Chico, California

I´m looking for a happy guy and I´m looking for him to be happy because I don´t want negative energies, I immediately absorb all the bad energies and it´s not something I want to stay because then I´m negative and I wouldn´t like it. I´m looking for positive guys who want to fall in love in the future.

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Después de superarlo a disfrutar
Avilés, Asturias

After overcoming it, enjoy

I am clear that I want to enjoy life after leaving my last partner. First you suffer and cry and then you laugh and overcome. Now to enjoy what arises, always being true to yourself and happy so that no one can say that you only know how to cry and you don´t enjoy life, as people are very given to giving their opinions when you don´t ask them to do so, although you have to be happy. mainly by oneself
Hola, soy venezolana, profesional, felizmente divorciada
Madrid, Madrid

Hello, I am Venezuelan, professional, happily divorced

Hello, I am Venezuelan, professional and happily divorced. I hate lies, I love children and animals, honesty above all things. I like to share socially and with respect. I think that life is today and you have to know how to live it to be happy. Hobbies don´t suit me, I don´t have the age or time for games just to please others. Life is beautiful, you just have to live it in the best way, smile and be happy with the person you love.
La que puede puede jejeje
Albacete, Albacete

The one who can can hehehe

Hello loves, how are you? I am super happy and super content. I´m looking for what makes me truly happy, makes me enjoy myself and gives me amazing moments of passion and debauchery. I know I can find whatever I want, you know what can hahaha well it´s a bit of a joke although I do consider that I can have whatever I want... I´m here because I want to have something real and fun. I do not seek discretion nor do I intend to hide
Ser feliz es fácil si sabes hacerlo
Soria, Soria

Being happy is easy if you know how to do it

Being happy is easy but only if you know how to live your life and take advantage of it. I am very happy right now enjoying the opportunities giving everything for what I want and for those I love and I would like to find the love of my life if possible. I´m not looking for evil, I´m not looking for anything strange, I´m just looking for someone special to occupy my heart and continue being as happy as I have been until now.
Lo que me va a mí son los hombres maduros
Chico, California

What suits me are mature men

I like mature men, I see them as more handsome, more interesting, and cuter... I like men who are not afraid of anything, who take risks and who give everything for the person they want and need by their side. I´m really looking for the love of my life and I won´t stop until we find him and we are happy together.
Llevo un tiempo soltera
Chico, California

I´ve been single for a while

I´ve been single for a while and I would like to change that situation because for a while it´s okay but for a while... For a while it´s not so good anymore, I really mean it. I am excited, very excited to meet guys who are like me and want to fall in love and be happy forever.
Me gustan los animales, tengo 30 años estoy soltera y me gustaría encontrar el amor
Chico, California

I like animals

I´m Geno and I love the animal world. I´m a veterinarian so imagine how much I love them. I love being surrounded by animals and I am super happy working. I am 30 years old, single and I would like to find love. I know it is complicated but not impossible.
Me gusta hablar con chicos y poder conocernos y quedar
Chile Chico, Aysén

I like talking to guys and being able to get to know each other and hang out.

Talking to kids so we can get to know each other and have something more than a friendship makes me really excited. My best stage is this without a doubt. I´m happy and looking forward to fun, sex, love, lust, doing something crazy, I don´t know... Everything.
No tengo buena voz pero me encanta cantar
Chico, California

I don´t have a good voice but I love to sing

Maybe I start singing and it rains, I don´t know, but I love it, it makes me happy, I´m passionate about it and I fall in love. My best plan is to finish after dinner at karaoke and sing until I lose my voice. At the moment I am open to whatever arises and more than anything to a friend with benefits, that is, something without commitment, something sporadic, but I am not closing myself off to a possible boy that I fell in love with and makes me feel like I am in the clouds.
Soy una chica del montón
Chico, California

I´m a normal girl

I consider myself a very normal average girl, although with great values and who can make you very happy. I would like to find a boy who wants to meet a sincere, nice and interesting girl like me for whatever arises without restrictions.

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