Toni , 23 years
Isleton, California

I┬┤m from Spain and I┬┤m looking for someone to chat with often without commitment and cool

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un rollito express sin ataduras ni compromisos
Madrid, Madrid

an express roll without ties or commitments

Dissatisfied married 56 year old guy from Madrid, I┬┤m just looking for sex without ties or bad vibes, just meeting up when we feel like having a coffee or a beer and getting on with it. It doesn┬┤t matter if you┬┤re married or single, I┬┤m very discreet, I don┬┤t like jealousy, nor people. possessive, if you are from Madrid, call me by liruch, read my ad carefully, please look at my age and if you really want to meet, I┬┤m not into chatting forever and constantly dragging your feet, it doesn┬┤t get you anywhere and yes just to waste time, so if you like what you see and you want to meet, call me a very sweet kiss wherever you like the most
Mujer para encuentros o chatear o charlar lo que quieran.
Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

Woman for meetings or chatting or chatting whatever they want.

young man for dominant mature women. I am looking for a woman who likes to dominate and who likes young men. I am submissive and accept almost everything in bdsm, I expect calls and chats from all those who want to have me as theirs. I have an athletic and attractive body. If any woman wants to have phone sex or warm up over chat, don┬┤t hesitate to write to me. Available for phone call, call me if you want to know more about me... I will be waiting for you. I always answer phone calls, horny young man waiting for you to give you all the pleasure you want. ACTIVE PHONE CALL
Zumaia, Guip├║zcoa


Well, I prefer that you comment after meeting me, what I look like to you,,,I don┬┤t self-criticize either positive or...negative,,,,,I┬┤ll tell you only 1 bit,,I prefer to stay and get to know each other from the beginning,,and if there is 2- every time we meet,,, well from now on I will be interested and the other way around,,, getting to know each other,,, what I haven┬┤t done is spending a month or three chatting with someone who happens to see each other, 1 the 2 turn around,, We┬┤ve both wasted time, don┬┤t you think?,,,and one stays bad, no,, the one who doesn┬┤t get mad,,doesn┬┤t fall in love,,but he is excited,, and with the love that we do later,,wnd we We keep it, it┬┤s not just a coyar, bracelet or photo that you leave in your mess and that┬┤s it! You want to meet someone and then you┬┤ll let them chat in 1 chat... I consider it unnecessary,,, there┬┤s time to meet each other,,, how we learned to swim, eat, run, etc,,, I prefer to just spend both of us 1 hour each way by car,,,and that┬┤s it and also the doubt of both ends sooner::: avra feeleng or NOT??? we look like robots instead of people,,,,I still eat food,, tomorrow tomorrow,,,chips, diskette.
S├│lo sexo gratis
Palencia, Palencia

Just free sex

I am looking for friendship above all, I need sex and like any man and woman needs it, it is part of their life, which is two days, that is why I have joined this page to find those women who are in the same situation as me and want sporadic sex , without commitments, or ties with fun, that we enjoy sex and the pleasure of it until we reach happiness, if you are one of those women who find yourself in this same situation, here we are and if there is feeling, good sex will emerge, you me You will tell me where you want to do it in the shower, bathroom, bed, living room, in the kitchen, in a restaurant bathroom, you will tell me, yes, first you have to take a, to see if there is empathy, affinity, sincerity and discretion, values that are disappearing nowadays, I don┬┤t want anything serious, women I don┬┤t want erotic chat, just getting to know each other and as I said before if there is feeling we will meet, ONLY WOMEN WHO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT
Soy un chico joven, de buen ver, busco chica para chatear
Badajoz, Badajoz

I am a young boy, good looking, I am looking for a girl to chat

I am a young and good-looking guy, and I am looking for a girl to chat, exchange photos and videos, and if it arises, meet in person
Casado busca a casada
Valladolid, Valladolid

Married looking for married

I am looking for discreet meetings with married women for sex without commitment. Things are clear, only married people interested in enjoying good sex, we both chat, talk and watch it, that┬┤s why I want to surprise those women who want to experience sex in public places, in a hotel, in a shower, in a... , in short where we say both parts. I DON┬┤T WANT SEX EITHER ON THE PHONE OR BY CHAT. The best is face to face, in a discreet place, where there is feeling and affinity, we continue the evening, not everyone to their own house, if you are interested and without so many detours we will chat to meet
Chatear, quedar, pasarlo bien, divertirme, beber, fiesta...
Badajoz, Badajoz

Chat, meet, have a good time, have fun, drink, party...

Stay, have a good time and have fun (or have fun, which may be the best). Maybe here I┬┤ll catch you here I┬┤ll kill you. Go out for a drink and end up partying there and then go away a little drunk to have a good fuck. Without taboos or shame and without limits. Age is the least important but preferably young. As long as you know how to do it well or at least want to learn from the good things. Great plan, right? We can also get straight to the point, but the truth is I┬┤d rather go and have a drink, so we┬┤ll talk first and prepare the ground. Who knows, maybe even after drinking we do nothing and the next day we meet again for the same thing. That┬┤s the interesting thing about this, you never know what┬┤s going to happen. I┬┤ll wait for you in the chat beautiful.
Busco chica para chatear que sea ser├şa amable cari├▒osa
Palencia, Palencia

I am looking for a girl to chat who would be kind, affectionate

I am looking for a girl to chat who would be kind, affectionate and have a great sense of humor and respectful of others.
Busco FOLLAMIGA.. Guapo, buen cuerpo y bien dotado dotado para quedar.
Murcia, Murcia

I am looking for FOLLAMIGA.. Handsome, good body and well endowed to look good.

I┬┤m looking for women to have a good time and have sporadic sex, meet up, get to know each other and if we like each other, have a great time. I am responsible and discreet. I┬┤m not looking to waste time chatting, I┬┤m looking to meet up and get to know each other so that something comes up. By chatting nothing is going to come up and you are not going to meet anyone. I am divorced for 45 years without children. I would like to contact women who have previously read my profile well and thus it is easier to communicate via chat or call. And please, if you don┬┤t have photos, don┬┤t contact me. I like equal conditions. And I want to contact only those women who are clear that they want to have a date, not those who only want to chat to waste time. A kiss..
Busco mujeres para chatear caliente, poder quedar
Valladolid, Valladolid

I┬┤m looking for women to chat hotly, to be able to meet

I am looking for women to chat hotly, to be able to meet and get to know each other well and whatever arises, open to only women

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