Gratis, Ohio

I don┬┤t care about those who say I┬┤m a machine in bed, I do this and that and wow, that nonsense is going to freak me out, I┬┤m sorry, man, but it doesn┬┤t matter to me at all. I want facts, I want to have good and real sex, the rest is of no use to me. Are you a machine in bed or are you one of the lazy ones? I would love to know.

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No s├│lo es tener sexo
Valladolid, Valladolid

It┬┤s not just having sex

It┬┤s not all about just having sex, I┬┤m a sex addict, that is, I love it and I practice it whenever I can and I enjoy it twice as much, but I also like to be with a person seriously and only have sex with that person and, well, I┬┤m looking for the perfect combination between love, sex and freedom (no cuckolding, I┬┤m talking about trust)
Quiero nuevas experiencias sin compromiso
Alonsotegi, Vizcaya

I want new experiences without commitment

I don┬┤t want commitment but I do want to live new experiences. I was in a swingers club many years ago and I liked it but not too much because I didn┬┤t find anyone who drove me crazy, no one who I liked enough to say ufff what a great fuck, you understand? So it┬┤s good to try new things, almost whatever they are but that give too much pleasure because I┬┤m very demanding about sex because if you┬┤re not good in bed, orgasms won┬┤t come hehehe
Los polos opuestos son los que se atraen
Villafranca de los Caballeros, Toledo

Opposite poles attract each other

I┬┤m looking for a boy who is the opposite of me, I want attraction, sex and passion. I don┬┤t want to find love. I want to enjoy sex and if we are polar opposites, surely we have more fun in sex, right? Or so they say??? Well we can try... I┬┤m not having much luck with sex lately and I┬┤m looking for someone who is very sexually active
Sonre├şr no significa ser feliz
Valladolid, Valladolid

Smiling does not mean being happy

I always smile a lot but I┬┤m going through a somewhat regular stage in my life, for nothing in particular but I┬┤m very down, I don┬┤t feel happy and well that takes its toll. I┬┤m a little sad and well, I don┬┤t like being alone, maybe I already miss being in a relationship, I don┬┤t know, and well, here I am open to whatever arises without any problem, so we┬┤ll see and get to know each other if that┬┤s okay with you.
Yo estoy casada

I┬┤m married

My name is Maite, maybe you don┬┤t like married women, so you won┬┤t like me, but if on the other hand you don┬┤t care, I┬┤m available to meet and, if necessary, make a long-awaited date. I am only open to sex but logically some friendship should also arise because I need to trust your discretion and your word. The good thing is that I won┬┤t give you problems, just good sex and good orgasms.
Busco solo algo esporádico
Madrid, Cundinamarca

I┬┤m just looking for something sporadic

Hello, I┬┤m Marta, I┬┤m 25 years old and well, for now I┬┤m looking for something sporadic. I got out of a relationship six months ago and at the moment I don┬┤t feel ready to start another one so my best option right now is to make friends and have something sporadic come up and be able to have a good time since I actually love sex what happens. I have never had a relationship because I have always been in a relationship. I live alone, I have my job, my career, and well, I have quite a few hobbies that I would also like to share with a guy.
Mi destino favorito para desconectar
Cales de Mallorca, Islas Baleares

My favorite destination to disconnect

I┬┤m actually from Barcelona but having a little house here allows me to get away every now and then to disconnect and think about my things. Sometimes I come with friends, other times I come with family and occasionally I have come alone so I look to meet an interesting guy when I come alone. I┬┤m far from looking for a relationship since I have my life in Barcelona, but hey, a good friendship and having a good time from time to time, you understand me, well, I do feel like it he he he he he he he
Con ganitas de...
Gratis, Ohio

With a desire to...

Let┬┤s get to the point? I like vaginal anal sex I like oral sex I like some things about sado I also like submission I like toys and well in general I like to enjoy sex to the fullest. The only thing I have is a maximum age limit because I wouldn┬┤t sleep with a person who is too old and I wouldn┬┤t be with a married person either since that normally brings a lot of problems.
amistad y lo que surja, jaja aunque si estás bueno mejor
Rio Bueno, Los R├şos

friendship and whatever comes next

My name is Vero, I┬┤m not one of those who is dazzled by the photo of a hot guy and the muscles he has... I like the person, the way he is, the body is the least important thing for me... haha although you are hot Better... seriously, I want someone to have chemistry with and have the best time possible.
Me encanta comer chocolate
Ávila, Ávila

I like to eat chocolate

I love chocolate, I┬┤m almost addicted to it, I could say it with complete certainty. It┬┤s hard for me to control myself sometimes, to be honest, hahahaha, but hey, you can still do something because it says that chocolate is a substitute for sex, so if I have sex... I don┬┤t eat chocolate, right? I mean have a lot of sex... Hehehe.

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