Española, Nueva York

I return to the page after 2 years or so and I made a lot of mistakes that I will not make again. I will be much more open, sociable, simpatics and, if necessary, romantic. I am looking for friendship and whatever arises I am wide open for anyone who wants to know me to always have a lot of fun. I am the same but with a different predisposition. Do you dare to meet me?

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Todo el mundo comete errores
Valencia, Valencia

Everybody makes mistakes

I know how to forgive, how to ask for forgiveness and as a real human being I am wrong. I´m not spiteful but I don´t like to be taken for a fool either. I´m not looking for rivalries or looking for weird things. I am open to everything including love I am too.
Mi vida ahora sí que tiene sentido
Teruel, Teruel

My life now makes sense

A while ago I wondered if my life had meaning and I always told myself that I would never have it again but one day I woke up and realized how much my life is worth and all the meaning it has. Now I feel ready to have a stable relationship again and that is why I am here now.
Demasiadas vueltas a la cabeza
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Too many turns in the head

I think about everything a lot, I think about anything a lot, I think about it and I rethink it until I find the solution, but I never leave anything as impossible. I like guys with enthusiasm, energy, joy and passion for everything they do. I wouldn´t be able to tell you very well what I do here, so that it is registered because I still can´t even know it myself.
No me gusta ser ejemplo de nada
A Coruña, A Coruña

I don´t like to be an example of anything

I don´t like anyone to use me as an example because I have also made mistakes and I don´t want anyone to make them. It is true that I have reached very high places and that I am achieving everything I set out to do, but each person has to be the same and not look at what others are or what they say. I am here to meet someone special and see what happens.
A veces se hacen tonterías
Elche, Alicante

Sometimes they do stupid things

I have done many stupid things for love that some I would never do again and others I would repeat with my eyes closed. I am very impulsive, I always act and then think and that´s how it has happened to me sometimes that I have done something wrong and sometimes I have done stupid things too much. I want to fall in love again if I´m lucky.
Vengo de otra ciudad
Teruel, Teruel

I come from another city

Changing your life the way I changed it years ago was not easy. We moved because of considerable improvements in my parents´ work, but in the end I left my entire life behind and it was difficult for me to adapt. From time to time I return to my city but it is not the same anymore. I´ve been here for 5 years and although in general I´m happy because I´m with my family, I feel like I don´t quite fit in with the people. I am 23 years old and I am looking forward to finding a partner.
Una buena charla y después quedamos
Teruel, Teruel

A good chat and then we meet

I´m looking for a good conversation that makes me want to talk again but above all that makes me want to meet up and have fun dates. I´m not deceiving you and I´m going to be honest, I´m not going with the intention of doing anything on the first date, but if it comes up, I´m not one of those girls who get dignified and say that they wouldn´t have sex on the first date because I like sex and it´s the same on the first date as on the fifth
Jamás cometo el mismo error dos veces
Almería, Almería

I never make the same mistake twice

I´m not one to make two identical mistakes and that´s why when something goes wrong with a guy I´m not one to try again, I don´t like it. I´m looking for a stable relationship and what I would like is to be a little less demanding because being so doesn´t really help me much, it only ends up being just as bad for me. So I want to stop being so demanding and find my piece of the puzzle.
No volveré a cometer los mismos errores
España la Vieja, Alicante

I won´t make the same mistakes again

I make mistakes like everyone else but that´s why they are mistakes not to be made again. I´m normal, sometimes they call me boring but I say they say it because they don´t bother to get to know me. I give the option to everyone and you give it to me?
Alegría de vivir siempre
Vitoria, Álava

Joy of living always

With the desire I have to live my life, I think it would be a mistake to tie myself back to a stable relationship to suffer unnecessarily again. Right now I´m in that stage of living and doing whatever I want, having something sporadic and having a good time is all I need at this very moment.

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