Cuba, Misuri

I┬┤m looking for a love for life.

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Follar dime y voy
Sevilla, Sevilla

Fuck tell me and I┬┤ll go

Red-haired blonde brunettes with golden hair. Here I am and in need of love, I am a boy who wants to give a lot of love and I need to be given a lot of love. I am very in need of love and affection. I┬┤m looking for a girl who will make my little heart happy and it is damaged by so much suffering, so many love adventures and misadventures that have only served me to learn the hardness and cruelty of this beautiful and at the same time so difficult thing that is love. I honestly don┬┤t know what love is nor have I ever done it and I┬┤m here to see if a girl gives me a love injury makes me trust and believe in him because he is the best of love darling please teach me what I love the truth that love has to be very beautiful. I have been with a girl with many caresses and many kisses but what I have felt I did not like, that is what I want to say I love you.
La vida nos sorprende de la mejor manera.
Zaragoza, Zaragoza

Life surprises us in the best way.

I still believe that life gives us new stages, I am divorced, everything is over, I wanted to be alone for a while to find myself, I would like to find the illusion of love again, and live what is left of this life intensely, if you want a relationship that fill every space and instinct you have, don┬┤t hesitate to look for me.
En quien confiamos, porque confianza significa seguridad
Casablanca, Casablanca-Settat

Who do we trust, because trust means security

Who loves us absolutely sincere love. Someone who can express their feelings, love and thoughts, and who has good communication skills. Whoever appreciates us, takes our opinion and shares the details of their life with us. Who do we trust, because trust means security
Creo que esto es muy importante para cualquier mujer
Valladolid, Valladolid

I think this is very important for any woman.

I am ready to be a good and loving life partner and wife. A very optimistic woman who loves life and finds happiness in the little things. I┬┤m here to find my love. I shine and give all my love and energy to my family and friends, and I think this is very important for any woman. I will give you all my love, care and affection.
Es una fuerza que nos impulsa a cuidar, apoyar
Adra, Almer├şa

It is a force that drives us to care, support

Love is a universal and powerful feeling that connects us and makes us feel alive. It is a force that drives us to care, support and understand others. Love can manifest itself in many ways, whether it be romantic relationships, deep friendships, or even self-love. It inspires us to be better people and brings us joy and happiness. Love is a gift that we must value and cultivate in our lives.
Con una persona compatible conmigo
Buzanada, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

With a person compatible with me

Love, with a person compatible with me, friendly, sincere, good-hearted and eager to live life
Conocer gente y ver qu├ę pasa
Trajano, Sevilla

Meet people and see what happens

I can┬┤t promise to be the man of your life, I can┬┤t promise to make you happy, but I can promise to be someone who will make you special, I don┬┤t promise to be equal to you but I will try to put together every piece that I don┬┤t understand, I don┬┤t promise stability and travel but if I can make you smile, no one is perfect, no one is completely right and even though we are empty I hope I can light a little spark of hope, I don┬┤t promise to be the love of your life but I do promise that during the time I am hugging you, you will feel that you are only
Estoy buscando el amor de mi vida
Girona, Girona

I am looking for the love of my life "my soulmate"

Whatever arises, love exists and chance also exists, just as they say, I am looking for the love of my life, "My Soul Mate."
Construir una relaci├│n muy hermosa
Tudela, Navarra

Build a very beautiful relationship

The most important thing in life is mutual respect, lack of doubts, actions, mutual love and building a very beautiful relationship and loving each other again, greetings dear.
Quiero encontrar a es aperosna q me llene d vida que sea liberal que tenga amor
Madrid, Madrid

I want to find someone who fills me with life, who is liberal, who has love.

I want to find someone who fills me with life, who is liberal, who has self-love, who is not afraid of life.

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