Chico, California

I┬┤m not looking for love or sex, although if something comes up I won┬┤t say no. When I like a boy I go for it and without hesitation I enjoy it and have a good time for as long as it lasts. I┬┤m rather shy but only if I feel "intimidated" and not in a bad way but because there are gazes so penetrating that they become intimidating hehehe

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amistad mujeres maduras en Barcelona
Barcelona, Barcelona

friendship mature women in Barcelona

I am looking for men interested in maintaining a friendship with mature women in Barcelona like me. I consider myself a mature woman in all aspects and I think I would be a good advisor for a good friend. So far I have had many friendships, but I consider that none of them have been good enough to last over time. I would love to find a man interested in friendship to establish a beautiful friendship. I wouldn┬┤t like them to try to go beyond that relationship since it┬┤s the only thing I┬┤m looking for. I believe that a man who seeks friendship must have clear ideas.
Pido que sea alguien que me brinde una estabilidad emocional
Ja├ęn, Ja├ęn

I ask that it be someone who gives me emotional stability

I am a self-confident person and I don┬┤t like being dominated. I am looking for friendship and if, due to fate, something else happens, I ask that it be someone who gives me emotional and sentimental stability. I am one of those women who do not like to compare myself with anyone, I like to hold my head high, without having to bow my face to anyone, I am not better or worse than anyone, it┬┤s just me and no one can beat that
Busco amistad, soy una chica bonita
Valladolid, Valladolid

I am looking for friendship

I┬┤m looking for friendship with guys of all kinds, but if they┬┤re erotic, it┬┤s much better of course than any girl is bitter about a sweet hahaha, I┬┤m honest and I say it, I like handsome, sexy and attractive guys, I am too, a lot, I┬┤m a girl pretty, precious and very valuable so I have a very high bar yes.
Busco amistad, d├│nde esta├şs
Zamora, Zamora

I am looking for friendship

I┬┤m crazy to start dating here in my city, in Zamora, guys, come on, where are you? Call me, there┬┤s a lonely and very boring girl here wishing that some guy would ask her out, plus I┬┤m very pretty, attractive and super nice to laugh and make you laugh non-stop, that┬┤s for sure, you┬┤ll see.
Busco amistad, con carácter
Sevilla, Sevilla

I am looking for friendship

The types of men I like are professional erotic men, sexy men and knowledgeable men, with determination, with character, these men drive me crazy, it┬┤s not easy, I know it, and there are others I also know. I am a woman who He knows what he wants and I am not shy about expressing it. I am looking for friendship and friends.
Merezco un hombre que me quiere
Oviedo, Asturias

I deserve a man who loves me

New ways, I┬┤m looking for a man who loves me. I am looking for friendship, love and sex all in the same person. I am a good girl but I have suffered too much and I do not deserve to suffer more and less for love with how beautiful it is to love each other. I live my life without messing with anyone and I don┬┤t know why life in love has to treat me like this, but well, I hope to find my prince charming, the real one who will always respect me.
Y si nos hacemos amigos?
Valladolid, Valladolid

What if we become friends?

Maybe we get along as much as possible if we become friends, I look for friendship with men and then we decide. I would like us both to seek friendship and thus be able to relate, apart from this I am divorced and I am 38 years old. I would like to meet some man with whom we can have things in common that we can enjoy.
amistad y lo que surja, que le guste la conquista y seducir a la mujer
Alicante, Alicante

friendship and whatever comes next

My name is Marga, I consider myself different from all women and I am looking for that man who is special like me... who is not vulgar, who likes conquest and seducing women... I don┬┤t like men who compliment you for the purpose to take you to bed... I┬┤m looking for friendship right away... I like to collect things / I have a collection of used watches, comics, I don┬┤t have space for everything I like... I┬┤m looking for someone fun to go out with, have a drink drink and get to know each other a little.
No quiero malos entendidos

I don┬┤t want misunderstandings

I would not like to have misunderstandings, so I make it clear that I have a partner, I am not married but I am in a very complicated relationship, by the way, but in the process of "separation" and we have two children in common and that is why things are not easy. At the moment I┬┤m looking for friendship and nothing more, but later on I don┬┤t rule out anything. I would like to talk and see what happens and if we can meet to talk and have something to drink.
Trabajo para una compa├▒├şa de seguros
El Pas de la Casa, Encamp

I work for an insurance company

I have been working for an insurance company for some time and although it is not the job of my life, it is going quite well for me and I am still there. The good thing about this job is that I have learned to be patient so I think I have developed a gift with patience hehehe. Right now I┬┤m looking for friendship, disconnection and having good times. I like guys more or less my age and a little older too, but not younger unless you┬┤re just looking for friendship.

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