Chico, California

Well, since I have the body to show it off, I like to wear tight clothes, I like to feel good and beautiful and that´s how I feel great because I see that it looks great on me. I don´t know what I´m really looking for, although having a good time sounds very, very good. I´m 26 years old, good age for you?

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Tomar una copa, hago cosas que normalmente no hago
Oviedo, Asturias

Have a drink

I am a girl from Asturias and when summer comes I go to Puerto Banús and there I transform and go crazy, I do things that I normally don´t do, I wear clothes that I never wear and I put on exaggerated makeup, I love it, take that one out wild side that I have inside. I feel like having a drink tonight.
Tomar una copa, es divertidísimo y motivador
Ávila, Ávila

Have a drink

My friends play a game and it is to rate photos, it is fun and motivating, we take photos and set a theme and whoever wins, for example, last week was mine because it was super sensual, my prize was to give me a super sexy underwear set. I would love to have a drink.
Me encanta que me miren
Boiro, A Coruña

I love that they look at me

It´s something that I like that they look at me but not that they keep complimenting me. I don´t like that either because I don´t want to feel uncomfortable either, you know. I don´t intend to be malicious or have bad feelings with anyone, it´s just a fact and here I am open to whatever arises. My last stable relationship was two years ago and I left him. After that I haven´t been with a guy again except for something sporadic.
Me pone mucho la ropa de cuero
Alicante, Alicante

Leather clothing turns me on a lot

I wear a lot of leather clothes for sexual games, in fact I have some outfits that make sense hehe, I´m only here to find friends for sex, for nothing else. I am 40 years old, I live alone and I am very addicted to sex. I love it, it fascinates me and it makes me go crazy just thinking that I am going to have a sexual encounter soon.
Me encanta la comida
Salamanca, Salamanca

I love food

Oh my goodness, you´re going to call me a glutton or whatever you want, but I enjoy eating, and if it´s junk food, even more so. Sometimes I get scared because I have no bottom, but I do have a great body that I can´t even believe because on top of that I´m skinny and with pretty curves. The trick is also to do a little bit of exercise and try to compensate, although depending on how I don´t know to what extent. makes up for it hahaha.
De ropa interior? Solo tanga
Segovia, Segovia

Of underwear? Only thong

I´m Azucena and I´m very morbid. I am addicted to buying underwear, I love thongs and I have more than 500, I easily like them in all colors, shapes, styles and I fall in love with them. I get a big kick out of seeing underwear and trying it on when it arrives. I want a good boy who is also a good fucker but who is also a good friend and I am also looking for a good friend who listens to you and gives you advice.
Me gustan los hombres son ropa
Sáenz Peña, Provincia de Buenos Aires

I like men´s clothes

I like naked men wanting to have sex. I am very polite and I don´t like to speak too badly but in bed I convert and wow you are going to have a great time with me. I offer you great orgasms, moments full of passion and debauchery. Are you ready to enjoy? I don´t want anything serious, don´t be afraid of that part
Me encanta soñar despierta

I love to daydream

I am a dreamer, they say that the best wishes come true because we dream them and I love it. Right now my strongest dream is to find someone who gives me lots of joy and no sorrow and, above all, no problems. I want to have a good time. I like movies but I get a little overwhelmed by movie theaters and that´s why I prefer to watch all the movies at home, rent them through one of the platforms I have and be able to watch them.
Me encanta la ropa interior
Estepona, Málaga

I love underwear

I love underwear I have thousands and thousands of sets and for all occasions... I have normal Disney ones for everyday life, sexy ones just because and also those for special occasions. It is one of the things I like to buy the most, underwear as a whole. Do you dare to see any of my outfits?
pili sanchez
amistad y lo que surja, que ajusto según las cosas que tengo que hacer
Córdoba, Córdoba

friendship and whatever comes next

They say that the third time is the charm... I have had two relationships in my life, long ones, but that did not come to fruition... and I believe in third times. I´m looking to make contacts, get to know each other, learn about our lives and start a relationship as God intended. I live in autonomous Córdoba and have my own schedules, which I adjust according to the things I have to do.

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