a friendship with the right to rub to have a good time in bed to make you feel like never before, a woman who likes to have sex without limits like me, who wants to feel our bodies glued together and who notices every millimeter of skin attached, I like to give a lot of hard work in bed, I am very active, I am nice , who likes to make people laugh and have fun with me. This week I麓m free, any girl who wants strong emotions?
Soy chico joven que busca chica para relaci贸n larga escr铆beme hablamos, busco alguien con quien divertirme ya que me gusta pasarlo bien y hacer cosas nuevas
Collado Villalba, Madrid

I am a young guy looking for a girl for a long-term relationship, write to me, let麓s talk

I am a tall, thin, dark-skinned boy with pretty eyes and I am looking for a serious relationship with a girl. I am looking for someone to have fun with since I like to have fun and do new things. I am looking for a girl who knows what a young girl with maturity and good hygiene wants. do you like to have a good time? I am a boy who laughs a lot and likes to have a good time, we can talk and if we get along well, meet up for a drink and see what happens. Talk to me. I want to meet new people and have a good time. I like to travel and see new places. I would like to meet a girl who likes her just as much as she wants to live new experiences as a couple, live happy and unforgettable moments. If you want something like that, don麓t hesitate. I麓m one of those guys. I麓m looking forward to meeting you and seeing what happens between us. Write me and we麓ll see
Es eso que me gusta venir a la escuela
Laredo, Cantabria

That麓s why I like coming to school

Good morning, my name is Vins. I live here too. . I have been at the school since pre-kindergarten which was in the former school next to the British School. I am an optimist, a very nice person, and a good guy. I am also a person who really likes sports. For example, my favorite sport is volleyball. I also like to play golf, soccer, basketball, badminton, sailboard and high jump and long jump. I love swimming. My favorite school subject is biology and history. I don麓t know what I want to do after I finish school and college. I am a friendly, patient, very social and very helpful person. I have a lot of classmates and that麓s why I like coming to school. I think friendship is very, very, very important in life.

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